Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sunday At G's (pt 1)

A couple of weeks ago, I posted about the wonderful spring weather here in Newington, and alluded to taking a camera along the next time I ran my Saturday errands. Well, I took a camera along, but it wasn't on Saturday, it was on Sunday morning.

I would to share with my friends and readers, a view of Newington as seen through my eyes. So put on a pair of comfortable walking shoes and come join me on one of my weekend walks. You won't be disappointed.

I'm glad you were able to find my street without too much trouble. The neighborhood is somewhat quiet this early in the morning.
And if you look off to your left, you'll see a spitting image of what I've previously used as a header. This view is much better, I believe, than the one I used before. The sun and and the shadows are mixing quite well. Off to your right is a small glimpse of my backyard, and off to your left is Cedar Mountain.
So if you come along with me, I'll show you a few sights of the neighborhood. The scenery is quite spectacular here as the people on this street really take pride in their landscaping abilities. Like at this house here.

Of course, at many other houses in the neighborhood, a sense of community spirit is abundant like at this house with the American flag in their front yard.

As we continue our walk, we take a left onto the secondary road/main drag for my neighborhood. This road is somewhat busy during the week, but very dead on the weekends. This particular view is looking southbound, which is the direction towards the center of town. Unfortunately, my thumb got in the way of the lense, but you can get the basic idea on how quiet the area is.

We now will take a short break from our walk. But please stay tuned though for future episodes. I promise you that you won't be disappointed.


  1. WAY cute neighborhood! Love the trees!

  2. Thanks G. It looks nice and peaceful.

  3. Nice looking town. Thanks for the looksee... So far, I've been able to refrain from Twitter, Facebook, MySpace etc. Everyone seems to like Facebook though but I have trouble enough keeping up with my day job, writing, and Blogger.

  4. Thatonegirl: Thanks. I do have more tree photos in the upcoming weeks.

    Lynn: It is. I call it my "little slice of country smack dab in the middle of suburbia". On the weekends it really is that quiet and peaceful:

    David: Yeah, for the most part I've managed to stay away from Facebook, etc. But I do have one friend out in Indiana that I enjoy keeping in touch with, and since we have such different jobs (she's a landscaper and you know what I do) and lifestyles, that it's easier to keep in touch. I still plan on doing it my way and not really get that heavily involved with like the other people I know.

    It is a nice looking town. I have more photos to show of it in the upcoming weeks. It may not be a My Town Monday thing, but I'm still proud of it.

  5. Charming photos, looks like a nice, peaceful neighborhood in which to write. Thanks for the walk-through.

  6. Beautiful yes1 So nice a green. how far are you from the ocean?

  7. I enjoyed taking the tour with you. Peaceful and lovely neighborhood.

  8. Jannie: Thanks. I'm about 30 plus miles from the ocean.

    However, I'm a hop, step and a jump from both the Connecticut River and the Farmington River.

    Septembermom: Thanks.

    It is my little slice of heaven, and I wouldn't trade it for anything.

  9. hmmm...do I see a magic orb in your neighbors yard???

  10. Why yes, you do see a magic orb in the neighbor's yard.

    Shhhhh....it's a secret portal that will transport you to better times in better places.

  11. So why are you still here??

  12. I said "you", not "me".

    Me is happy right here in my hometown of Newington.

  13. I would do this for Kingston where I live, but you couldn't handle the majesty of our local shop + outdoor dining setting with baby food tin to stub cigarettes out, ha ha...

    Loved it!

  14. Thanks.

    Part 2 will be showing up around the end of the month.

    Shop/outdoor dining?

    Unfortunately (or fortunately), there are a couple of restaurants in the center of town that have outdoor dining, and with the warmer spring weather, they're out in full swing.

    Besides, outdoor dining is about the only place nowadays that you can smoke without getting into trouble.


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