Sunday, May 16, 2010

Twinkletoes Ted


It's time for part three of our little adventure about Twinkletoes Ted.

This time, I didn't get carried away with the story, because quite frankly, I was starting to get vapor lock while writing it.

Hope you enjoy this latest chapter.

One more thing: The next time yours truly verbalizes the idea of creating another picture story, please, please, please, please walk up to him, or in this case, leave a comment saying, "DON'T DO THAT!!!!" and give him the proverbial slap upside his bald little head.


  1. BTW, you're right on - bad dancing is a reign of terror indeed!

  2. David: I go through such wierd vapor lock that it truly boggles the mind.

    In this case, trying to write a coherent story for twenty-five pictures. Not easy, let me tell you.

    R.K.: I had that Seinfeld clip especially in mind while I was shooting those pics.

    Bad dancing always shows up in the strangest places: parties, weddings, etc.


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