Monday, July 19, 2010

Apparently, A 38 Doesn't Fit

A good friend of mine, who is doing me the ginormous favor of giving Line 21 a good first read through, pointed out what could be a major problem with my character.

It seems that the size I gave my main character, a 38C, is a bit too large for what she's wearing cough, cough at the beach. My friend was blunt enough to say that from personal experience this is quite the impossible feat.


This brings up a rather troublesome point, in that in order to make this character less freaky/unrealistic, I would have to tweak about one quarter to one third of the novel.


In order to fix this troublesome point to the best of my ability, I need an answer to a rather personal question. The kind of personal question that if one was to ask face to face, one would get one's face slapped. Or in my case, either my first name or last name uttered with the requiste jaw dropping by the offended party. Then I would get my face slapped. Or my very bald-razor-burned-and severly-nicked head slapped.

However, since this is blog land, I feel confident enough to ask the question without getting my face slapped. More importantly, I feel confident in my readers to give me their honest opinion/answer to my question. I also expect them to have a little fun in the process.

1} What do you say is the best size for a woman to comfortably wear a bikini? Please keep in mind what the current synopsis is, which can be found on the link up above, as you formulate an answer.

Like I said, you can have fun with this question, just don't go hog wild in the process.

And in case you're wondering about my preference, the post title says it all.

Just not realistically.


  1. Doesn't that depend on how tall she is? haha

  2. So, I disagree with your friend, who obviously has good taste. I've seen a lot larger in bikinis. What it looks like depends on the woman cause it doesn't always look...good.

  3. Well... 38 would be referring to the band size which has nothing to do necessarily with the size of her breasts. 38 is larger... so someone who wears a 38 band size could potentially be a bit bigger everywhere else and perhaps wouldn't wear a bikini.... or at least not an itsy bitsy teeny weeny one. If your character is meant to be quite slender she'd probably wear a 34, if she is average, athletic, or curvy a 36 would be good. As for the cup size... any cup size can wear a bikini! C is perfectly fine...
    That's my input anyway.... (I didn't click on the link, though, sorry)

  4. LOLOLSNORT, never. Honestly, the only point to wearing one is to tan more of your exposed body or to attract attention for your body.
    Do you know what happens to a bikini when you try to body surf in waves? More than likely you are going to find your top in a strange place with the girls exposed.
    Unless the pool is a nice 85 degrees or up in temperature, when you dive in you are going to be one large goosebump.
    In this day and age with warnings about excessive sun exposure, skin cancer isn't sexy.
    Now, what about old guys in speedo's? eeeeecccccccckkkkkk

  5. I'm at a total loss myself. I'll ask my wife.

  6. From personal experience, I would say anything over a B cup or size 34 wouldn't be, say, stable in a bikini. And unless you're completely flat, don't ever try to dive into a pool wearing one and expect it to stay on!

    Glad someone prefers what I have! My dad told me, "You're so thin now that people are going to assume you have implants." I thought that was rather weird!

  7. Bearman: Absolutely!

    However, my preference for height (for my female characters) to be at least three inches taller than me. Since I'm 5'7", that would make everyone at least 5'10".

    Pamela: I've seen about the size of the post title in a bikini as well. At least, I think it was that size. Kind of hard to judge without...staring.

    It is difficult to write a character without having it turn out to be so freaky.

    E.O.M: Thanks for clarification. Believe it or not, I truly did not know the difference between cup sizes beyond A & B. I think that a 36 would work better, but the issue of using a 38 is a sticky one....because the synopsis of the story is about a woman who owes money to a loan shark gets involved with the adult movie industry.

    Bea: Honestly, I don't think that a typical bikini was designed for anything beyond styling and profiling.

    Speedos are just plain nasty no matter what the age.

    Charles: You mean I actually got you stumped on something? I should brag about this on FB. :D

    R.K.: I think from the perspective of this book, this person is definitely not wearing it for any kind of hardcore swimming. But I will definitely give the cup size some thought.

    That is kind of weird, especially since that can give someone a visual that maybe should be better left unexplored. :D

  8. Why do her breasts matter so much? Boobs come in ALL sizes imaginable. I say concentrate more on her character and what she does in the story to either be liked or hated and how she advances your plot.

    My 2 cents worth!


  9. Jannie: Normally, boob size doesn't matter, but for this story, it's essential.

    In adult movies, size really does matter. And for this person, size is a key component of not only her character but for a major scene at the end as well.

    Its a good two cents though.

  10. David: Oh c'mon, venture a guess. :D

    In all seriousness though, I am trying to make my characters (at least the females) as realistic as possible without turning them into some kind of geek's fantasy babe.

    Although the book does take place in the adult movie industry, I do want it to make it as human as possible as well.

  11. Exactly what Extra Ordinary Me said!

  12. Mama Z: Ooooooooooooookay.

    Wow, I really thought I would get some far out comments about this.

    In any event, I appreciate both the input and the enlightenment about the various sizes that women are.


    Honest and for true.

  13. Make her a 34. If she's a 34 she can be any cup size and be comfortable. I was a 34 D and wore bikinis. In the land of the 36 though, that ain't happening.

  14. Libby: 34 eh?

    I'm kinda between a (soft) rock and (none-too) hard place with this one.

    About the only thing I've been able to determine is that 38 won't cut it.

    I will have to give this a lot of thought, which should be an interesting internal debate for the next week or so.

  15. Bwwwwwwaaaaaaaaa! This made me smile it made me laugh and it made me ponder the question. All the while thinking "I don't believe it." I'm with R.K. but judging from what you see on the beaches these days I suppose it doesn't really matter if the female in question is going 'for show' and not water activity.
    RYC: lol Love it! thanks George!

  16. Jeanne: Glad I got you to smile.

    Most definitely the female in question is going for show in this particular scene. She does do a little bit of swimming, but does it topless.

    Otherwise the bikini (which I described as a leopard print with fringes, I think), is purely ornamental.

    Gave her a small buttefly tat as well, but that is a whole different story as well.

    And you're more than welcome for the comment over there.

  17. I thought exactly what Jannie said, but since it is important to your story - I would say that any size will fit in a bikini. You could always go by the mall and have a look. :)

  18. Lynn: Good suggestion, but I have problems in trying to implement without getting into trouble, so to speak. :D

  19. Those movies are all fantasies anyway so frankly I think she can be as big as your imagination wants them to be:)

  20. Jane: My imagination can go hog wild at times, but I'm really trying to rein it in for this particular book.

    Although, the content can be tweaked to be like a movie fantasy just the same. :D


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