Thursday, February 4, 2010


Once again, modern medicine delivers a brief interruption to this week's festivities.

By the time this post is published, I will be at the eye doctor's having laser surgery performed on my eye (hence the title of the post). Nothing serious, as I'm only having some touch up work done behind the eye, so that the doctor can better track the potential eye diseases that are commonly associated with being a diabetic.

Because I'm gonna be so incredibly hyper-sensitive to light, I will not be able to do anything computer related for the rest of the day. Thus, for the time being, any comments that you'll make on this post, the previous post or on the connecting post at FSG, will be hanging out on the clothesline, taking in the great New England winter weather.

Hopefully on Friday, I should be back to my semi-normal adorable self.

Until then, wish me luck and here's to hoping that your Thursday is the absolute best day of the week for you.



  1. Good luck on the surgery, hope all goes well for you. And the weather has been great, hasn't it? Not too much snow this year ...

  2. Nothing but good luck wishes from me, G!

    So far this hasn't been my best Thursday, but there's still a few hours left for the day to redeem itself :)

  3. Good luck with all this. Apparently posting is going OK on your site today. Yesterday must have been a glitch.

  4. Hope you are back in the saddle soon, G!

  5. Good luck George, I hope it goes okay.

  6. Let's hope your surgeon has the laser turned down to "eye surgery"
    and not up to "blow a friggen hole in the goddam moon"

    Thanks for visiting my site.

  7. I hope all went well and that tomorrow you are feeling back to your old self. :)Bea

  8. Thanks everyone for the wishes. Everything went fine. And true to form, as with all doctor's appts, I got there fifteen minutes early, and I was taken in one hour after my scheduled appt.

    David: Thanks.

    Joanne: Thanks, and yes, so far the weather has been pretty good for a Connecticut winter.

    Natasha: Thanks.

    Talon: Thanks. And I can understand that. Yesterday was the an absolute gorgeous day here. Great weather for a Thursday, but crappy weather if you're having eye surgery.

    Charles: Thanks. Glad to hear it was only a one day glitch and not something more serious.

    R.K.: Thanks. Roy Rogers I'm not, but I like the phrase anyways. :D

    Joe: Thanks.

    Lane: Thanks for the chuckle, and you're more than welcome. I do enjoy visiting your site, even though I don't comment as much, your site is a blast to read just the same.

    Bea: Thanks.

  9. is my comment hanging out on the clothesline??

    Hope your peepers are both fine and dandy!


  10. Jannie: Thanks, they are fine and dandy...

    S.R.: Thanks, it went just as I expected.

  11. Gumby!

    A sight for "sore" eyes you are, my good friend.


  12. I have to put drops in constantly for dry-eye, n it dialates the pupils- I really hate the way light stings sometimes-
    That would kill me not getting to read online a day!

    Reading these coms looks like you're back up n reading/running, So glad it's doing ok for the eyeballs!
    Hope it's all water under the bridge there for awhile!
    Best of luck!

  13. Just had another odd thought...

    Lazered is better than Tazered!!!

  14. Lazered is definitly much better than being tazered. :D

    Eyedrops are the one thing that I don't really do unless the doctor prescribes it for me.


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