Monday, November 1, 2010

Loud, I Wanna Hear It Loud!

Warning: The links involved with this post might be offensive to you. Viewer discretion is strongly advised.

Let's face it folks, from time to time, we can get into that particular frame of min where we don't want to listen to any kind of music that makes us feel happy or picks us up. Instead, we want music that gives us a perverse sense of pleasure. You know the kind of music that I'm talking about: pain, suffering or someone saying, "F you to your rules."

Today's post will be the exact opposite of last week's music oriented post, in that I will list a few of my faves that I really enjoy listening to whenever I'm in that particular frame of mind (like I was last week for example). And except for one glaring example, most will be rock oriented.

1} All Out Of Love by Air Supply. I first discovered this one back in '79 while I was in the throes of my first (and only) love crush rejection. Can't really describe how the whininess of love lost resonated with me, but from time to time over the next three decades, I would pull this song out whenever I was feeling like crap in my love life. Factoid: Last 8 track I ever bought was of this album.

2} Love Stinks by J. Geils. Do I really need to explain why this song is soooooooooooooooo popular on Valentine's Day? Or for any other day whenever we get rejected and dumped by our significant other? I didn't think so.

3} Killing In The Name Of by Rage Against The Machine. While this song is not listed on the c.d., it is a kick ass song. Forget about the clean version that's played on the radio, as in order to fully appreciate the blatant disregard for other people and the unfiltered anger, you have to listen to the original version. The cover art for this c.d. is very disturbing (probably makes my top five last of artwork that strikes a nerve for all the wrong reasons) and most the songs jibe with the artwork. The only political band that makes look like a moderate that I will actually listen to on a consistent basis.

4} Bodies by Drowning Pool. Nothing says "take no prisoners" like a song that was briefly banned from the airways in the months after 9/11.

5} Hey Man Nice Shot by Filter. A song about a public suicide on television is about as disturbing as one could possibly get.

6} I Fought The Law by The Dead Kennedys. Of course, a song about a double homicide and the "Twinkie" defense comes a close second.

7} Anarchy In The U.K. by The Sex Pistols. Gotta throw in one of my favorite old time punk songs into the mix. Even though I got hooked into the Pistols way late (like the late 80's), it's still the best music to listen to when I'm in a crappy mood.

8} I Don't Like Mondays by The Boomtown Rats. I'm not sure why but songs about murder tend to stay with me a heckuva lot longer than most other songs, and this one was no exception.

9} The Rodeo Song by Garry Lee and Showdown. I'm not sure how many of you are familiar with this song, but this song is great if you got that "I-don't-give-a-shit" attitude but don't want the heaviness of song #3.

10} Jesus Built My Hotrod by Ministry. I first heard this one on the radio around '92 or so, and I found it as a cassette single later that year. A kick ass car song that has one of the best spoken word openings that you'll find on a hard rock song. Note: this particular link clocks in at eight minutes.

And finally....

11} Black Betty by Ram Jam. Why this particular song from a band whose founder played in a 60's bubblegum pop group? I listen to this song, then I think of all the myopically misguided protests that sprang up that put pressure on radio stations not to play the song because it was racist, then I think about the fact that this song was written by a black convict in the 1930's called "Ledbelly", whose music was featured on the Smithsonian's Folk Music series...which of course makes me angry all over again.

For better or worse, this is but a sample of some of the music I enjoy listening to when I have black clouds of doom hanging 'round my head.

How 'bout you? What do you listen to when in you're in an unhappy mood?


  1. I know 1, 2, 3, 8 and 11. I'm at work, so it doesn't seem advisable to play songs I don't know out loud.

    I listen to classical when I feel the need to be uplifted. So that's a lot during my work week. :)

  2. A few Tom Petty songs come to mind, I Won't Back Down, or Don't Come Around Here No More. A little bit of The Doors maybe, just for the attitude alone.

  3. Dude, I like almost all of these. well, except for Air supply. I didn't think we had any musical tastes in common, but Hey man Nice shot and black Betty and Jesus built my hotroad are particularly awesome.

  4. Lynn: It's always a good thing never to play unknown music at work. Best way I know of to stay out of trouble, or get into trouble.

    I figure most people would've heard of Air Supply simply because it was the type of pop music that you really couldn't hide from.

    I don't listen much to classical anymore simply because I've been corrupted by listening to Loony Tune versions of it.

    Joanne: Tom Petty is good, I like his song "Yer So Bad". And the Doors are an excellent choice as well. I think I got a live Doors album floating around in my record collection somewhere and it was definitely dark in a few places.

    Charles: My musical tastes touch the entire spectrum, so I was bound to come up with something we both would like. :D

    The song by Filter had a bit a controversy when it came out because a lot people thought it was about Kurt Cobain. The ministry one I like because it was kick ass song. The longer cassette version is my preference over the c.d. version.

    Black Betty I've always liked, although I'm partial to this one as opposed to the one by Spiderbait.

  5. R: Veruca Salt??

    Oh. My. God.

    You are dating yourself. :D

  6. I like your list, G. There are some of my go-to songs on your list...and then I have my sad songs...the ones you need to celebrate wallowing in a sea of Johnny Cash's "Hurt", Roy Orbison, "Crying", Jann Arden's, "When I Cry" and Melissa Manchester's, "Midnight Blue" and R.E.M.'s, "Everybody Hurts" and Coldplay's "Trouble" and their "The Scientist". Reviewing my mini list, I'm realizing how my bizarre taste in music really is :)

    When I'm ready to get over the sad, I put on Nick Drake's "Pink Moon" which someone takes me out of myself and puts me in a better place.

  7. Talon: Interesting list of songs that you have for when you're feeling blue.

    I'm pretty sure I did a list similar to that in February '10, but I can definitely understand the need to have those kind of songs around.

    Personally, I like to listen to old time children's music if I just want to get away from the realities of today and go back to when life was much simpler.

    And bizarre is always good. With me, considering what I grew up on, I cover the entire spectrum of 60's folk, 60's/70's country, 50's-70's pop and the entire run of rock and everything else.

    So I wouldn't its bizarre, I would say it's downright normal. :D

  8. When I'm angry, I always like to vent my spleen by jamming some early Metallica.

    When I'm just pleasantly melancholy, I prefer Floyd's Dark Side Of The Moon.

    Like you, I tend to listen to music that complements my mood, not change it.

  9. Great list...along with the rodeo song (a definite personal fave, i still have the 45rpm) i would add "Life Sucks and Then You Die" by the fools!
    System of a Down is also a pretty sweet band to listen to when you are pissed off...LOL

  10. Gumby: Early Metallica is good, not so much Pink Floyd. They're good for me only when I want to do some serious thinking.

    Still, I can think of a few bands that I love making the paint peel inside my brain listening to.

    Kim: I got the "Rodeo" song on a 45 (friend turned me on to it) as well. "Life sucks" is a goody as a old morning rock show I used to listen to played it as their Monday morning anthem.

    I had some System of A Down but unfortunately, son took it and destroyed it.

  11. love Black Betty - it always gets me dancing

  12. Nurse Myra: I love Black Betty myself, no matter which version I listen to (Ram Jam or Spiderbait), simply because I find its the ultimate air guitar/air drum song to play to.

  13. The Rolling Stones seem to work for me when I'm not in the happiest of moods. I also think The Doors works for me on those days. Interesting list G.

  14. Kelly: The Doors can definitely be a little black when the mood calls for it. Can't really say the same about the Stones, but to each their own.


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