Sunday, September 12, 2010




In spite of the seemingly upbeat attitude displayed by me last week, I really didn't have that good of a week.

Case in point is this week's post at Shooting Suburbia. I had so much on my mind (was not work or family related) last week that I was motivated to put in only the most minimal of effort for my blog. Thus one picture.

Opening salvo of a rather funky week here at Cedar's Mountain. Will it get better? We shall soon see what the gods on Mount Olympus has in store for us.

If today's picture doesn't do it for ya, then this video from Sevendust should do the trick. From the CD Seasons, here is "Enemy" (warning, this is the studio version which contains objectionable language). The clean version features Joani Laurer who was known in the WWF/WWE as Chyna during the 90's.


  1. Hope this week is better! Don't you love it when pseudo celebrities think their "talent" is transferable to acting/singing/etc?

  2. Actually if you do professional wrestling, you have to be able to act to a certain degree to make it believable (microphone skills, being able to convincinly get over a particular story line, semi-fake fighting like a stuntman, etc). Except for Hulk Hogan, quite a few wrestlers have made a decent transition to the silver screen and the small screen as well.

    For the most part though, certain celebs can't act or sing. If you want bad acting, check out an old episode from the show "Emergency!" that features Mark Spitz. The worst acting imaginable. Even worse than those movies from the early 80's that were made with Playboy Playmates.


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