Monday, February 22, 2010

What's In A Number: Part Deaux

No, I'm not borrowing from the movie Hot Shots!...well, maybe I am

Back in mid-November, I wrote a post about numbers, or I should say, my favorite numbers. That particular post was in celebration of the fact that it was number 350 for this blog.

Today's post is number 400.

Today's post is also gonna be rambling tangent of some kind, but mostly involving once again, all sorts of numbers.

Like, for example, the number 450. 450 is the combined total of all published and unpublished posts for all three of my blogs: 400 for this one, 48 for FSG and 2 for my book blog. You would think that's a pretty hefty size number, right?

Well my good friends, let me tell you something: 450 is nothing. It's a puny number. Shoot, it doesn't even match up with some of the blogs out there that I follow, most notably Joey's Pad, who is sitting at somewhere over 1,000 (Can I get a 'Hell Yeah!' from everyone?) posts for his blog.

But let me tell you about another blog that has an even higher post count (and no, it's not the Tainted Archive, which is a pretty decent blog/e-zine). I found this particular blog some several months ago while I was on was on one of my quarterly blog surfing exercises. The main focus of the blog (as far as I can tell) has to do with, as he describes it on his header: A look at comics, books, movies, cartoons, television shows, music and more pop culture goodness from my vast and virtual personal library.

The name of this blog is called Booksteve's Library, and on February 12th, a mere ten days ago, he celebrated posting his...get this...3,000th post. I repeat, 3,000th post. My friends, this blogger has hands down (in my humble opinion) won the title of the most prolific blogger in the universe. This guy has been blogging since 2005 and it looks like since 2006 (his first full year) has averaged at least one post per day on his blog.

Another example is the number 1. 1 has been a harbinger of firsts for me in the past couple of years, all of which can be read here. This year, 1 represents the amount of times that I loaned out my blog to a non-family member and loaned it out to a family member. To the non-family member, it was due to the fact that I sent out an S.O.S. for help in writing my blog (which is still wanting. If you wish to write something that normally falls outside the scope of your blog, I have space available here for you to use and abuse). To the family member, it was due to the fact that she wrote a funky short story about Little Red Riding Hood.

Still yet another example would be the number 3. 3 is the total number of stalkers/harassers that I left behind when I vacated the chat rooms last month. Funny thing is, since I left the chat rooms, they really haven't bothered me here. Matter of fact, no one from the chat rooms has bothered me on the blogs since 2008. Someday, maybe they will, but I don't think so. I mean, where's the fun in leaving a derogatory comment when the only person who will read it, is me?

See boys and girls, comment moderation does have its privileges.

Our second to last example for today, will be about the number 2. The number 2 is important to me, as three birthdays occur in the month of February, which of course is represented by the number 2. 2 can also be heard in at least one children's song, which starts off: 2 and 2 is 4, 4 and 4 are 8, 8 and 8 are 16, 16 and 16 are 32.

Finally, our last example is 21. Why 21? Besides being found on the first page of the 1040 Federal income tax form, 21 is in the title of a short story that I'm writing called "Line 21", which I pulled directly from the 1040 income tax form. For those of you who don't know what Line 21 is, its where you would write "other income" on your tax form. I'll let you use your imagination on this one. The only hint that you'll have, is if you know what kind of stuff that I write to begin with, then you got a basic idea of the story.

Yup, I's just loves numbers.

Although, they don't make very good names for t.v. or cartoon characters (see "3" from STNG, "Zero" from Beetle Bailey and "5" from Peanuts).


  1. Line 21 is a great title!

    I am a crazy-mad blogger, with somewhat over 1900 posts combining my old and current blog. I am thinking of 'cutting back' to 3x a week, lol.

  2. Cedars's Mountain - now with 3.3 less stalkers! And 400 fabulous Posts!


    Off to see Joey now, he rocks too!

  3. I think I'm around 800 blog posts but lately folks have been gaining on me. My favorite number is 11

  4. Lots of good links. Some I've been too and others I will check out.

  5. Ha ha. Yeah 1,051 posts!! Now that really is a sign of a person with no life! Scary thing is I also have about 9 other blogs too! Help.

    I will have to check out Booksteve's Library!

    As for volume of posts, I tend to only write when I have something to say, which is much less than in my first year of blogging.

    Thanks for the shout out! Hell Yeah!

  6. WW: Thanks. By the way, that particular story has blossomed quite well, as I now got 45 pages written and I'm only at the halfway point.

    You're probably the only one here (I don't think Charles does yet) who actually knows what that story is about. And yes, it might live up to your prediction.

    And you might on the money with your last sentence there.

    Jannie: Thanks.

    I'm glad I rock someone's world.

    Charles: Welcome back.

    In all honesty, about the only way I got everyone beat on number count is in the chat rooms, where I have about 15,000 mostly useless posts hanging there.

    David: Thanks.

    I figure at least one or two should peak your curiousity.

    Joe: I applaud your ability to actually make that many blogs function. I have enough problems creating good content for two blogs, and trying to do four times that amount would make my head pop.

    And you're more than welcome for the Hell Yeah! shout out.

  7. Excellent! But is there a claymation song about it?

  8. I think you just lost me on that one.

  9. Congrats on all those posts and less stalkers, G. :)

  10. You made me look. I have 616 posts.

  11. Yayayayay, whoooo hooooo!!!!!! 400 posts, way to GO......clap, clap, clap, clap, you just keep on blogging, love to come and visit and read what you have to say.

    There now, did I do justice to your celebration? :)Bea

  12. Lynn: Thanks.

    And its always good to have less stalkers.

    However, I don't mind the lurkers that come to visit my blog though.

    Travis: Sometimes, its the mundane minutia that can grab our attention the most.

    Glad I made you look. I still got a long way to go to catch up with all my readers though.

    Bea: Thanks.

    Absolively posilutely you did justice to my celebration. :D

  13. Great observation of numbers in your life here- I spend alot of time ignoring them for some reason! (except for prices)!

    I had a blogger buddie years ago who used to post 4x per day- I couldn't keep up with reading it! It's all been deleted...

    Line 21 sounds like a great idea springboard- can't wait to read it...

  14. Snaggle: Thanks. I actually love playing with numbers (the math freak in me I suppose), so this was a relatively easy post to write.

    Four times a day is an insane pace to keep up with, and I know of only a couple of blogs that do that (of which one you'll find a link in the post).

    Not sure how long of wait you'll have for Line 21. It's growing from a medium sized short story into almost a full blown novel, currently sitting at 46 pages and 22K words.

    I will probably though share parts and the background in an upcoming post with everyone.

  15. My dear uncle who liked to play the numbers would say to you, "Think you should play that number." He was always thinking about special numbers. Every once in a while, his number did hit for him. Congrats!

  16. Thanks.

    I still play the numbers (it's my only vice besides blogging), but I always have fun associating the various things in my life with numbers.


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