Saturday, May 30, 2009

"Life Is A Highway" (pt 8)

And so begins the final update of my second novel Life Is A Highway, as I've decided to move in a different direction with the contents that make up my second novel.

Essentially, I plan on publishing the stories (either commercial or more realistically, self-publish) as stand alone chapbooks. I've been spending the better part of year ironing out and fine tuning both my writing style and preferred story length.

The writing style is still a work in progress, but the story length has been ironed out to my satisfaction. As it pertains to my blog (and elsewhere in the future), the comfort level is around 5 pages (or about 2,000 words). As it pertains to other things, such as writing to get published, the comfort level will be at the 50-60 pages (about 18,000-20,000 words).

While I won't rule out writing novel-length stuff (I have several chapters written for novel expanding on my story A Betrayal of Vows that is currently gathering dust) in the future, I do want to concentrate on what I feel works best for me.

With that said, the updates will now be focused primarily on each particular long story that I'm working on at the moment. The current story I'm working on right now, is one that I've been giving everyone updates for the past couple of months on, which to refresh your memory is called A Lascivious Limbo.

As always, I thank you for stopping by my blog to read and to throw in the occasional comment. I appreciate each and every comment that is left, as I've picked up some great writing tips along the way.


  1. It seems like a good idea to try to get excerpts published, building an audience and credits for your name, credentials you can use in querying. Best wishes ...

  2. Joanne: Thanks for the wishes. I'll probably start doing some small querying maybe at the end of the summer or something.

    David: Thanks for the wishes.

    I've always marched to the beat of a differnt drum (probably from the latent hyperactivity I suffered from when I was a child), so this is simply another fork that I'm taking in the road called life.

    Hope I can bring everyone here along for the ride.

  3. The chapbook idea sounds workable. If the prices aren't too bad.

  4. Pretty much.

    Most chapbooks I've come across, like the poetry one I did a review on, retail around $6-$7.

    I can probably come in a little less than that. The actual minimal price I could of set for my novel was $9.90, so I marked it up only 59 cents through the publisher and actually have it discounted through me.

    We shall what comes out in the long run, as I got something lined up in the next couple of weeks that should be a good topic of discussion for the rest of the year.

  5. Good luck! I'm anxious to hear how it goes.

  6. I admire your tenacity and bold approach with this novel. Best wishes, keep us posted!

  7. I admire your entreprenurial spirit for finding innovative ways to publish your work. I do not know what a chapbook format is like. Explain?

  8. Rightonmom: Thanks. I will keep everyone posted with periodic updates.

    Lynn: A chapbook is simply a short story or poems that ranges between 8,000-20,000 words, which is roughly 35-50 pages or so. The review I did of a poetry chapbook earlier is one such example.

    If you google "White Eagle Coffee Store Press", you'll find a company that specializes in that particular publishing format. A lot of their stuff retails under $7.


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