Friday, February 26, 2010

Hi Ho The Dairy-O, A Bloggin' I Will Go!

Yeah, major disconnect with blog titles as of late. Brain is frazzled as originality is starting to fall by the wayside.


Some time ago (12 days to be exact), good old (well, not too old, considering I was just graduating high school when she was being born) Mrs. Riot Kitty (I'm sure I'm gonna get slapped for that one), decided to bestow on me, a Kreativ Blogger award, for being a creative blogger.

Among the many, many, many, many, many, many, many things I have to do for this award, is tell seven original things about myself. Yah, right. Like I haven't emptied 99% of my brain in telling you wonderful people fantabulous things about myself. Well, I have to empty that remaining 1% of my brain to tell you wonderful people more fantabuously original things about myself.

Ouchies. I just think I pulled a muscle with that paragraph.

Anywho (yah, redundant), here are seven original things that I hope that I haven't told you before in the previous 401 posts.

1} Mrs. R.K. has graciously stated that she absolutely hates how the English language gets butchered in the blog land, real world land, la-la land, and every land in between. Well.....I enjoy peppering both my blog world and my real world with pop culture words and phrases. F'r instance (like that F'r? I enjoy using that all the time), I like using the word Ouchies! to describe mistakes and boo-boos. I first heard the word used on an old Nickelodeon show called "Action League! Now!" One of the characters is called "The Flesh", who is super strong (muscular) and super naked. His pet phrase is, "Ouchies!" Another fave (like that fave? I use it all the time) phrase is Anywho, which I pulled from "M.A.S.H."

2} Due to the fact that I spent about three years being stalked, harassed, used, abused and having survived numerous attempts to turn me into St. John the Baptist while doing the chat room thing, I have developed a uncanny sense of awareness that borders on paranoia when it comes to people in the cyber world. Unfortunately, I have severed quite a few friendships in the past couple of years, due to the fact that I've been able to read people for what they really are in the chat rooms, and not for what they portray themselves to be. Note: this only applies to chat rooms, and not to the blog world, where people are pretty much who they portray themselves to be. In other words, honest and full of integrity.

3} I have owned about as many cars in my lifetime as some people change underwear in a two week time frame. Some examples: I have owned a Ford Pinto, a Chevy Malibu station wagon, a Toyota Celica stick shift, a Reliant, a Camaro, a Gran Torino, a Hyundai, a Ford Ranger, a Monarch, an Aries, and a Volkswagon Jetta (that one had no exterior door handles by the time I got done with it).

4} While I can't swear in seven different languages like Mrs. R.K., I can speak and understand ten different versions of English: General Government English (aka Alphabet Soup), Specific Governmental Agency English, Correctional Facility English, Contractual English (union contracts), Bastardized Teenager English (example: Let me have a pack of Mar Bah), Broken Convenience Store English (which actually makes sense), In Da Hood English, White Person Wannabe English, Business English (work), and Family English (outside of work).

5} I am a lone Republican (moderate) in a house/work location full of Democrats. 'Nuff said, and please, no pity, for Republicans will rise again and will ultimately force our one-termer to actually work with the Republicans. Sorry, just had to get that one dig in, because I've been remarkably well behaved when it comes to national politics.

6} Speaking of politics, I am a rare government worker: I'm rabidly anti-union, yet also a dues paying union member. Sorry gang, but I've seen too much union related stupidity since 2003 to really think that the public sector unions (or private sector for that matter) actually cares about their members. We have a saying in state government: No good state worker goes unpunished, and no bad worker ever gets fired.

7} Shoot, I can't think of number 7....oh wait, nope, that one is too depressing to mention....hmmm....ah, I got one. All of my close real world friends are female. No males. Even the majority of my friends from the Cyber World are female (save for the four guy bloggers I've met in the past two years). Come to think of it, about 85% of the blogs I read and follow, are written by females.

There you have it folks, seven original things about myself that I have not told anyone (that I could honestly recall) before on this blog. However, for those who are curious as to what my #7 could have been, I'll be more than happy to answer it in the comment section.


  1. Wow, enjoyed this post, Georgie. Hate those awards. Someone once gave me one and I told them them I would answer the seven questions over the next seven years. one a year. Funny, nobody has bothered to give me another award.
    In my blog you will see Beaspeak. It may not be a word now but just wait. People understand what I mean so it will just take time to get in the dictionary. BTW, anywho is such a great word! :)
    It takes a comfortable with himself man to be able to blog. Most of them say they don't have the time but I think it comes down to putting too much of themselves out there. Good for you, Mr. Knows Himself.
    I'm glad you got this award and had to do share and tell. :)Bea

  2. I'm the opposite of you in cars. I've had very few. I tend to hang on to 'em like pets.

  3. Bea: I get very few and far between, so the ones that I do get, I try my best to make a go of it. People who think so much of me that they're willing to tag me with a meme (I've gotten tagged with about 10 over the past two years), are the ones who get my undying loyalty/friendship in blog land.

    Charles: I've been so interchangable with cars its not even funny. Fortunately, I've been able to get a few cars cheap because they were sticks, and driving a stick is a lost art.

  4. Very interesting, and yes, I owe you a slap, because I am not Mrs. anyone :)

  5. Congrats, G! I am now mentally adding up the various cars that have come/gone in my life - lol!

    You've got me thinking about the blogs I follow. I think it's probably a 60/40 split with women 60 percent. I wonder what the ratio really is in the blogging world? I know my hubby wouldn't know a blog if he tripped over one - lol

  6. R.K.: Really? I gather that you're one of those modern womans then?

    You know I just had to get a dig (or two) in somewhere along the way with this post. Wouldn't have been any fun otherwise.

    But was I spot on about the high school thing? :D

    Talon: At one point, I was averaging about a car every 14 months, simply because all the cars I got were used, so I would usually drive them into the ground before moving on.

    It's funny, but I've found for the most part in blog land, women tend to be more wittier and funnier than men are. Men have a tendency to be wickedly sharp in their viewpoint, while women have a tendency to be more observant and devastatingly brutal with their viewpoint.

    I don't think my family would know a blog even when they catch the occasional glimpse of mine.

  7. LOL G, I don't know about the high school thing - I was born in 1976, so you tell me!

    BTW, you have to go see this post:

  8. What about # 7, btw? What could be more depressing than being the lone Republican? :P

  9. 1976? That means I was freshman in high school when you were just 2 1/2-3 years old.

    At least now everyone has a basic idea on how young you are.

    As for the original number 7, it was this:

    I've been to 9 funerals in my lifetime. I was either volunteered or got volunteered to be pall bearer at 7 of them.

    The only two that I wasn't, was for one that was a son for a family friend that I didn't know, and the other was for my dad, who had more than enough people to honor that request.

    Actually, being a lone Republican is fun, especially in this state. We got people who've been entrenched ever since I was a teenager. All Democrats.

    Annnnnnd...I'll check out that link you left.

  10. I think I am about 60/40 on female/male blogs. I like the friendships we make in blogland and it is such a part of my life that I forget that my family members (like yours) wouldn't know how to find a blog. I mention mine all the time and they never ask for the link. :) Works for all of us. :)

    I like your car list. I drove a celica until it was falling apart around me back in the '80s.

  11. I don't know that many proud union people. They hate their dues and they hate that they still don't feel they have a voice.

  12. Lynn: my apologies for not answering you sooner. I allowed your comment and then got sidetracked with a little post editing.

    I wholeheartedly agree with you about the blog thing. Most people know I have a couple of blogs going, but they're so disinterested that I really don't mention it much anymore. Their speed is more Facebook than anything else.

    I had a Celica once. Five speed stick and thing ran like a top. At least until I blew the head gasket on it.

    Bearman: I've seen so much crap since I came back to work in 2003, that I am forever soured on unions. Even when I actually used them, it didn't work out.

    I'm sure there are prould union members out there, but they're mostly stewards/reps/union secretaries/vice-presidents/presidents/etc. etc. etc.

  13. Wow, #7 is sad. (I mean the funerals, not the political stuff.) BTW great post. The title was hilarious, too!

  14. Ha, ha, ha...loved no 4, particularly Bastardized Teenager English! In my experience this usually involves learning to translate a combination of nasal grunting and subdued choking sounds:)

  15. R.K.: Thanks.

    Yeah, I thought it was sad enough not to put into this post. I wanted to keep the post relatively upbeat and fun.

    The interesting part about the blog title is that the first part I pulled from a Roger Whittaker song (later covered by Metallica) called "Whiskey in the Jar-O).

    Jane: Sometimes I actually lose people when I'm doing #4, because I would forget to change from say Contractual English to Work English.

    It's fun, because there isn't any real way I can get lost in a conversation.

  16. Well, that was a fun post.........

    I've noticed many "Award Free" slash, thanks but no thanks, (warnings?) on some people's blogs. Wonder if I need to place on on my page, LOL!

    Ahhhh, Toyota Celica.....had one of those too, in the 80's...sort of a copper colored one and drove it till it died, at about 250,000 miles.

  17. Hi Carol.

    Like I said, I actually enjoy the awards, mostly because they afford me the opportunity to become incredibly creative with them.

    I'm not sure that I had a favorite car. I've driven so many (had a Camaro and a Hyundai too) that they all started to blend after a while.

  18. And I thought my husband had a lot of cars! My son just turned into a teenager. I may need your help translating his bastardized English one of these days :)

  19. Wow. Congrats, although young teenager English is radically different from older (17+) teenager English.

    Yeah, I used to average about a car a year, all used. Never new. Have never owned a new vehicle.

  20. Congrats on the award!
    I thought this was a wonderful list to read!
    It reminds me of about ten different posts I could write about my car experiences... (not yet)!

    Recently, I put up a couple of quick, short poems. There's a particular (un-named) blogger who loves to hand out awards 20 at a time, who keeps giving me awards n awards! I confess can't begin to keep up with it! So I'm burnt out on awards this week...
    Consider yourself lucky!
    At least I no longer feel obligated to work on all these awards...

  21. They come to me few and far between. I think it only backfired once, and because of it, I believe I lost a reader.

    I got one of those awards back in '08, and unfortunately, I did it on the chat rooms.

    Suffice to say, it went over like a lead balloon.


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