Monday, May 24, 2010

Grab A Piece Of Dirt And Make Yourself Comfortable By The Campfire

On May 24, 2008 @ precisely 2:44p, the very first post to Cedar's Mountain was made. Suffice to say, the blogging world has never been the same since.

I was try to figure out how to goof off during this particular week (May 23rd-29th) in blog land. I say goof off, because this during this week two very important events are taking place. One is the two year anniversary of this blog, and the other is my birthday.


One of the brilliant ideas I came up with (besides this post) was to give my other two blogs a week off from work as well, so for this week, neither Shooting Suburbia or Flashing Georgie's Shorts will be oozing with fresh material. The other brilliant idea was to simply run amok on this blog making unbalanced and off the wall posts.

Whereas I can make unbalanced and off the wall posts, running amok will be much harder to execute.

Because I find it so hard to run amok in my old age, I'll just settle for stumbling down that cobweb-encrusted-dust-bunny-multiplying-pothole-infested roadway that is my memory this week.





  1. Forty times ten times 2 is a sum
    Then on up to the Sun
    As HEAVEN on earth
    Is free of unrulE girth!

    You are all disciples to cherrish. Lots of people have been good in previous lives and deserve a good beginning this time around! All the variants and differences and reALLism is the order of the day play butterflies clay until pray day! World war 3 would be a Bad thing to happyEN! Love love Andrew.

  2. Congrats on your blog-o-versary! Goofing off is definitely underrated. I took today off and have jade green fingernails to prove it ;)

  3. Andrew: Thanks for the interesting poem (at least I think its a poem, yes? Or is it free form?). When I get a chance I will stop by yours to check it out.

    R.K.: I plan on goofing off like you would not believe. I actually have some very funky posts lined up for the next few days.

    I really need this break because this will be my only vacation for the summer (27th & 28th).

  4. Happy blog-o-versary to you!

    Looking forward to the funky posts!

  5. Joe: Many thanks for the wishes.

    Hard to believe that I managed to last this long doing something that I've grown to love doing.

  6. Thank you kind sir.

    Its been a very funky ride and lets hope that the next year brings the same kind of funkiness.

  7. I've always loved that expression - running amok. Run amok, G! Amok, amok, amok! Happy blog anniversary! Many more!

  8. Goof time doesn't have quite the same ring as "Amok time."

  9. Lynn: Thanks. I will be doing just that all this week.

    Running amok. Running to the hills. Running away with my arms flailing. Running off at the mouth...

    Charles: Perhaps, but people don't look at you strangely nor do you get into trouble if all you're doing is "goofing off". :D

  10. Happy Birthday, G! And happy blog anniversary, too! Goofing off is a good thing and much deserved :)

  11. Talon: Many thanks young lady.

    Yes, goofing off is a talent that in my old age I've seem to have forgotten about. So I thought that this would be a good week to rediscover that awesome trait.

  12. Don't bemoan your aging-
    Happy Birthday! G
    Have a great week!

  13. Thanks.

    And I intend to. :D

  14. Happy Blogaversary! Let's all goof off with style :)

  15. Kelly: Thanks. Goofing off in style is the only way to go...


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