Saturday, September 5, 2009

We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Programming Yet Again.


In keeping with the unique nature of this blog and the fact that I believe that a well informed reader is always a good thing, the spiffy post that you would normally see here is in fact not.

In its place is a simple announcement that I am taking a brief hiatus from blogging. I had a minor medical procedure done yesterday, and so as not to inflict my sure to be incredibly irritated frame of mind on everyone here, I will not be around until the 7th.

I should be back to my semi-abnormal self by then.

Until then, please explore the tags off to your left and have a sparkling day. Or, enjoy reading about one of my worst customer service experiences ever, and still have a sparkling day afterwards.

Also, while I won't be responding to all of your comments until I get back, I will make sure that they are published in a timely manner. Nothing worse than you making a comment and having it hang for three or four days.


  1. Personally, I never mind inflicting on anyone my irritated frame of mind...get well soon!

  2. Feel better soon, G! Have as good a holiday weekend as possible, too!

  3. Enjoy your blogging break and feel well soon!

  4. Take great care, past the 7th if you need. We'll be here!

  5. Get well soon!

    (Riot Kitty, we'd noticed, and of course wouldn't have you any other way!)

  6. Hey George,

    I hope all is well. (It wasn't a vasectomy was it?) Enjoy the rest.


  7. (please imagine the voice of the little girl from Poltergiest)

    I'm baaaaaaaaaaack!

    A bit more healthy and lot more antsy. Been catching up on some writing and a little online tidying up.

    So, on to the comments!

    Riot Kitty: Thanks. I usually save my irritated frame of mind for the general public, which can get me into truble.

    Natasha: Thanks.

    Mama Z: Thanks.

    Talon: Thanks. The blogging break wasn't easy, becaue I made a complete break of it (posting and reading). Got a lot to catch up on.

    Evil Overlord: Thanks, and welcome back.

    Jannie: Thanks.

    Charles: being a diabetic, unfortunately there is no such thing as swiftly. We will simply take, healing with no complications. Many thanks.

    LL Cool Joe: Thanks.

    Truth: No way siree Bob! Had a boil removed from the neck.

    To everyone, I give you a great big Budweiser type of "I Love You Man" hug.



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