Sunday, October 11, 2009

Patience Ain't A Virtue, But We're Trying Our Very Best To Practice It

An affliction that nailed me earlier in the year, in which I went on a short story writing binge (about 35+ stories in about three months) that culminated with the creation of Flashing Georgie's Shorts, reared its ugly head again and nailed me this past summer.

Starting in late-July, I went on a blog post writing binge. The ginormous quantities of free time at work (busy for three days, bored stiff for seven) afforded me the luxury of writing out a multitude of blog posts (like four-five a week). How many I wrote is hard to calculate (but if I averaged four a week for about twelve weeks, then...holy cow, that's a lot of words!), but it's safe to say that only 2% of the posts that you've read since mid-August have been created within a couple of days of posting. The other 98% of the posts that have showed up on this blog were written during this blog writing spurt (which I finally finished in the first week of October).

I figure by the second week of November (I hope), I should have the last of those posts up on the blog for you to read and comment on (unless something pops up unexpectedly, like pics or an idea from another blog, then tack on another week). To help facilitate the process, a brief return to the two-a-days will be implemented on the days when Flashing Georgie's Shorts is being updated, and has in fact already reared its ugly head back on October 7th. By the time the last of those posts are up, I should be well back into my normal routine of writing a post a week in advance.

And I should be able to start work on that new thingy called Looking Back At The Early Days Of Cedar's Mountain (although the tag won't be that lengthy, I hope).

In any event, keep on the lookout for the following topics that this blog will touch upon: Humor, Personal Opinion, Music, Writing, Blogs, Freedom of Speech, and Work (both current and days gone by).

The Creative Juices.

Sometimes it can be healthy as all get out, giving you the energy to conquer the world.

And sometimes, it can become a majorly infected boil on your buttocks.


  1. Hey G, I look forward to reading what ever you decide to post. Bring it on. I have to do something while I'm waiting for my coffee to cool. :)Bea

    just kidding you know..........:)

  2. Sounds good! The last line of this post cracked me up. Sorry for the pun :)

  3. I could have lived without the imagery of that last line.

  4. Bea: Thanks.

    I got a lot of thought provoking psots on deck that I wrote when I was in a rather long and involved crappy state of mind.

    Septemebermom: I thought it summed the creative process perfectly.

    Feast or famine.

    Bear: Imagery is what I do best. :-o

    Imagine if I was able to draw what I describe.

  5. As long as the infection doesn't spread to your creativity!

    Looking forward to the posts, G.

  6. Talon: Oh God, I hope not. :-O

  7. It's nice when those bursts of creativity come. I haven't had one in a while, not since summer allowed me some time to get into writing.

  8. Charles: You ain't kidding. I went so far off the deep end with it that I really started feeling guilty about posting stuff that I wrote at least a month in advance.

    I still got that creative burst in me, but now I got it firmly under control until I get this current batch posted.

    Mama Z: Thanks.

    I thought it was somewhat appropriate for this blog.

  9. Okay, totally hungry now after seeing your new picture!

    And looking forward to whatever posts you give us.


    Well, gotta go lance my own boils now.

  10. My dear Jannie:

    Always be careful when lancing boils. :-0

    As for the pic, thanks. Like you with your brand new addition to your blog, I will be adding a little something new at the end of the month, that will coincide with a more detail descriptiom of my new blog picture.

    For now, I will say that was my lunch one late Saturday afternoon: a slaw dog (all beef hotdog, fresh coleslaw, onions and mustard) and fresh hand cut french fries. Twas filling indeed.

  11. Sorry I've been quiet. Sometimes work gets in the way!

    I look forward to reading wahtever you write too.

    Love the new photo! Now that's my kind of food! :D

  12. Joe: That's okay. I figured as much. Real life always has precedence over the cyber world.


    I needed to cheer myself up a little bit over the long holiday weekend, so I figured that a good meal would do the trick.


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