Monday, June 21, 2010


Amazing, isn't it?

How a single blip in our day-to-day existence can radically alter a person's outlook for days, weeks, or even months later.

How you might ask?

Suppose you're normally a relatively easy going laid back kind of person who manages to let most problems, big or small, roll off your back. Then, in a blink of an eye, something happens to radically change that outlook.

If you're like me, you find a way to channel that outlook so as to inflict the least amount of damage on the people you respect the most. Which in my case, was to take a short hiatus from the Cyber World, so as to focus the anger and stress elsewhere.

And where did I attempt to focus this phenomenal amount of anger and stress?


A good idea in theory, but wickedly hard to implement. Try as I might, I couldn't quite wrap my brain around any of the stories I started prior to my blip. So I spent most of my hiatus doing the next best thing: frying my brain cells to create smoke that released itself through my ears.

AKA Thinking.

In any event, instead of trying to work out my anger and stress by doing some original writing, I spent the next three and a half days thinking about everything else. Also worked in a little editing as well, but mostly thought about my current predicament. I did think about one of my stories, but that mainly consisted of how to continue from where I left off at.

In the end, the three and a half days of solid thinking did do me some good. I was able to integrate with a reasonable degree of success my long term problem with the other facets of my life. I was able to come up with an idea on how to move my story along, but more importantly, I found the necessary item in which to channel my highly acidic and caustic thoughts.

My short story.

After a little bit of hesitancy, I started tweaking the violence and darkening the overall content. Not sure how its gonna play out in the long run, but the time being, I have a place in which I can channel all my anger, stress and sarcasm (yes, believe it or not, I am the type of person who can push your button with my sarcasm) into, without fear of offending or suffering any repercussions.

It's a start, and to a small degree, it proves an adage that sometimes we can find refuge from the troubles in our lives in the most unlikeliest of places.


  1. Well, smoking ears are a sign of heavy thinking. I'm glad you found a way to focus your........anger?
    Of course, now you have my full curiosity as to what in the world is going on, in your life. But, I respect your privacy but that doesn't mean I'm not curious.I have an assortment of Been There t-shirts, I understand. :)Bea

  2. Glad you have an outlet - hope things get better soon.

  3. Bea: Thanks. It's been a rough week and a half with this particular issue, and while it hasn't been an easy thing to assimilate, I am trying my best not to let it infiltrate other parts of my life.

    I've always been a bit leery of channeling my anger into my writing, simply because I don't want to come off like a complete pyscho in the process.

    R.K.: Thanks. I didn't want to turn this inwards and create more grief for myself (sadly been there and done that), so this was the best alternative. Before, I would've gone to chat rooms and detonated, but that would simply be a waste of valuable brain cells.

  4. I'm glad you've found a constructive and helpful way to ease the stress and purge some of the anger. Hopefully it will prove truly cathartic and - bonus! - you'll have something concrete at the end instead of fuming and stewing and spewing :)

  5. Drastic change can prove very theraputic- as talking to a complete stranger on the bus can be easier than explaining to friends, n even make the situation easier to define n accept.

    When that happens to me, I fume until I write my problems all down, for no one but me to read- somehow, they then can be defused- n more possible solutions may surface to my thinking.

    Stuff effects me often, too- making me feel changed inside- n there's not much outwardly which indicates it...

    Happy Summer!

  6. Talon: I'm hoping so too. At the very least, it allows me to let my mind wander to that, as opposed to my problem, whenever I'm doing something tedious at work.

    Snaggle: I'm really leery of talking to complete strangers about certain things, although I will strike up conversations with complete strangers as it relates to a particular moment in time.

    Happy Summer to you too.

  7. Good morning G! Re: your comment, very true! I'm now seeing shiny old cars all over the roads. Time to visit some car shows.

    I love your "shooting suburbia" shots. I was visiting a friend and she used her wii to get on the 'net and view my blog, and she saw your blog on my list so we looked at your pics on a big screen. We read some of your stories out loud too. Enjoy your day.

    SnowDay (Jeanne-Marie)

  8. I think that is so true. You can use your writing to channel the anger and stress. That's why I started journaling when I was getting a divorce. It helped tremendously. I ran across one the those books not long ago and cringed when I read it though. Who was that person? I threw it out.

  9. Snow: Thanks for stopping by.

    Glad you were able to enjoy the pics. I think they'll be accomopanied by some of the best non-fiction I'll every write.

    Lynn: I don't think I'll be throwing any of mine out. However, I am very surprised on how decent the writing is coming out. Haven't wrote angry in quite a few years, so this should be interesting, no matter how it turns out.

  10. i sorry yoo gots so stressed and mad. wen i feling a littel down i lieks to write too. liek my jannie says, it is very kathartik to get yor feelings out.



    blue bunny.

  11. I hope your writing does give you the avenue to release that stress and anger. Hope you're doing okay.

  12. Kelly: Thanks.

    I'm starting to do much better now. Time eventually does makes things better, but man oh man does the intial hit hurt.

    Blue Bunny:


    Love your knew avatar!

    Sometimes the worst often brings out the best, be it writing or be it music.


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