Sunday, July 18, 2010

Newington Center....And Beyond! (5)

And now, the final installment of Newington Center....And Beyond!

Tune in next week when we present for your viewing pleasure, "Flora, Fauna and Aminals"


  1. I love these! Your daughter is adorable. And I think you and I are the last two people on earth who come to a complete stop at stop signs...

  2. Thanks.

    She came home from this competition with a high gold medal for her solo performance.

    I think we are. I always come to a complete stop, only because on one particularly brutal morning, I got busted by a cop who said, "You know, I could ticket you for going through five consecutive stop signs. But I'm being nice today and will give you a ticket for going through just one."

  3. Great pics, thanks for sharing your slice of suburbia.

  4. More than welcome.

    My slice of suburbia is always changing and it often makes for an interesting subject.

  5. Thanks.

    Always try to have fun while doing them.


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