Saturday, May 16, 2009

My Writing Is Becoming A Little.....Odd

I'm not saying that's a bad thing, just a casual observation on the state of me.

I've been creating new pieces of flash fiction for my other blog, and as of late, the content has gotten, well, a little odd.

For those who are relatively new to my blog, about three weeks ago, I posted a story over there that was a bit graphic. By "graphic", I mean sexually explicit, not violent. Anyways, it necessitated labeling the other blog "Adult Oriented", so as to avoid censorship problems in the future (if you click on the link, you'll have to answer "yes" to the question, before you can read the story).

But this post is really not about that, it's about the general path that my writing for that particular type of style (flash fiction) has taken. Since I decided to concentrate on flavoring my writing with varying degrees of sex, it seems to be the only thing I can comfortably churn out.

It hasn't gotten as graphic as the story that ushered my other blog into the realm of naughtiness (thanks to some very fine writing tips from a few of my readers), but it's explicit enough to get the point across without turning people off.

The funny thing is, I've found that using certain fantasy elements (specifically vampires) almost requires throwing sex into the mix, be it overt or suggestive. In fact, using those fantasy elements has helped me so much, that I think I might have finally found my preferred writing style, at least for my flash fiction.

I'm not sure what kind of question I'm trying to ask here with this post. I'm not sure if there's even a question contained within this post. I think that this post is more of a "thinking-out-loud-so-as-to-try-to-make-some-sense-out-of-what-I'm-currently-writing", than anything else.

But, if you can find a question buried somewhere in this post, by all means, please let me know what it is, and I'll try to answer it for ya.


  1. I think it's, What's with guys and Vampire Sex? Okay, that is just my question. My other question is, what's with guys and Zombies. I know you didn't even mention them, but now I'm just asking things I've always wondered. Oh, and guys and pizza?

  2. LOL! I think that's why I blog: to make sense out of what I'm currently writing/going through/whatever.

  3. That One Girl: to tell you the truth, I'm not sure what the thing is with guys and vampire sex.

    I haven't read word one of any novel containing vampires and sex. I know there's quite a bit out there, but it's not my cup of tea for reading material.

    Personally though, I think female vampires are sexy.

    As for zombies, zombies definitely ain't my bag, therefore zombies will never be found in my writing.

    I had to swear off pizza due to being a bad diabetic.

    Spy: I original started my blog to expand on my thoughts from the chat rooms without getting censored.

    The writing just happened to be the end result from shaking the big ol' tree of life one particularly dull afternoon.

    I've been wandering around lately quite directionless with my writing, but ever since I got hooked into writing flash, I've managed to find a focus to my creativity that has been missing since 2006.

  4. Someone once said "write fearlessly.!" A lot of great writing comes out of just going for it, not interrupting your natural flow. You can always edit later.

    Oh and contrats on Facebook. It will probably prove a much saner place than that Topix jungle you have spoken of.

  5. This is so very true. However, natural flow me is always in fits and starts.

    Still not sure about Facebook though. While it is much saner than where I used to be, it probably will be a little duller in the long run.

    It is what it is.

  6. I'm a firm believer of "thinking out loud". Living the creative life is always in a state of flux. New directions in writing should be welcomed by the author. Who knows where it can lead? Pulitzer :)

  7. I'm always thinking out loud, well at least in my head. Usually I come up with an idea and create an outline in my head until I can get home to put down on paper.

  8. The question you are trying to ask but are afraid to ask is:

    "Am I some kind of perv?"

    The answer is no...or yes. I am not sure. Can you rephrase that?

  9. The werewolf books by Kelley Armstrong have a lot sex in them also. Similar otherworldly stuff, I guess.

    I can understand the creative outlet part. We all need that - even if we don't think so.

  10. Bearman: cute. normally I would torpedo something like that, but I'm 100% sure that you're saying this in jest. So the answer to yours is "no".

    Lynn: Creativity in action. It is really an adventure right now, and I don't mind asking for other people's opinions about my writing, even if it's negative.

  11. I enjoy your "thinking-out-loud-so-.." posts so keep them up. If the sex propels the story then obviously it's fine. But also for flavoring and spicing up a yarn is also worthy. Now, when I sense, the writer is getting off on what he/she is creating and there's no purpose under the sun for the passage then I for one stop reading.

  12. Ah yes, trading the dullness for a bit of sanity. There's the rub.

    Just go insane in your writing, I guess. :)

    Do you belong to a writing club up there? That might be sooo much fun.

  13. David: Thanks for the compliment. It's taken me a while to properly utilize a sex scene to either move along the story or place it within the proper context of the moment.

    I think that's what my problem was early on, using sex for the sake of sex. Now I got it going a little better, as I'm learning how to use more judiciously the amount of sex I flavor a story with.

    Jannie: I think it will be a good trade off in the short term. I've already found out about the latest stupidity going on in my former abode from a friend of mine who moved herself to Facebook, and it just saddens me to think that this other person is going through this crap again (not my friend, but a mutual friend who was featured on Dateline last year about this time).

    No, sad to say, I don't belong to a writing club. I'm not sure if I could handle that kind of intense critique. As you're no doubt aware, I have problems holding my tongue and at this point in my life, I have no desire to stroke anyone's ego, save for my close friends or immediate family.

  14. I just re-read David's last comment, and I would have to agree with his sentiment of being turned off if a writer is getting too much into his/her work.

    It's tough to find that happy medium, and if done wrong it comes off as porn (sad to say, which I've been accused of writing). Done right, well, then you're drifting into erotica, which is usually more acceptable.

    Example: my public library just picked up a new book by someone who hosts MTV Europe. It's incredibly erotic (I briefly glanced at it) and according the blurb, it supposedly has sold 1 million copies worldwide.

  15. I think sometimes we have to go insane on our writing to find out what we are capable of.

  16. Perhaps. :-]

    However, I haven't gone of that part of the deep end yet.

    But I am getting more comfortable with what I write and how I write it, and I'm starting to push the boundaries a little, just to see if I can expand my comfort zone.


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