Monday, April 13, 2009

We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Programming To Announce A Programming Change

Big ol' title ain't it for a tiny off-schedule posting.

Anyways, back in late September, I made this post stating that the well was running dry for stuff to write about and that I would be dropping down to one every other day, as opposed to the pace that I was currently at, which was twice every other day.

Guess what?

The well is now overflowing with stuff to write about. From talking about my writing (and everyone else's) to talking about my current job, my former job, what music I like, blogs, chat rooms and other assorted odds and ends, I have an endless supply of topics to opine about.

So I hope you'll enjoy this minor tweaking to my blog. I believe I'll be able to maintain the current quality that you've come to expect and appreciate of my posts, while increasing the quantity of my posting.

We return you now to your regular scheduled programming already in progress.


  1. Alan: Most definitely. I realized that I had a lot stuff I wanted to write about this month when I was spending about four hours every two days, planning and scheduling want I wanted to write.

    When I found myself planning posts one month in advance, that's when I decided that maybe, just maybe, I should go back to pattern I was posting at previously.

    David: Thanks.

    It's the government worker in me that keeps bleeding out every so often to make such obtuse announcements.

  2. My question is will all your posts continue to have the high quality double entendre I have come to love.

  3. To the best of my ability, you will continue to see the high quality double entendre spew forth, either here or at my other blog.

    I will strive to honor any reasonable (or the occasional unreasonable) request that is thrown my way.

  4. I love overflowing wells, it's like a water park, but a water park of words! Fun!

  5. Excellent, you shall hopefully inspire me to do more writing as well!

  6. T.1.G (love that name): Yup, a water park full of words.

    Seriously, when I first started this blog in May '08, I was churning out posts at the the rate of up to 8 a week (which was the main reason why I hit 200 in January of this year). I knew I was hitting sand when I started asking friends for ideas on what to write about.

    Miles: Glad I could be of some possible inspiration to you. You are still the best cerebral blogger that I've come across in quite sometime. Keep up the good work as I do enjoy learning about Tasmania.


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