Sunday, August 29, 2010

Places & Aminals (1)

Problem: How to properly introduce the latest episode of Shooting Suburbia without sounding 1} dopey, 2} lame, 3} dopey and lame, or 4} becoming fluent in Ebonics (which according to the Oakland, California Educational System, is a valid English language).

Solution: Wow everyone with a bucolic picture of the Pennsylvania (or was it Ohio?) countryside.

Nah, it was the Pennsylvania countryside, behind one of the rest areas, late August 2008 while driving to Indiana on the last real vacation experienced by the wife and I.


  1. Well, I like it but then it looks like territory around here. I like the contrast of the tree shadows with the grass. :)Bea

  2. YOu don't want to become fluent in Ebonics? C'mon it could be fun!

    Great pic!

  3. I love countryside photos. Even the sight relaxes me.

  4. Bea: The one thing that stood out during that vacation was the amazing view of the countryside behind the rest areas. Some of the stuff was simply amazing, and some of the shots I've used as headers for the blog.

    T1G: Sorry, I get enough Ebonic flavored English at work from a few of my co-workers. I certainly don't want to become exposed any more than I want to.

    And thanks.

    Charles: Me too. It was a very relaxing trip through the bottom of Pennsylvania, the lower Ohio valley and the middle of Indiana. Being from the east coast where the scenery from the highway was, shall we say, heavily industrialized, going through that part of the States certainly was a breath of fresh air.

  5. I travel through the Pennsylvania countryside many times a year and it is indeed beautiful.

  6. David: I absolutely agree. I may not like the Pennsylvania Turnpike (will not make that mistake again), but the scenery is fantastic. I've travled through all three parts and I find the upper part with the Adirondacks is the best by far.

  7. It has been years since I traveled through the PA countryside. It is serene and breathtaking.

  8. Kelly: Very much so. Being from New England where most of that scenery is commonplace once you get out of the 'burbs, the Dutch countryside was definitely like traveling at home.


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