Monday, April 6, 2009

A Serious Question For You The Reader


I have been practicing/fine tuning my chosen writing preference for quite some time now (click here for refresher on what I write). For the most part, a lot of it has been very suggestive. On March 25th, the first story in that particular vein, Dirty Knees, was presented to the masses.

I have quite a few stories lined up that basically hang their hat in that particular realm of sexual suggestiveness. However, I have one story that I recently completed, that has definitely moved it to the next level.

The story is called Audio Dynamyte, and while it doesn't meet that classic definition of graphic, it does meet that classic definition of hardcore.

Because it doesn't meet the format of my new blog, I'm a little hesitant at throwing it over there. By the same token, because of the hardcore nature of the content, I'm also a little hesitant about throwing it on here as well.

My question to everyone is this: Which blog should I post this story on? Should I post it on this one, where for most part, the content has stayed at PG-13 but length isn't an issue? Or should I post it on the other blog, where up until now, the content has been PG-13, but I'm looking to move it to either R or NC-17?

The one constant for each choice is that a disclaimer will go up at the beginning of the story.

Any and all opinions will be considered with the same honest sincerity that they've been presented.
Update (4/06): I took a closer look at Bloggers Terms of Service in regards to blog content this evening. After giving it some very heavy thought, when this particular story does come out, and most likely it will be on my other blog, that blog will have the infamous "Adult Content" warning on it. Everyone will still be able to access it, you'll just have to hit the "I accept" button in order to get to it. This should (hopefully) pre-empt any potential headaches in the long run.


  1. I think you have presented a good argument for putting it on the other blog. Cheers! :)

  2. Does it matter where you post it? Just put it out there for us! You'll always have the haters, and the lovers either way.

  3. Well, I don't think it matters a great deal as long as there is a disclaimer prominently featured. It's barely possible you could get ranked by blogger as a mature site, though. A fellow blogger named Wil had this happen to him. He can still post but there is a statement that comes up before his blog everytime so that you have to click to enter.

  4. Charles: I find that interesting that Blogger would do that. I do know that you can set your blog as "adults only" so that you have to click on the I accept/I do not accept buttons. I used to follow a blog like that.

    Then again, they do have it buried in thier Terms of Service what you can or can't do, and I believe outright porn is one of them.

    Luckygal: Glad to see you again. I suppose it doesn't really matter where I post it, and yes there will be lovers and haters.

    I just like to give the proper consideration to the people who read this blog.

    I've always done my best to keep this blog as an extension of me, and since my writing has been gradually moving in that direction, I like to keep people in the loop as much as possible.

    Lynn: I did at that, didn't I? I probably will in the end, put it on the other blog.

    I just wanted to really solicit everyone's opinion about it and what they think of it in general.

    The other blog is really becoming a good place for me to expirement with my writing, so in the end, it may get tweaked with that adult content rating.

  5. Very little offends me so fire away anywhere...

  6. David: Glad to hear that very little offends you.

    I'm roughly the same way, and considering where my previous online home was, there was nothing that anyone there could say in that forum that I would condsider offensive.

  7. Yes, on the other blog, I do believe, as you will be posting the NC-17!

    Write on.

  8. It will be at that. I already got it lined up in the queue to be published later this month.

    In any event, hopefully I'll get enough constructive comments on it so that I might be able to fine tune my future writing.

    And it will interesting to see what kind of uptick I might get in visitors to it as well.

    The joys of exploring a particular writing genre.

    Fun is.

  9. Georgie, I haven't read any of your saucy stuff yet but I'm wondering if this might be a good market for you;

    They pay £50-75 for short stories 1000 - 2000 words.

    Just a thought.

  10. Thanks for the tip, I'll give a shot.

    As for the saucy stuff, well, it's been inching its way in that direction on my other blog. Right now, the stuff has only been suggestive in nature, but it's slowly moving in the direction of what this post is all about.

    I'm finding I'm getting more comfortable with this particular type of wrting now, than I have even just a year or so ago.

  11. I would suggest the other one...

    Which I see is what you've decided.


  12. Yeah, I did. As much as it pains me to do so, it belongs on the other blog. That one is where I'm letting it all air out to begin with, so I might as well post it over there. It is kind of long as it clocks in just under 2,000 words, whereas everything else there clocks in under 900.


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