Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Cedar's Mountain Top Searchable Term


Until I got this widget for my blog, I always wondered about who was reading my blog. I mean, with my sitemeter counter, I knew how many were stopping by during a given hour, a given day, and even the week. But I never really knew when a person was here, or even how they arrived here to begin with.

Then I found Feedjit, through someone else's blog. I said to myself, this would be a good widget to get for my blog. For those of you who might be serious long time readers of this blog, you might (keyword is 'might') recall that I used to have a widget on my blog called "On This Day In History". It didn't last long (only a couple of months if that), due to the fact that I really didn't want to clutter up my blog with pointless widgets that would distract from the content of the blog.

Back to Feedjit. I grabbed the widget, installed the code, and presto, I was well on my way to figuring out who was reading my blogs, and most importantly, what they were reading.

Fast forward to know. After analyzing both my Feedjit widget and my Google Analytics (another interesting tool that I really don't use much, but I like anyways), I was able to determine (in my own eyes) my #1 searchable term.

Truck Stop Cutie

Just go to Google and type in "truck stop cutie" and let me know what you come up with. Go on, I'll wait.

Whistles the theme from the Pink Panther cartoon

Now if you take a look at that first page, chances are you'll see the links for the story "Truck Stop Cutie" pop up. That's right boys and girls, right smack dab in the middle of some very strange websites, you'll find little ol' me.

Now I know that most blog writing websites always say that in order to drive the maximum amount of people to your blog, you must use keywords in your posts. Which means that you should use words that people frequently search the most for.

For those of you who are visiting for the first time or have decided to become a repeat visitor, I have an odd quirkiness when it comes to my blog: I will frequently make a post title and then build my post around that title. Trust me, it does make things interesting.

But I digress. Or do I?

In any event, I write how I feel and not with a specific goal of driving people to my blog and thus becoming popular. If people come to my blog from finding me on Google, or from a comment I made elsewhere and then stay for a bit, or simply move on, that is okay by me. I try not to force myself on anyone who chooses not to be part of my little slice of the blog world here.

And the top five ways that people get to my blog without using a normal search engine?

1} Topix.com: I still maintain a heavy chat room presence, so it does pay off in the long run.
2} Blogger.com: a great way to find new blogs. Did it recently and found ten new blogs.
3} The Followers widget: It pays to be a follower of a blog, because sometimes a person will get curious enough to explore that widget (picked up a few more blogs that way too).
4} Comments: Some people have found me, simply through the comments I left on another blog.

So remember, always write what you feel, and not towards a specific goal of gaining new traffic. You just might be surprised at the end result.

Especially if you write a story about a lady who uses her cooking skills to earn money at the truck stops.


  1. Someone told me recently that she found my blog by hitting the "next blog" button on Blogger.com. That is pretty cool that you have found ways to track your blog traffic.

  2. Thoroughly enjoyed Truck Stop Cutie. I can't even remember how I stumbled on your blog or was it because you kindly popped in on mine?
    Well, what ever it was, I'm glad because I enjoy reading your blog. :)Bea

  3. It's always interesting how traveling around the web lands you on a certain page. Keyword searches are fascinating. I wonder how much disappointment is involved when they were looking for something completely different :)

  4. The day I start writing for an audience is the day I stop blogging. It's a very easy trap to fall into but I think you end up writing less from the heart and more from the perspective of what you think your reader wants to hear.

    I don't have any stats on my blog at all. Stops me getting paranoid too. :D

  5. I really should try to figure out some of that analytics and SEO type stuff. I have no clue.

  6. I'm still debating that widget. For one thing, I'd know when my in-laws were reading. Long story. Let me know if it gets addicting!

  7. I'm clueless about blog stats. Interesting about Truck Stop Cutie!

  8. Hum, I see truck stop cutie is number one. I need to find something to put me up there on the search engine

  9. Kelly: It is. I use to see the phrase pop up in my top ten whenever I was checking my search stats (won't tell you what some of the other bizarre things were in the top ten that got people to my blog), so I thought I would write a nifty post about it.

    Charles: You try googling yourself and see what happens to pop up. That's how I found out about "Truck Stop Cutie".

  10. Truck Stop Cutie, eh? I just love the whole idea of that name in the first place.

    I think my number one searched term is pansy poem. Got an guest pansy poems you want to submit to me G, and make us both wildly famous??

  11. Yeah, I thought the idea at the time was an interesting take on words, because at that point, I was still doing quite a bit of double meaning for my writing.

    Pansy poem?

    Umm...I couldn't write a poem even if my life depended on it.

  12. Would you Believe ESR doesn't use widgets, or tags, or labels, because then I'd have to upgrade to the "new Blogger type" of blog editing where my links wouldn't fit or be ordered as I wish?

    Altho I've been tempted, every time it says I'd have to switch over my code n lose control over how I want the quick load for my modem, I say Nevermind...

    I'm not on the keyword wagon, I'm just having fun!~

  13. I'm paranoid about tweaking my code to my template. I'm always afraid that I'll somehow screw it up and lose my blog.

    The amount of times that I've actually tweaked my template you can count on one hand, and those were to get my feeds properly situated and my blogs properly pinged.

    Like you, I've always had fun with my titles. I've never concsiously tried to create a title with a particular keyword in mind, I just create a boffo title that sometimes has no connect with the content.

  14. lol the 'truck stop cutie'. I had no idea what that FeedJit thing was for the longest time. I'd see the click from me and wonder who the person was from my area that seemed to have a 'link' on all these blogs I was reading. duh! I like that on WordPress, where I haang my hat these days, I can see how many 'hits' I get each day. It's reasuring to know people are reading and looking even if they don't comment.

  15. I love that particular widget, only because I love seeing where people come from to read my blog.

    I'm in so many varied places in the CyberWorld that I frequently lose track of where I've left links.


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