Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Negative Trajectory, Is A Positive Flat Line (The W.i.P's)

Whereas part 1 concentrated on the blogs, part 2 will concentrate on the writing.

1} W.i.P.'s for the blog. By now all of you should have seen the announcement of the format change coming to Flashing Georgie's Shorts. I think it was starting to move in that direction around early August, when the short stories that had previously made up the blog were starting to dry up, to be replaced by the longer and fleshed out short story.

To that end, I have two W.i.P.'s that I'm writing exclusively for the blog (at least that's the plan). One is entitled Persona Non Grata and the other is entitled The Anointed One, and they came into being in the most peculiar way. Initially, they were four short stories that I had written for the blog: "Double D's", "The Weapon of Choice", "Sedated", and 10pm". But after writing "Sedated" and rewriting "10pm", I came to the conclusion that they would make great companion stories to the first two, simply because the plots, although similar in nature, look like they will dovetail perfectly together, and here's why:

a} Both plots are about a select group of people who hunt for humans (the
first story link can give you an example of what I'm trying to explain), but
first story is about two sisters who find themselves on Earth and on the
The second story is about the chosen one who will be sent after the
sisters to
bring them back to the Collective (or Pod if you

b} Both stories will be running parallel to each other, thus
there will be
interchangeable parts to each other.

c} If things go
right, both stories should be melding within each other for
a satisfactory

I originally didn't plan it this way, but the deeper I got into both stories, the more it seemed like a natural fit. Like I said, this is the tentative plan that I want to do. But sometimes as we all know, a neat and tidy plan can sometimes joyfully blow up in your face to create something much bigger and better.


2} The W.i.P's for myself. I currently have two W.i.P.'s at various stages of completion. The first one, A Lascivious Limbo, I've been working on and off for most of the summer. Because of the completion date I gave for myself (2010), it has given me the luxury of taking my time to flesh out the story and make the convoluted plot readable. This was the story that I originally posted in late 2008 called Golden Texas Tea (background and 1st page. if you wish to check out the original, please click on the link called "long short story"), and it's also the perfect example of something joyfully blowing up in your face. This story has done just that, as I have about sixty-five pages written and it's shaping up to be the proper sequel to my first book, Shades of Love.

Just to give you a basic idea on how this has blown up, the original story was twenty-four pages in length. I'm at page fourteen of the original story, which translates out to page sixty-five of the new story. Same point, but more fullness.

Oh and the plot? First, we move ahead five years from Shades of Love; secondly, it starts near the end of the original story, and has her at the corporate headquarters of Limbo, reliving the last three days of her life (think Albert Brooks in "Defending Your Life"), so as to determine whether or not she gets to move on (rebirth), move upwards (Heaven), move backwards a little (Purgatory), or move backwards a lot (Hell).

The second W.i.P. has a working title of Blackness In The White Sand. Basic plot is about a woman who is turned into an enforcer for one of the Devil's proteges, and only has seventy-two hours to get herself back to what she was. Right now, I have about nineteen pages written (a bit stuck right now). It's violent, messy, bloody, and believe it or not, has minimal sex (although that may change once I get unstuck). I'm not quite sure where this is going to wind up at, but this excerpt should give you the basic idea on the level of anger that permeates throughout the story. The prelude to the story can be found here.

All in all, I got a lot of projects to keep me going, because as you know, a bored G, is an unhappy G.


  1. I love your blog, keep up the great work!


  2. Harlem: Thanks.

    Will check yours out soon.

  3. Wow - that's a lot of works going on. I definitely give you credit keeping on top of them all. Looking forward to a lot of great reading!

  4. Sounds ambitious. But it's good to have a plan!

  5. Gabby: It's kind of a small flaw with me in that I like to stay busy. Doesn't matter if it's writing, blogging or the real world, I need to be occupied.

    Charles: It is an ambitious plan at that. For now, the fact that I got most of the components in place is huge, because you know with anything, the startup is the hardest to do.

    So with the start up in place, I have both time and space to be able to work on my personl W.i.P's now, and tackle the blog W.i.P's in the Spring.

  6. Wow - that sounds like a lot of writing. I'm impressed that you have so many ideas for different things.

  7. Sounds like you've got a ton of stuff going on!

    I love the title of this post. That cracked me up.

  8. Lynn: Thanks.

    I get into those state of minds every so often and it takes me a while to get it all sorted out (leftover hyperactivity when I was just a lad).

    Once I do though, it usually becomes a blast in writing.

    Mama Z: Thanks.

    I have such a fun filled memory sometimes. :0

  9. I look forward to checking out the rest of the stories I haven't read yet! Lots of cool ideas you got floating around there..

  10. Kim, thanks.

    What I plan on doing for the remaining several stories, is to try to give a little background on why what inspired me the way it did.

  11. I can so relate to a bored G being an unhappy G.

    I admire anyone who keeps motivated and busy. :)

  12. Joe: Thanks.

    If you only knew what kind of trouble I used to get myself into when I was either bored or unhappy, you would be simply amazed.

    I figure this way, I always got something to work on. Whether it be the blogs or the personal writings, my mind will always be thinking and analyzing where to go to next.


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