Friday, October 22, 2010


Sometimes when I have an ungodly amount of brain atrophy, I like to exercise it by thinking of the strangest things.

For instance, when I was writing the post The Eternal Dream, the second most difficult part in writing it was the beginning (the most difficult part was the actual content itself). I wanted to start it off with a quote from a love song but I really didn't want it to be misinterpreted the wrong way.

Note: my definition of a love song encompasses not only the power ballad but also any song that covers the emotion of love from both points of view.

I settled on a song from a 70's collaboration of Roger McGuinn, Gene Clark & Chris Hillman called, "I'm Feeling Higher". If you like that late 60's/early 70's California Country Rock sound featuring the Byrds, Buffalo Springfield and their various offshoots, then this album is for you. After settling on the song, I spent several minutes listening to the song on c.d to make sure I got the chorus break (I burned it, so I don't know if it ever got reissued on c.d. to begin with).

However, after getting the break and studying it for a few minutes, I realized that while the break would've been perfect for the post if I was writing an ode for my wife, it would not be for the post that I was intending to write. So I whittled it down to two choices, presented it to my friend and the rest as they say, is history.

Another for instance: while I was driving in to work this morning (or rather, Tuesday morning, which is when this was original composed), I thought about how I would interview for a promotional position. So for my entire morning commute, I interviewed myself. I asked myself questions I thought the interview panel would ask of me and I gave thoughtful and detailed answers to each one.

And finally, in addition to thinking about those random tidbits, I also thought about the various people that I crossed paths with on a daily/weekly basis, and I came up with this short piece of fiction.



  1. Your mind sounds as strange as mine!

    Have a great weekend and try not to think too hard. :D

  2. I'm actually trying to exercise my brain a bit and do things differently... like use my left hand for things. But I got that from a Kaiser radio commercial, you are more creative!

  3. Joe: This is the end result of being too super efficient at work. I wind up thinking about very odd things.

    You have a great one as well, and I can already feel my brain starting to shut key components off. :D

    T1G: Thanks.

    I often let my brain wander around at work and what not, simply because I have a fantastic view of the city.

  4. You are a marvel at setting the scene and then popping in with the completely unexpected. Rarely do writers take me by surprise, but you do consistently. (That's a good thing.)

  5. Interviewing the self sounds like a fun n entertaining excercise, especially if your answers surprize yourself!

    There's folks at work who are constantly asking me personal questions- Which drives me nuts!
    "How are your kids?" Whom they've never met...
    Tell me I'm not tempted to make something up...

    Fiction reading another day- out of time again!

  6. R: Thanks for the heartfelt compliment. It's very nice to hear that I'm doing another thing right with my writing (at least I'm growing in the proper directions with it).

    Always love putting swerves in, but I'm getting betting at having them make sense.

    Snaggle: I've had a somewhat volatile history working for the state and trying to adequately answer a couple of key questions during my interviews (why did I leave my previous angency and explain your current duties) that have always cause me great difficulty in answering.

    So this was the best idea I could come up with.

  7. I have the opposite problem: sometimes I can't stop thinking after a long day of problem-solving at work. I just found a better solution than TV: watch the Sea Monkeys swim around for a while. They're mesmerizing.

  8. SR: That's a pretty good solution. Usually when I watch t.v., my pet cat comes up to me for some quality time and I often find myself not really watching t.v. but more like observing without having it register.

  9. Always good to ask ourselves about what we do & why, not ONLY for potential interviews, but for more successful shmoozing (when such opportunities arise!)

  10. Lana: So very true. I practiced not only because I had to think of answers to potentially tricky questions, but also because I truly suck at job interviews.

  11. It's amazing to think of what we find in our minds if we start putting together some of those random pieces :) Great post G.

  12. Kelly: I think I would be scared to death if I was able to put all of the pieces together that were floating around in this brain of mine.


  13. I need to start thinking about what I'm going to say during my interview (when I finally get one) as well. Good idea.

  14. Hi.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. To answer your question those shots were taken right in Glastonbury. I was walking my new dog. You'll meet her soon in my blog.

    I see you are still busy, busy, busy! How was the foliage on Cedar Mtn.?

  15. Jen: Thanks for stopping by to comment. Hope you become a regular visitor.

    Glad I could give you a good idea to play with. I decided to do it because, frankly, I'm tired of being what I am and I need to do something that allows me to grow.

    Snow: Those were very nice shots. And I'm very glad to hear that you got yourself a new canine companion.

    The mountain is about 60% in Autumnal bloom right now as well as a good chunk of Newington too.

    It's quite relaxing to say the least.


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