Saturday, October 17, 2009

What If?

A couple of days ago, I had a rare half day off from work, so I spent that rare time off by catching up on some writing. What I wrote mostly was a couple handwritten pages to my story Blackness In The White Sand, but came to stop when I realized that I needed to do some research in Dante's "Divina Commedia" in order to continue the story. So, with time to kill and a itchy brain to use, I started reflecting on the people that I've met on this fascinating journey called Life.

After a while, I came up with this nice little piece of flash. Let me know what you think of it.
With nothing but time on his hands, he briefly poked his head out from his cubicle and saw her. Not as a co-worker, for he was always seeing her as such, but as a warm, vibrant, sensual woman. Always tastefully dressed in the latest fashion, on dress down Fridays, she turned into something special.

The none-too-tight jeans accentuated her backside with just enough oomph that he always wanted to touch and caress it. The soft sweaters tastefully emphasized the natural goodness contained within. The minimal amount of bling and the natural makeup complimented perfectly the gentle softness of her face.

As a whole, her body and complexion matched up with the latest Page Six* lady from the Caribbean to a T. For the first time, she gave him a look that steeled his resolve and yet melted his heart and turned him into pottery clay.

"Good God, she's walking this way! Better look busy!" he thought excitedly, for a good chunk of the time, she never really visited his cube for any lengthy period of time. A few seconds later, he heard a knock on his wall. Even before he turned around, he knew by the scent of jasmine that she was standing there.

Walking in, she asked him a question, which in turn he asked for a little clarity. She moved in closer and knelt down, so as to better explain her question, and it was all he could do to keep himself focused on the task at hand. The fresh scent, the clean yet not quite so wholesome look, the soft curves and the overall sensuality of her being, drove him to distraction.

Somehow, he was able to answer her question to her satisfaction. Smiling, she used his shoulder as a prop and stood up. Stretching for a few seconds, she gave his shoulder a lingering touch, and left his cube. He wheeled his chair over to his entrance and watched her walk down the block until she got back into her cube.

Sighing, he disappeared back into his cube and then spent the rest of the afternoon thinking about what the future could have been, if different choices were made along the way.
*The Page Six Lady existed back in the day when I was in my twenties and my father used to bring back the local papers from Jamaica whenever he came home from an extended business trip. Basically, it was a lovely lady showing off the top half of her natural assests, and it was always on page 6, hence the moniker of The Page Six Lady.


  1. I really liked this one - the voice kept me reading all the way to the end. Good job!

  2. Gabby: Thanks.

    Sometimes when I get a notion to write a story, the words will come pouring out faster than I can get them to paper.

    Such was the case with this one. It took me about fifteen minutes, tops, to get it on paper.

  3. Thanks R.K.

    But alas, that is all I wanted to write. I wanted to keep it squeaky clean (yeah, right), so I purposely made it short.

    In all honesty, I'm not even sure how many words it is, but it can probably be considered super flash, micro flash, some kind of flash.

  4. I thought this line was great... "the natural goodness contained within." Interesting and smoooth description, very original I think.

  5. Jannie: thanks.

    I've gotten better at describing certain parts of the female anatomy without being tasteless, and believe it or not, that line has become one of my standards that make it into a story whenever I need to be slightly squeaky clean.

  6. Isn't it interesting how a memory from long ago stays with us, only to come out in our words like this ... turning a memory into flash. Very nice.

  7. Joanne: Thanks.

    Sometimes memories do make the best stories, no matter how long or how short they may be.

  8. I think the fact that is more "tasteful" makes it more sensual. But then what do I know about this kind of thing! Ha! :D

  9. Apparently, your inspiration was perfect for this flash. You hit a homerun here!

  10. Joe: You are absolutely correct. The more tasteful someone is dressed, the more sensual they become.

    Clothing doth maketh the individual.

    Septembermom: Thanks.

    Sometimes the inspiration hits at just the right moment, and viola, a great piece gets written.

  11. I think it's a good flash- with a good serving of reality in that there must be so many cubicle guys who've gone thru a similar thing-
    the way it's presented is unique n an interesting, quick read.

  12. Thanks.

    Because I work, for better or worse, a predominately female environment (no insult is intended), it's very hard not to think like this story 24/7 and treat the women like fresh meat.

    You have to treat them as equals first, and as an individual second.

  13. I've never worked in a place where they have cubicles - I guess it's a big thing in the US though as I'm always seeing them in films. I think we tend to more "open plan" here. No oportunities for secrets -and pretty bad if you break wind too:)

    Nice story G:)

  14. Hi Jane,

    I work in an open office environment, so my cube isn't a traditional one with a door and a ceiling.

    Believe me, when its busy, you can hear clear across the room private conversations and the like. Phone etiquette is a must. Can't tell you how many times I've gotten into trouble for talking too loud.

    And thanks. It took me about fifteen minutes to write.


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