Monday, September 13, 2010

An Epiphany Killed.... week before it even had a chance to be pleasurably experienced.

Which of course makes no sense, but hopefully by the end of the post, it will. With apologies having been offered and accepted by the people who really matter in my little circle of fun, I now begin at the end.

1} Last Thursday (9/9), I had to apologize to a very dear friend of mine because a mealy mouthed former mutual friend of ours made an attempt at dragging her name through the mud and muck that was my very personal beef with this mealy mouthed cretinous yahoo.

Brief synopsis: I have been stalked and trolled for the better part of two years in the chat rooms and finally decided enough was enough. Going into Labor day weekend, I received a positive response to an inquiry and I proceeded to shove it down her throat. How? One, I called her out with the information I gleaned and two, I recapped in great detail the good, the bad and the very ugly history between us since 2007. In public. In the chat rooms. And would you believe that she didn't like receiving a dose of what she and everyone else had been giving me? Go figure.

2} On Monday (Labor Day) I experience the epiphany that killed my week before I had a chance to experience it. For better or worse, I'm a research nut. I love researching things. I love solving logic problems. Long story short, after getting blown off by someone on their status update, I got to thinking about that particular someone and her current 'tude towards me. Even started writing a blog post about it while I was killing the morning/early afternoon downtown. However, the further along I got to writing this, the more that a certain puzzle from a year and a half ago started coming together. Brief synopsis: I was trolled very hard from fall '08 thru spring '10 by someone who had a rather intimate knowledge of me as a person. Long story short, through the amazing process of recalling old minutia, I was able to figure out with a 97% degree of certainty who it was that trolled me. Partial end result is that this person is now an ex-FB friend (and an ex-friend to boot as well). Other partial end result is that I'm one hurtin' puppy dog.

3} However, the week did start off with a bang. I had a very nice and very long chat with my friend about my latest book project and she gave me some valuable insight and critique about the book itself, which I will try to put to good use...once I find the courage to ask one more question of her again.

4} Now to be honest, the last time I asked one more question, I ended up for all intents and purposes, inserting both feet into my mouth, which as most of my male readers know, is wickedly easy to do. Tuesday, our work day was pretty much shot to tiny little pieces as I spent the bulk of it trying to figure out how best to deliver a genuine mea culpa without making it sound like it wasn't my fault, which most of my male readers know, is wickedly hard to do. Because in all honesty, it really was my fault with what happened and I should've known better than to say what I said when I said it.

The summation: The week started on a high note, then I stepped into an elevator shaft and took the express down to the basement, where I was scraped up with a spatula and dumped into a 7" by 10" mail envelope.

The verdict: ?


  1. Sorry you had such a bad week, G! Last week wasn't a very good one for me, either -- here's hoping this one is better! (Although I have to admit I'm a bit wary about today being Monday the 13th... seems much more sinister than Friday the 13th, if you ask me... :))

  2. I'm laughing myself silly after that last paragraph. I think that image will stay with me for a bit. lololsnort I have never been interested in the chat rooms. I can't keep that many conversations straight, at one time. I'm sorry that you had such a bad weekend and I really hope that all of this silliness is behind you. Remember that this kind of stuff takes ENERGY away from you. Creative energy that YOU need to be putting towards your writing. Did you have a good response to people signing up for the blog? :)Bea

  3. It can really be hard to keep the old mouth shut when it should be shut. I imagine we've all been there. I recall a time or two.

  4. I hope your week gets better, G, and you are out of the envelope by now.

  5. Dear puppy dog, I have to make sure to use the phrase "mealy mouthed cretinous yahoo" more often! Ask away about the novel questions. :)

    Hope this week is much, much better!

  6. Lisa: Thanks...I usually don't get this kind of intense piling on, but when it does happen, sometimes I just have to circle the wagons for a little bit and regroup.

    Bea: I think that for the most part it is. I did what I needed to do in FB as well as the chat rooms, so that's taken care of.

    I've only had two people so far. But I'll probably do another call on the day I reopen it just the same.

    Lynn: Hopefully, but we shall see what this week brings.

    Charles: Man, last week continued today when I again opened my mouth in front of certain other people and made my supervisor just a little miffed with me.

    R: It's funny, but I pulled "mealy mouth" from a Steve Martin routine and "cretinous yahoo" from MASH to create a brand new phrase.

    And yesterday, you answered my question before I was able to ask it.


  7. Wow, it sounds like junior high all over again.

  8. S.R.: Howdy!

    Yeah, to a certain degree it does, but the stakes are much higher than they ever were in junior high.

    Jobs. Family. Finances. You name, people will dig around to find and use the info for whatever means necessary.

    I have a friend who had to pull a YouTube of his daughter because someone who was trolling him left dozens upon dozens of sexually explicit comments about his daughter on the video link.

  9. Sometimes I'm really oversensitive to people perceived as screaming at me at work- which ruins whole days of my life... making me very moody.
    Sounds like you may be alot more sensitive than this other person. Hope it all blows over soon- I'm about to read the above, btw-

  10. Snaggle: It took me quite a while to pry myself away from chat rooms, simply because I didn't want to abandon some of the friends I made there. However, most of them have now relocated to FB, so it makes it a helluva lot more easier to step away.

    I'm sure that there'll be some residual fallout, but since none of the people involved don't like coming to the blogs and dealing with me on my terms, I don't think that I'll have any problems in the future.

  11. I'm glad that you're out of the basement :)

  12. I'm glad I'm out there too. Rather deal with the adults in the blog world and Facebook than deal with the toddlers in the chat rooms.


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