Sunday, October 31, 2010


Sometimes, it just don't pay to turn on the computer, log in your password, bring up a blank screen, click on the stupid E icon on your screen, click on an addy in your drop down bar, enter another word, enter yet another word, click on a link, and after formatting, bring up a blank screen and then spend the next fifteen minutes scratching your head, your ears, your neck, do your best impersonation of Al Bundy, scratch your head again, rub your eyes, slap your face, rub your eyes again, scratch your chin, and scratch your nose.

All in an attempt, futile or otherwise, to hatch an idea and write something on the fly for your blog (what did you think I was talking about? Spanking the monkey? Being master of my domain? Please, get your mind out of the gutter).

Anyways, over at Shooting Suburbia is a brand new series called "Furlough Weekend". At the other blog, well, nothing new to report as I wasn't motivated to stick up the next part of my short story. Might get to it later in the week, I don't know.

A preview of the upcoming week is once again in order.

For Monday, a music post that is the exact opposite of the previous Monday's post. You have been warned.

For Wednesday, I really couldn't get motivated to chop myself down to size with another post about Shades Of Love, so instead, I thought I would talk about how to take something from your day-to-day activities and work it into your writing. Or at least try to work it into your writing, because as you know, I love to challenge myself when I write.

For Friday, well, haven't got anything planned as of yet. I might throw an e-mail up (whoops, big ol' mess on the computer there...ewwwww), or I might pilfer a topic from behind the scenes (yes! yes! yes! oh baby, right there!), or I might make a observational post for a refreshing change of pace (oh. my. god. it's huge!)

As for a topic of discussion, well, unlike last week when I made a comment about funeral processions, this time I really don't have anything for a topic of discussion because nothing really happened to me yesterday. Except giving someone the finger because they didn't want to wait for me to finish crossing the street, but that's a given every weekend.

In any event, Happy Halloweenie!


  1. hahahaha on the finger comment. I know what you mean. It's this automatic reaction when faced with idiocy while on the roadways(driving or walking).

  2. Jeanne: I find its more effective while walking because quite often I'll pause in the middle of the crosswalk to deliver my opinion, which in turn forces the other drivers to pay attention.

    Bearman: Thanks. Had it stashed on the household computer. Got lots more them to share. :D

  3. the coming week is gonna be hell for me. Preregistration time.

  4. Charles: That certainly does bite.

    Probably the one thing my dad absolutely hated was registration no matter what time of the year and administering the math placement test.

    Be glad you don't have to administer an exam like that.

  5. So you didn't scratch your butt then?

    Sounds like an action packed week ahead of you then?

  6. Joe: Darn, I knew I forgot to do something yesterday.

    Yeah, a little action packed week ahead of me, especially since payday is this week.


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