Sunday, July 5, 2009

G's Adventures? Now! (3)

Part 2

Among the many things that our intrepid hero wanted to do with his next project was to write both a dedication and acknowledgement page. He realized that not only it was a good thing to do as it made the book look a little more professional, but it also pumped up his page count as well.

So he sat his rather large behind down and gots to writing. About twenty minutes later, he was finished. Now as fate would have it, one day after finishing both the dedication and acknowledgement, our intrepid hero's computer went Pfft~~~~~~~~~> and thus his hard work was temporarily lost.

Suffice to say, our intrepid hero was a bit distraught over this issue. But as luck would have it, three days later, our intrepid hero sat down at the household computer and wrote them out again. The ones he wrote out at that time are the ones he sent in.

Meanwhile, back at the regular computer. The regular computer was fixed about two weeks later, good as new and badder than ever (well, not quite so bad. 'twas the jack connector that had to be fixed). Our intrepid hero was able to retrieve what he wrote previously and was able to save it for use in future projects (two less things to worry about).

Our intrepid hero, being of unsound mind and flakiness of temper, has given Cedar's Mountain permission to post version 1 of both the dedication and acknowledgement pages, in the hopes that you'll appreciate the honest sentiment and heartfelt words contained within those pages.

The dedication page will be first, followed by the acknowledgement page. Enjoy.
This book is dedicated to my family and friends in the Real World, who were gracious enough to take time out their busy day to offer robust compliments and gentle critique of my writing. Without their grateful and generous support, I would still be stuck in neutral, stubbornly satisfied with the end result.

I would also like to acknowledge the contributions of my friends in the Cyber World. The numerous friends that I made in the chat rooms are to this day invaluable; the many readers of Cedar's Mountain ( and Flashing Georgie's Shorts ( are beyond a shadow of a doubt, second to none; the blogs that I've had the pleasure of discovering in the past year are too numerous to mention, but all have been a joy to read, learn from and comment on.

The advice given at times was comical, humorous and downright bizarre. At other times, it was brutally blunt and refreshingly honest. Through thick and thin, it was 100% appreciated and at the very least, listened to 97% of the time.

I am forever humbly and deeply in your debt, for without the support of you, I would be still writing for the enjoyment of myself.



  1. Must feel sooo great to have recovered that data! I love when stuff like that happens.

  2. Most definitely. The biggest problem that I faced was trying to recreate those two pages from scratch.

    The two that I sent out, were much longer than the original. The dedication page was about half a page and the acknowledgements ran almost a full page.

  3. G - that is a lovely dedication! And how nice that you included your blogger friends.

  4. Thanks.

    I really do appreciate all the help that my blogger friends have given me in the past year, so I thought that this was the very least that I could do to show my gratitude.

  5. I once lost a whole book to a laptop that went down, permanently. Sigh. It probably was for the best because I was still learning a lot about writing. I can say that now but at the time I was, of course, tearing my hair out.
    So I guess I'm wondering, Georgie, did it make it easier to write the second dedication? Or were you frustrated and finding it hard to write?

  6. Initially, I was theoretically tearing my hair out (I'm bald as ping pong ball) over the fact that those were temporarily trapped in my computer. What made it more horrendous was that I wrote them in a different MS program, and the household computer doesn't have that particular programming.

    I was extremely frustrated because this came on the heels of another problem that I was having with the book (which I got straightened up, much to my disappointment).

    So initially, it took me about a day or so to outline what I really wanted to say for both, because I was satisfied with what I wrote originally. Once I got the outline done, it took me only about an hour or so to write it all out. What I got now is much better than what I wrote originally.

    But man, I tell you, writing those things out (along with a short blurb on what the books about) can really test a person's creativity.

  7. The thought of losing work terrifies me. I save and back up and save, but the other day I still lost about ten minutes of writing. So frustrating.

  8. I hear you.

    Once I got my computer back, I was finally able to back up my files (twice). Now I'm perpetually saving my stuff and with Word it's been pretty simply. I even back up my current writing about once a week on the household computer, just in case.

    And I'm back to writing my flash in Word, as opposed to the MS Works Word Processing that I was writing in previously. That was my one big concern while my computer was out, that I couldn't get to my 32 (at the time) short stories.

  9. So glad that you were able to get your data back! It's scary to think that all that hard work is gone for good. A very lovely dedication!!

  10. Thanks.

    Yeah, I experienced some serious stress, mostly because there are certain things that I can't write very well (dedications, acknowledgements, blurbs, synopsises, etc.), so when I actually can do something like that, it bothers me when I lose it and have to recreate it.


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