Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday At G's, pt 5

Part 4

Okay, a thousand pardons for leaving everyone under the nice shady tree from last time. I didn't think that it would have taken me so long to get my act together. So without further ado, the conclusion to Sunday at G's. This particular picture, as well as others, are basically of Mother Nature during the late spring of '09. This shot is looking north down Connecticut Avenue and as you can see, the trees are just starting to bloom. To the right, you can see another funky tree like the last shot on part 4 and to the left a very nice house that is now currently on the market. This street is usually like this on the weekends, quiet and light of traffic.

I took this particular shot because I wanted to get another view of Cedar Mountain. As you can see, some of the trees are starting to show their leaves a little bit better than their counterparts in pic #1. The pink shadow in the foreground is my finger, which you will see in greater detail in the rest of the pics. Anyways, a small percentage of the time, I detour down this road as it takes me directly to the mountain, which takes me directly home. The hill at the end of the road is pretty steep and is a great cardio workout when you walk it.

The idea behind this picture was that I really wanted to a good clean shot of my thumb. Unfortunately, that pesky flag wot got hidden yonder jumped out and invaded the picture.

This shot is looking east towards Cedar Mountain. You can get a pretty good idea on what kind of view I usually get when I'm walking home from my morning errands, or driving home from work.

This shot is looking down my street and has another good view of Cedar Mountain. My street is pretty much like this year round: very quiet and very deserted.

And finally, a shot of my backyard. The little white thingy used to be deck for an above ground swimming pool. The little pond that you see, along with the small St. Francis of Assisi statue, is where the pool used to be. We took it down about four or five years ago, mostly because it became too costly to maintain (since the kids swam mostly at the campground) and it was becoming vandalized by the neighborhood miscreants. Just off to the left, is the road that runs directly next to Cedar Mountain, which is featured somewhat prominently in my short story entitled Saturday.
Well folks, I do sincerely hope that you enjoyed this little walk around my neck of the woods. It certainly was a blast having you join me on one of my weekly walks, and I sincerely hope we can do this again in the fall and winter.


  1. nice finger! :)
    Seriously, that's probably the one biggest thing I miss being in FL, mountains. It's so very flat here.
    Cool to see where ya live, and it looks like the DPW needs to get in there and fix that manhole cover?? LOL

  2. Kim: Thanks.

    Yeah, if I lived in Florida, I would miss the mountains as well.

    Manhole cover needing to be fixed? Perish the thought that my tax dollars would actually be used to fix something.

  3. Thank you for sharing your corner of the world....and a really fine corner it is!

  4. Talon: Thanks. And you're more than welcome.

    I'm hoping to do the same thing come this autumn and winter.

    It really is magical during those seasons.

  5. I would love that mountain view. I like this idea of showing your neck of the woods. Maybe I'll do this one day too!

  6. Septembermom: I always brag about the fact that I live in a small country oasis smack dab in the middle of suburbia, so I thought I would share it with everyone.

  7. That street is just the cutest! Great pics, as usual!

  8. I'm sorry I missed the Thumb. Sigh! But I like the manhole cover in the road.

  9. I bet Cedar Mountain is gorgeous in fall, too. I liked taking a walk down your street. Thanks for sharing the tour. Do you ever or can you hike on Cedar Mountain? Does it have trails I guess is what I'm asking. :)Bea

  10. I'll look forward to it. I love the changing seasons.

  11. That one girl: I'm almost afraid which street you think is the cutest.

    And thanks.

    Charles: Yeah, that manhole cover, with the rusty orange color,really does accentuate the worn out tar and the new yellow stripe quite well.

    Bea: It is absolutely gorgeous in the fall. Almost like Mother Nature took out her palette and drizzled a little bit here and little bit there.

    I have taken a few hikes through the mountain, yes. There are some old motorcycle trails that run through it, and they make some great hiking paths. You do get a bit of a workout as the higher you get, the steeper the grade is.

    Talon: You bet. And so do I.

  12. What a nice backyard - love the little pond with the statue of St. Francis. Very peaceful.

  13. Lynn: Thanks. It can be at that. Sometimes it even has a few frogs residing within its watery depths.

  14. great pics - and I love your little statue. do you have a close up?

  15. Nursemyra: Thanks.

    Unfortunately at the present time, no. I took that one from just within my backyard.

    But I plan on doing another walk around my neighborhood within the next week or two, and I will most definitely take a close up the statue.

    I think with this photo, I wanted to capture the whole pond and the statue, so that's why the statue is so small.

  16. I felt lie we were good friends before but now, having bonded with your thumb I can't describe the closeness I feel for you.

    Will the love-fest of blogging ever end?

  17. Oh my dear Jannie, the blogging lovefest will never end.

    My dearest right thumb thanks you from the very bottome of its cuticle.


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