Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Happy Birthday To.....Me!

Yes boys and girls, today is my birthday, and I'm turning to the ripe old age of 44. Now some of you young'uns may be lamenting that fact that you're approaching the BIG 30 (or the BIG 25), but trust me on this one, 30 ain't old.

44 is old.

Except in my small circle of friends, then I'm considered the young'un.

"But G, why do you say 44 is old?"

Very easy my dear friends, very easy.

I do payroll for a living, and at the facility that I handle the payroll for, there are supervisors there who make about one and three quarters the money that I make, and yet are 3/4 of my age.

Or in some instances, half my age. Do you know what it's like doing payroll for someone who makes about several hundred dollars more than I do, and was born when I was a junior/senior in high school? That's 1982/83 for those who were wondering just how far removed I am from the educational system.

Anyways, like I said, today is my birthday, and as such, I plan on spending it low key (I hope). I'm at that point in my life where I don't like large family get togethers (or small ones for that matter), so my treat to me, is taking a five day vacation from work, and quite possibly from home as well.

And the picture? The picture has no connect to this post whatsoever. I was actually going through some old floppy disks of mine (circa 2003) and I found this, plus one other. I debated long and hard which silly picture I wanted to put up.

In the end, the cat in the lime helmet won out over Little Nemo created sushi.

However, for those who have a really wicked sense of humor (or really hate computer animated children's movies), then this picture is for you:

Doesn't that look absolutely yummy? Do you know what would go great with for an appetizer and a drink?

A Jolt Float, which is a cola chocolate ice cream float with three shots of Old Grandad mixed in, for the drink.

For the appetizer: mushroom caps stuffed with capers, cilantro, sweet onions, a dash of jalapeno hot sauce, top with melted Brie.

Yummy, yum, yum, yum.

And in keeping with the overall fictional quality of this blog, the drink and the appetizer are courtesy of my warped imagination. The drink appears in a half finished manuscript called A Betrayal Of Vows and the appetizer appears in an unpublished short story called Underground.

If anyone has the courage to actually create and eat/drink these items, by all means, please let me know how they turn out.

Happy 44th to me. I may be F.B. sometimes, but never I.


  1. Ha! Great post. Love the cat and Happy B-day!

  2. Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday!!!

  3. Happy Birthday, G! I LOVE that picture of the cat! Hah! :-)

    Jolt Float sounds yummy. I don't know what Old Grandad is, but I'm assuming it's alcoholic, LOL!

  4. Happy 44th Georgie - I know exactly how you feel!

  5. Happy birthday, G!! Enjoy your time off! (That cat in the lime helmet looks like he wants to kill whoever took the picture... :))

  6. Happy Birthday to you - and cheers! I think the Jolt float sounds kind of good. :)

  7. David: Thanks. That cat was an early avatar of mine in the chat rooms. I may just use it again in the future.

    That One Girl: Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    Spy: Thanks. Old Grandad is Kentucky Bourbon (I believe). I got stuck for a drink while I was writing a lunch scene in a story of mine, so I came up with that.

    Jane: Thanks. It ain't easy getting old.

    Lisa: Thanks. I plan on catching up on some writing and doing just some general all around goofing off.

    Travis: Thanks.

    Lynn: Thanks. It does, although being a diabetic, I can't try my own creation.

  8. Raising my coffee cup in a toast to happy birthday wishes for a great year ahead. Enjoy your day!

  9. Happy Birthday!!!!

    They still made floppy disks in 2003?

  10. Joanne: Many thanks.

    It was a brutal morning and afternoon, but the evening was fine. Got a nice shirt from the wife and homemade cookies from my daughter and a nice card from my son.

    Bearman: Yup. Still make them now. Had to buy an external drive for my notebook in order to use them.

    Shoot, I still remember using the old 5 1/4" floppies while growing up.

  11. Happy Birthday!!!!

    And many more to come!

  12. Happy birthday! And remember, 44 ain't bad if you're a magnum.

  13. Alan: Thanks. I like that avatar of yours.

    Charles: True dat. Sometimes though, would rather be 38 and a special always on Saturday night.

  14. 5 1/ too. Also remember doing statistics where you had to go to the lab and do everything in early SAS that printed out a boatload of greenbar.

  15. Okay, since we're tripping down computer memory lane, how 'bout this one: When I first starting working at the library (1996), we had a database program called FoxPro.

    When the library upgraded to Access, one very old computer (that ran on Windows 97 I believe) stayed as is. That way, if that database needed to be used, there was at least one computer in the library that could access it.

  16. Hey, greetings - a bit belated!

    You sooo YOUNG>

  17. Thank you kind lady.

    To tell the truth, at 44, I'm considered the baby in my circle of friends out here.

  18. Just checking to see if anyone has tried your recipes...they sound good, especially the liquor added to the ice cream float. This may be my July 4th experiment!

    Happy birthday, too.

  19. Greetings!

    Always glad to see someone new stopping by to make a comment.

    I shall return the favor and check yours out.

    Alas, no one has tried out my receipes yet. You must admit though, I do have a vivid imagination.

    And if you do try them, please let me know and I'll be more than happy to write a short post about it.

  20. Happy Birthday, G!

    44 is the new 34 - it really is! Why is that? Because I'm hitting the big half-century mark this coming October and I'd like to think I'm going to be the new 40. Remember when we were kids and adults were sooooo old? lol!

    I'm going to have fun getting acquainted with your blog. The melon-hat cat is cracking me up!

  21. Thank you young lady!

    I always felt that 45 was the new 27, mostly because a lot my coworkers and friends are about that age and have kept themselves fit and trim.

    I'm glad to hear that you decided to hang around for a little bit. While I may come off as being a little flaky from time to time, rest assured that I will always make you think whenever make a pit stop here.

  22. Happy Birthday mon ami :)

    I am trying to remember what I actually did on Wednesday, but I think it was entirely forgetable.

    I hope yours wasn't :)

  23. Welcome back my dear good friend Samantha! I'm very glad that you left a comment today.

    Many thanks for the birthday wishes.

    My day wasn't entirely unforgetable as I spent the day goofing off at work and the evening having a small get together with the family.


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