Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Masses Have Spoken!

Well, only eight people have spoken. The votes were made and tallied, and the end result is that everyone prefers the current persona known as G, over the potential persona called Peanut Gallery.

Thus, G I will be. At least on Blogger that is.

Since I read/follow about four or five WordPress blogs, I thought I would try out the Peanut Gallery moniker on them, although I'm not too confident that it will take off.

The good thing (or bad, depending on how you want to look at it) about having a particular persona/name connected to you in the Cyber World is that once you've nurtured and raised that bad boy from a pup to full grown adulthood, it's downright impossible to be called anything else.

Hope you're having a rockin' Saturday. I know I'm gonna try, although having one member of the family around is definitely putting a crimp in my ability to decompress from the rigours of being around the family for the week.


  1. As long as it isn't "Peanute' Gallery"

  2. Bearman: I think you lost me on the one. I'm gonna have to think about that for a bit.

  3. I get called quite a few different names anyway, all based on the same theme. Joey, Joe, Cool Joe, LL Cool Joe, Mr Cool etc.

    Could you change Cedar's Mountain to Peanut Gallery, or is that what were thinking of doing? I've been out the loop for a while

  4. I've once again fallen behind on my blog reading so sorry for not participating in the great debate.

  5. I'm glad you shall remain G :)

    Hope you are managing to have a rockin' weekend, too, G!

  6. Joe: Actually, I was looking to change my name from "G" to "Peanut Gallery". Been getting into a wee bit of trouble at work by throwing my two cents in when not needed, so I thought I would change my moniker to that. I just did a survey because I want to solicit everyone's opinion about the potential name change. Won't ever change the name of the blog though. Fastest way I know to lose readers.

    Travis: That's okay big guy, I know and understand the reasoning as to why. I was looking to change my persona name, but since I respect my readers, I wanted to get their opinion before actually doing it.

    Talon: Thanks. The weekend is going okay. I'm hoping to enjoy a little bit of the sun today as an unforeseen errand cropped up to wreck havoc on my intended plans for the day.

  7. How did I miss this vote? :) I like G anyhow.

  8. R: Because you were probably spending the past few days snoozing out like my cat does so as to recharge the batteries.

    Besides, most everyone voted for "G" anyways. :D

  9. Did I vote? I like peanut galleries pretty well!

  10. Charles: I'm not sure. It never says who voted for what, only that someone voted.

    I do like "Peanut Gallery" tho, but I'll guess I'll have to find another way of using it.

  11. Mighty...mighty...mighty Dog!!

    Oh wait, that's dog food. :D


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