Friday, June 11, 2010

Has Video Killed The Radio Star?

I don't think so.

I mean, I love video. Always have and always will. I believe that video is the perfect compliment to audio.

Before I go any further, I would like to clarify the term "video" as it applies to this post. When I say video, I'm not talking about music videos, movie videos (VHS or DVD) or the stuff that populates every t.v. channel known to mankind. I'm talking about the live action that you see from the minute you wake up to the minute that you call it a day.

While audio will always be the dominating factor to what I write, video has made its fair share of contributions as well. Even though I may blather on about one particular type of video that I see on a daily basis, that part will always make up a small percentage of what I see on a daily/weekly basis.

It's an established fact that I am truly enamored of where I live and what I live next to, and because of that, those two components make up the majority of my personal video collection.

For instance, as of the day I originally wrote this post (5/2), this is what I'm watching as it applies to their particular components.

I'm sitting on a rocking bench, which is located under the bay window in my front yard. Being that it's the only shady place in the front yard no matter what time of day, it gets an extreme amount of usage.

Right now it's an extremely gorgeous Sunday afternoon, with temps in the hi 80's. Unlike the previous day, there is no breeze either blowing down the street or down the mountain, so you can really feel the heat.

It's very quiet in my neighborhood, as people are basically elsewhere. The only sounds that can be heard is a lawnmower off in the distance and birds singing their songs of joy in the mountain. The mountain itself is now in full bloom, for if you look at it from a distance, the mountain looks like on giant layer of grass has been laid upon it.

Other types of video have also influenced and inspired my writing as well. Other types of people, not only just the attractive 25-40 year olds that I see, have contributed to my short stories too.

For instance, a supermarket cashier this past Halloween formed the basis of my short story "Red Stripe", simply because of the way she was dressed. A bottle of beer gave me the story title.

As you can see by these examples, the video of my life really does play an integral role in my writing.

How 'bout you? How does the video of your life inspire or influence your creativity?


  1. A quick trip into my hometown yesterday was unusual in that it was during the week. I almost always am there on Saturday or Sunday. There is just a whole different vibe to a Thursday in that small town.

    It was a beautiful blue sky day, the hydrangeas are out in full bloom. Gorgeous. College students filled the streets of the town. Summer semester has begun. A group of them sat in a circle on the school law having a class or a meeting. A man walks into the attorneys' office - very southern, looking for "Mr. Rick."

    Some of these things were on my blog today, including the fact that I was too rushed to take photos and had to use an older one.

  2. I am a very visual person. I love natural landscapes, and nicely designed interiors. The ugly mish-mash of a dirty urban downtown depresses me, especially in the winter. I don't mind industrial landscapes, so long as there's a big, wide sky as a backdrop.

  3. As the star in my video (and the director and the choreographer) I have fun trying to make the various bit-part actors behave themselves and do what they're told. Since they refuse, they are always interesting and give me plenty to think about when it comes to my writing. :)

  4. Lynn: I had a similar experience here in Newington. I'm so used to experiencing the weekend version of downtown, that when I visited downtown during the long Memorial day/birthday weekend, it was like a stepped into a time warp.

    It was such a mind blowing experience that I actually got a little mentally lost trying to assimilate the weekday version into my system. Overall, I spent a very pleasurable Thursday and Friday experiencing downton in a new way and I look forward to doing again later in the summer.

    S.R.: I hear you on that. I'm fortunate enough not to work near an industrial area, just a slightly economically depressed area. But the city visuals are often just as relaxing as the visuals I experience here at home.

    Talon: Darn those pesky actors. :D

    I still have a great time relaxing to those pesky animal actors just the same though.

  5. I do a lot of walking and when I'm with Lana I really notice stuff because she points it out, or I want to point cool things out for her. Sometimes when I'm by myself I'm so in my head that the visuals of whatever I'm imagining overwhelm and become overlain over the real world around me.

  6. I tend to paint in front of the TV, but I don't think it counts as inspiration in any way. I guess sometimes I see color combinations on TV that I'd like to play with. My paintings are much more about being outside in nature (except that they're created in front of the TV, that is. *L*)

  7. Charles: apologies for not responding to your comment earlier.

    That sound pretty wicked. I sometimes only get a little lost within myself when I'm doing my weekly walks around town. Beyond that, I have a tendency to get lost simply by sitting in my backyard under a shady tree. Just checking out the quiet solitude of the mountain can often unclog my brain just enough to do a little free form writing.

    Lana: I usually use the mountain for inspiration (character and scenery description mostly).

    However, I can see how t.v. viewing can often trigger the creative juices in ways not thought possible.

    Unfortunately, I have a hard time trying to do anything creative with background (or foreground for the matter) noise.


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