Saturday, October 31, 2009

Shooting Suburbia: September '09


This past September, I decided to start taking random photos during my weekly walks around town. My original intention was to create a fourth blog in which to showcase my attempts at semi-good photography.

Instead, I decided to explore the Picasa Website to see what I could do with my pictures. I've seen other people use it with a certain degree of success, so I figure I would give it a try.

This is the first in what I hope to be semi-monthly series called, appropriately enough, "Shooting Suburbia."

For best results though, do the slide show presentation with about six to ten second delay.


  1. Hartford looks like a nice city - thanks for sharing.

  2. Loved the photo essay and how much personality you've injected into your cubicle. I think the city looks incredibly charming. Great shots!

  3. Charles: Thanks. The weather was cooperating for the week or so that I did those photos.

    Lynn: It can be at times. It's just the matter of finding the good stuff wedged in between all the mediocre.

    Talon: Thanks. My cube is about the only thing I can really inject most of my personality in. There is still a teeny tiny little bit that I could still inject, but as they say, sometimes what is normal for someone, is offensive to another.

  4. Well, that was fun. I did the slide show but had trouble reading the captions so then I went back and just looked at each picture so I could read what you had said. You know me, I can't miss ANYTHING.
    For me, it's always fun to see other places. Thanks! :)Bea

  5. Bea: You're more than welcome.

    And I want to thank you. You're the one who actually gave me the idea of using the Picasa web album. I took a look at yours one day when you left a link, and I thought that is so much easier than how I used to do it.

  6. Hi. Great slide show. The shots of Hartford reminded me of when I had to visit my dad in the hospital. Sometimes I'd take pics through the windows.

    Lynn, Talon, sorry, but Hartford, well, kinda sux.


  7. Hi Maxie:

    Yeah, sometimes it does. But I try to find the brighter side of where I work, which is near the hospital.

  8. I'm curious about the stuffed animals.....?

  9. I love the one of the stuffed animals!

  10. R.K.: Thanks. It helps brighten the day whenever little childrens come in.

    Nursemyra: I have about a half dozen stuffed animals I keep in my cube. All of them are representative of days gone by.

    For the most part though, they are simply objects to look, touch and/or think about whenever a blue mood hits, or I get a little angry about something.

    Comfort food for the soul, I guess you would call it.

  11. Great slideshow...Loved seeing the color and your neighborhood.
    The stuffed animals are awesome, love roger rabbit! :)

  12. Thanks.

    My wife gave me Roger Rabitt when she was working at Bradlees.

    The little children seem to like him whenever they stop and visit.

  13. I think this subject would make an awsome blog. I just recently went back to using my film camera so I had the images put on a cd and then put them on my computer. I don't know what you think, but the digital processing is not friendly to film images. They looked terrible. They looked good on the computer though. I also have an old computer and my blog shots usually look dark and dismal. One day I popped into the library so I checked my blog there and was surprised to see how much better my images looked. Next trip for a book I'll have to look at your pics again. Also, I used to give a disposable to my daughter when we walked and the shots were really different because she was 4 and short and just had a different eye. Have a great day. I look forward to your next slide show!


  14. Like I said, I was going to set up a fourth blog for pics, but I found it was easier to do it this way.

    I have another uploaded to my computer which will probably show up sometime in late November and I have another disposable that I play on doing a picture version of a short story I posted here back in March called "Saturday".

  15. So with most people they are a danger for talking on their cell phone while driving. You take it to another level by photography while driving..haha

  16. Oh absolutely.

    A couple of those shots I was smart enough (almost) to be driving down a side street instead of the main drag.

    It could be worse you know....I could be texting and taking pics while driving.

  17. This is going to be a fun series! Excellent pictures.

  18. Thank you, young lady.

    It should be an interesting semi-monthly series at that.

  19. Unfortunately my old computer isn't able to look at the photos in Picasa. I'll just have to imagine now good they all are!

  20. Man, that really bites. I'm truly sorry to hear that. I'll try to find a way to remedy that situation the next time I post something like that.

  21. I love this idea. Great photos! The chalk artwork is terrific. Now I want to come visit your city :)

  22. Kelly: Thanks.

    It really is an interesting festival. It kind of sums up the entire summer season. The weather was exceptionally agreeable that day, so it was blast just to stroll around and take in the sights and sounds of it all.


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