Friday, May 22, 2009

Sunday At G's (pt 2)

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Welcome back to the walk around my neighborhood. I trust that you're sufficiently rested up and rearing to go. The next picture that you see, is a southbound view of one of the side streets that I usually walk down on my way to the center of town. The house that you see in the foreground has been, to the best of my knowledge, been up for sale on and off for the past two years.

Next up is a view looking east down another major side street. It may not look it, but during the week, a lot of people use this street in order to bypass the serious rush hour congestion that permeates the downtown area. They'll usually come down this road and will make a right turn at the stop sign that's about thirty feet behind me.

When they hit the stop sign, they'll see this funky yellow colored house that's been on the market for about two years, by three different Realtors. It's a small house with a decent backyard, but in a horrible location as it's about two hundred feet from the major intersection in Newington. There is no safe way to get out of that driveway, so whoever buys it will have to spend an ungodly amount of cash to fix that problem.

Right now, we're about fifty feet from the crosswalk. This monument, along with the accompanying flagpole (that does have a flag attached to it) is dedicated to all of the local citizens who made the ultimate sacrifice during World War I. There about 100 names listed on the monument itself, all male.

And finally, we are at the crosswalk. This the view looking west up one of the main thoroughfares. And as you can see, Newington isn't immune to the current economic downturn as that "Retail/Office Space" sign plainly attests to. And yes, that is a Starbucks that you see. In spite of me avoiding Starbucks like the plague, how about we take our break there and enjoy the nice spring weather for a while. My treat.


  1. Make mine a latte!

    And I bet all these trees are fully green since you took these shots?

    Thanks for sharing, love the glimpses into your life via pictures. I might do this kind of post some time too.

  2. Your streets look so clean, n clean-cut! Here most of the pavement n paint is worn, n I don't have sidewalks on my road.
    The leaves aren't out as much as here yet.

    Looks like a good place to live n walk around. Would you get in trouble for drawing all over with chalk?

  3. Google maps should hire you. Had some trouble with your posts not showing up the other day. Glad to see everything running.

  4. First off, let me make a general announcement. On Wednesday (5/20) a major bug was discovered with Blogger. If you tried to download a Blogger based blog, you would sometimes get an error message saying "Operation Aborted". Right now as we speak, they're frentically working on curing this major bug. There are ways around it, but I do apologize for any problems you may experience with downloading your favorite blogs from Blogger (this is a system-wide error, unfortunately).We return you now to regularly scheduled Q & A session.

    Jannie: Yes, about a week after I took all of the pictures that you will be seeing here, everything has come full circle and the magic of God's handiwork is in full bloom. And you're welcome.

    Snaggletooth: Thanks. I would say about 99% of the property and streets in town are extremely well kept. The street that runs between me and the mountain is purposely kept in a rundown condition, in a futile attempt to slow down the cars and trucks that drive on it. That street, for the most part, has turned into a pedestrian walkway. I don't think that I would get into trouble with the chalk.

    Bearman: Thanks. It was frustrating when that major bug first hit on Wednesday. I came this close to actually bringing my computer in for repairs because I thought I had a internal problem with my internet.

  5. Walking's great, I walk as often as I can, wherever I can. Great shots of Americana here on your walk! Have a great holiday weekend.

  6. Well, I love Starbucks (or, rather, any coffee shop -- really, I just love coffee :)) so I would happily take a break at the Starbucks! Honestly, I'm a little jealous that you have a coffee shop within walking distance -- and with such great scenery! I would be taking this walk every single day... :)

  7. Joanne: Thanks. Newington (as well as the town of Wethersfield) is simply dripping with Americana, and I do enjoy myself when I take my weekly strolls.

    Lisa: Actually, within two miles or so of both directions of my house, there is a Whole Donut, Starbucks, and Dunkin' Donuts. My town is literally blanketed with Dunkin' Donuts. They just got done building #7.

    And even though you can't see it from that picture, in that plaza there is a Subway and a new gourmet pizza place called Stretch's.

  8. That driveway alone would be the reason I'd not buy that house. I hate being terrified every morning leaving the house.

  9. Same here. That particular section of the street is an absolute nightmare to get on or off from. Trying to make a left turn is simply a worthless endeavor.

  10. A very relaxing tour and a nice neighborhood... And Charles always cracks me up with his comments.

  11. Thanks.

    He does have that seriously dry wit doesn't he?

    Something I can aspire to in my old age.

  12. That yellow house seems like a good option for that "flip this house" show - rerouting the driveway, etc.

    Thank you for the second tour! Very American.


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