Sunday, August 22, 2010

Flora, Fauna & Aminals (4) & A Question & An Announcement

A three-fer post today.

Part one is the last installment of Flora, Fauna & Aminals. Next week will start up a new batch of photos, of which the working title is "Aminals and Places".

Part two is just a bit more complex.

At work, I have developed the annoying habit of chipping in my twenty five cents two almost any conversation that doesn't directly involve me. Yes, I know its wrong, and yes, I have gotten into a bit of trouble with it (special one on one meetings with my supervisor over the years, doncha know), but unfortunately I'm having a tough time in keeping my mouth shut. When you work in any kind of business that requires you to be on your guard (like the guv'ment) at all times, you sometime have a tendency to launch preemptive strikes to cover your ass.

Anywho, I've gotten tagged with that ever popular, ever tiresome sitcom/variety show cliche insult of "Peanut Gallery". Now since I'm quite fond of embracing insults that are thrown my way (hack, purveyor of animal porn, baby gooey) and making them my own thus turning the tables on the insulter, I decided over the weekend to embrace this one and make it my own.

Problem is, I've spent the past year cultivating and growing my current moniker into something that I can be proud of. That's where you good people come in. Because I never like changing anything on this blog without first soliciting the opinions of people who would be most affected by it, I decided to solicit everyone's opinion on this issue.

If you check out the front page of this blog (and if you're a subscriber, you'll have to click through to see it), you will see plastered in the upper left corner, a brief poll question asking everyone on whether I should change my moniker to "Peanut Gallery" or keep it as "G".

It will be there for about a week, and I would greatly appreciate if you could take a few seconds and vote for your preference. Whatever the end result may turn out to be, that end result I will honor.

Part three is due to an unchecked ego.

Yesterday, August 21st 2010, I decided to create blog #5. Unlike this blog, Shooting Suburbia and my recently closed Flashing Georgie's Shorts, this new blog will not feature fresh content on any kind of regular basis. Sort of like my book blog, eh?

Instead, Partially Yours will feature random slices from my vast library of the written word. In other words, if I need to show you some examples of the raunchy crap that I churned out for my "Don't Write Like This" series of bad writing, or examples of what I'm currently churning out in conjuction with the various updates on my various W.i.P.'s, you'll find them there.

And just like FSG, Partially Yours will have that special page in front of it as well.

So let me be the first to introduce to you, my very first junk blog, Partially Yours.


  1. Well, I voted, FOR G, and it did it's little flash thing but it says no votes. :( I hope it did record it somewhere and it's up to you to post the results for us to see.

  2. Bea: Yes it did record your vote, and thanks for taking the time to do so.

    Talon: Thanks. For the moment, I'm waffling between both names. As I said in the post, I'm quite fond of taking insults and turning them into nicknames for myself.

  3. that is funny. 2 people commented before me but only one of them voted.

  4. Actually there were two votes prior to your vote (I assuming you voted) and I don't vote for myself. Well, I could vote for myself, but why stuff the ballot box?

  5. I'll always think of you as G, too!

  6. Wow- do I have lots of catching up to do...!

  7. Snaggle: Just a teeny bit.


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