Friday, March 19, 2010

Shooting Suburbia (4): The Last Vestiges of Winter

Howdy do!

Today's installment of Shooting Suburbia will feature the last vestiges of Old Man Winter, plus, if you can believe it, a piece of flash fiction.

To refresh your memory, or if you've just recently stumbled across my blog in the past ten months or so, something brand new, about this time last year, I posted a small piece of fiction called "Saturday" (for those of you who are curious, you will find it stashed under the link Medium Shorts). The story was about me running my morning errands one wintry Saturday morning.

Anyways, while I was taking random photographs this time around, I apparently managed to shoot a series of pics that told about 85% of the story. So in addition to taking another look of my local town, you get to read a semi-badly written micro flash version of my short story entitled "Saturday".


Shooting Suburbia 4

Note: For those readers who weren't/aren't able to access the link, you will find the montage in the upper left corner of this blog.


  1. I felt like I was walking along with you. The snow covered tree photo is especially pretty.

    Thanks for your support and blogging friendship. It really means a lot to me :)

  2. Charles: most of those were taken after the last "major" snowstorm that we had. Suprisingly the temps were in the hi 20's/low 30's for most of those shots, which being born and bred in this full-filled state, was in my personal comfort level for winter.

    Yah, odd, I know.

    Kelly: Thanks, and you are more than welcome for both the friendship and support.

  3. Thank you! I look forward to taking a look!

  4. WOW! That was really neat. I feel like I've hung out with you!

  5. Suzette: Thanks. I do this on a monthly basis, posting pictures of my walks around town and the like.

    I really do think my section of town is a nifty little slice of country smack dab in the middel of suburbia, and I enjoy sharing it with everyone.

  6. Unfortunately my old computor won't allow me to see the photos.

  7. Joe: I keep forgetting that.

    However, never fear, for I have a solution to that particular issue for this one.

    Plus, this gives me a reason to post my next batch as a short story.

    Mama Z: Thanks

  8. I'm so glad that winter is officially losing its grip today and I'm REALLY happy that there aren't snowball tossing grizzlies in my area :)

    Enjoyed your adventurous stroll, G!

  9. Talon: Thanks.

    Spring has arrived here officially at 1:32p EDT.


  10. I liked the imagination that went along with your walk, G. :)

  11. Thanks. I sometimes do let my imagination run away with me.

    Kind of the best part of a walk as of late.

  12. We're New Englanders so are you sure it's the last vestiges of winter? I admit to being shocked by the sight of 3 bushes in full bloom already. Will we be raking leaves in August now? I had a fantastic weekend and I spent so much time outside that I was yawning all day ay work Monday morning. It was worth it though. I love your pictures, btw.

  13. Snow, long time no see.

    Yeah, I'm hoping that it is...I'm so over winter that it isn't even funny.

    I can sympathize with you about Monday...I spent so much time outside as well (walking, writing and enjoying the weather) that I was pretty much someplace else all day long.

    And thanks...wait 'til you see my next batch, it will leave you chuckling in your seat...:D


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