Friday, June 25, 2010


The early morning.

Lying in bed through the open window you hear the leaves and the branches move as a strong breeze blows down then up a deserted side road. The birds as they begin to wake up and greet the morning with melody and harmony. A car drives down the road on a trip to nowhere in particular. A dog barking. A cat purring.

At work during morning break.

A helicopter lands on a hospital roof. Cars and buses traveling to and fro. People arguing with the windows open. A toddler crying.

At work during the afternoon break.

The wind roaring through the wind tunnel that is the back parking lot. Glasses sliding across the table as the wind picks up in speed. A radio blasting ethnic music. A street corner preacher preaching through a megaphone on a busy thoroughfare. People chatting as they walk through the parking lot.

In the late afternoon.

People chatting as they're walking down the street. The trees swaying to and fro as the wind blows hard up and down the street. Cars and buses rumbling down the street.

Early evening at home.

Car pulling into a driveway on a quiet suburban street. A door opening and closing. Gravel crunching as a person walks to the front door. A dog barking. A cat running through the house.

Late evening on a cool summer night.

Back door opening and closing. Someone sitting on a rusty old swing. Bugs being zapped. A gentle breeze swaying the branches and ringing the wind chimes. A crackling bonfire. Crickets chirping. People quietly talking. A car rumbling down the broken road.


Crickets chirping. The gentle purring of a cat lying at the foot of the bed. The steady heartbeat of a partner as you rest your head on their chest. Curtains gently flapping in the breeze. The evening fades into an empty silence as the body gradually shuts down to recharge and refresh so as to face the new day with a sense of purpose.


  1. Some things are universal. Great job capturing many of them.

  2. All of those sounds really came alive. Nice job!

  3. Absolutely lovely, G. I was right there with you on your sound-filled day and I loved the bedtime stanza - beautiful.

  4. I was there, G. Nice piece of work, mate.

  5. This is cool. Now that warmer weather is here, having all the windows open certainly changes the soundscape around here as well. Lots of vuvuzelas have been blaring. In fact, this morning Julia (my wife) commented that it was weird to not here them this morning, mainly because there haven't been any early games on. One was about to start, though, and I quicky rectified the situation by clicking on the little TV in my office and the first sounds was "Phvvvvvvvvvvvv!!!" as Brazil and Portugal were entering the stadium from the tunnel.

    Just now I hear a lawnmower outside. Moments ago the neighbor on the corner was driving down the street on his John Deere tractor. That sound actually brought me to my feet to see what it was, because it wasn't typical. And moments ago was the sound of my mom on the phone asking if I wanted to meet her for lunch.

    Which means I better get going!

  6. Great sounds. Sounds can take me back in time to a special place or time or event, like smells it's often like my memories are filed in my brain under sights, sounds & smells.
    Louie lays right up next to my chin when I go to sleep. His purring is so loud it's my "whitenoise" to send me off to sleep. :)Bea

  7. I would like to make a general comment as it I feel I could do a better job of answering everyone this way as opposed to individually.

    I agree that sounds are universal no matter where you are. Sometimes though, depending on where you are, a sound can take on a different meaning.

    Take for example the sound of a toddler crying. In the suburbs or the country where you and I live, the sound of a toddler crying can mean that perhaps someone told the child no. In the city where I work, surrounded by a few housing projects, the sound of a toddler can mean perhaps something more serious.

    Sound can be and often is, a fantastic memory trigger. Many a pleasant (or unpleasant) memory are often to be had just from hearing a particular sound, like a bird chirping or even a tractor driving by.

    For me, sound is the cheapest and best vacation I can take from the realities of the day. I can simply sit in my backyard or in the parking lot at work (where most of these sounds were heard) and close my eyes, and in no time at all, I'm someplace else, even if its for a little while.

    I thank everyone for saying that my small piece of prose got them to where I was, even if only for little while. It's something that I've been working on and though I haven't been able to do it just yet with my stories on a consistent basis, I'm glad I can do it with my blog posts.

  8. Mmmmm the sweet sounds of a summer day. Glad you didn't include the hum of the air conditioner in there hehe.

  9. Jeanne: Thanks.

    No scary indoor sounds for this post, only the wonderfully great outdoors.

  10. What a lovely post, G. The sounds of a summer day.

  11. Thanks.

    Can also be applied to the spring as well, but summertime is bliss just the same.

  12. Very nice G. So there may be a poet in you after all :)

  13. Kelly: Thanks.

    Not sure about the poet, but I do have fun with free form every once and while here.

    Mama Z: Thanks. Glad I was able to bring a smile to your face.

  14. What a nice way to track a "day in a life." It's amazing how effectively this works, taking us right along with you. Have you ever thought of expanding this somehow, or incorporating it in to your writing?

  15. I haven't given that particular idea much thought as of late. I lightly touched on it with a story that I got published last year, but I haven't worked that kind of intimate detail into any of my stories yet, only with my blog.

    So far, I've mostly worked in my hometown, the surrounding area and Connecitcut into my stories.

    But it does sound like a promising idea for a story though.

  16. Must be a difficult project to record all the days sounds you can notice-
    Were your eyes closed for it?

    Mine would've included the different machine sounds at work, "clop,..., clop...", (cutter) "hummmm",(belts) "Splash!"- of the rack washer changing cycles, Squeaky whiny cart wheels traveling by, n lots of different alarm beeping at intervals for the ovens.

    I'd try to id all the bird calls heard from my kitchen n bathroom too- in the berry tree- Robin, cat bird, jay, crow, mourning dove, chickadee, titmouse, nuthatch, cardinal, sparrows, crows... n much branch fluttering from nimble squirrels berry picking. Trucks n Harley leaving-
    That's what I hear before sleeping!
    n at night after work, crickets, toads, bats n owls.

  17. A good portion of what was listed was heard with eyes wide open. Very often I will sit either on break at work or in my backyard, with my eyes open and just tune into the environment. There were one or two items that I threw in that were simply memories of days gone by, but everything else are items that I hear most every day/week.


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