Monday, May 3, 2010

A Scintillating Spring Has Sprung Into Accion!

We here at Cedar's Mountain genuinely appreciates the fact that everywhere else on this big blue marble, Spring is officially being celebrated with with witty banter, lively humor and lack of clothing.

However, for the past few months Cedar Mountain has been unofficially celebrating the change of the seasons.

I say "unofficially" because Cedar Mountain knows how fickle the creator of his blog can be when it comes to adapting to the change of the season. Whereas Cedar Mountain traditionally celebrates the four glorious seasons that makes up its life: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, G simply recognizes two yearly seasons that makes up his life.



However, he does have a semi-annual ritual that he foists on the unsuspecting public, and who in return, runs screaming to the hills.

Over the weekend, G performed his semi-annual ritual, much to the horror of the general public.
He changed his wardrobe.

Gone are the jeans, suspenders and boots for the weekend. In its place, are sneakers, shorts, suspenders and pasty white legs.

This past weekend, we officially celebrated and welcomed the traditional season known as Spring, in our own unique way.

If you want to join G in celebrating the beauty that is Spring, just do what he did this past Saturday.

Stop by a tag sale while doing your morning errands and buy a beanie baby quacker. Take said quacker and place it squarely on top of your head, or in my case, squarely on top of my baseball cap. Then spend the rest of your morning walking down the main drag and in and out of stores with the quacker perched on top of your head.

I guarantee that not only will you bring a smile and chuckle to the frazzled people behind the counter waiting on you, but you'll bring a smile and a chuckle to the people standing in line with you. Plus, you'll get stopped by a car whose driver asks where you got such a fascinating chapeau. And you'll feel good about yourself in the process.

Spring is....lying in a field of wildflowers with nothing but the warm sun caressing your soul and a cool breeze refreshing your spirit.


  1. I always knew you were quackers, G! :)

  2. So far we've only been briefly teased by spring. I'm wondering if we'll see it at all . . . probably go from 40 degrees and rain to full-on summer heat.

  3. Let's see if I have this right, shorts, suspenders, sneakers, pasty white legs and a baseball cap with a beanie baby quacker on top? Be still my heart!
    Our families used to be hauling out the little sailboat, scrubbing it down and then maybe it got in the water once during the summer. The kids refused to walk out from the beach, with it and through the seaweed.
    Mine, personal spring ritual was to put the clothes line up, outside. :)Bea

  4. With the gear I wear G, I get that sort of reaction just by walking out of the house, rain or shine!

    I don't need to try and look stupid, it just comes naturally!

  5. Suspenders with shorts! G! This is alarming. Note how I don't have an issue with the quacker on top of the ball cap. :)

  6. General comment: I told of my Saturday adventures at lunch today, complete with a modeling turn and put everyone into stiches. One of my supervisors gave me a look of horror because she thought I had a real duck on my head.

    Talon: Being quackers is the only way to go. :D

    Chris: Connecticut is like that as well. Been getting hit with wicked humidity and abnormal temps as of late. Earlier in the week, some parts actually got frost.

    Bea: Shorts came after I got home, when I realized it was supposed to be in the mid 80's that day. The other part of my ritual used to be the installation of my screen windows in the spring.

    Joe: I can't even touch that one. But your family loves you just the same. :D

    Lynn: What can I say? I haven't worn a belt since the early 80's and I just gotta keep my shorts up otherwise I'll scare even more people. :D

  7. Joey, you never look stupid!
    G: I wish it would hurry up and be spring here. I wore a skirt and sandals today and froze my ass off!

  8. You mean it's still a tad chilly on the West Coast?

    Hubba hubba hubba!

  9. Hmmm, sounds pretty silly- Some folks go thru great lengths to get noticed...
    One girl at work blew up one of the vinyl gloves, tied it, drew a face with marker on each side, then attached it to her hairnet n walked around all night- that counts, right?
    Quite courageous of you...

  10. Thanks.

    I was in one of those rare good moods on that particular Saturday, and when I saw a tag sale fundraiser at one of the houses I pass by on a weekly basis, I decided to check it out.

    It was a purely spur of the moment kind of thing.


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