Sunday, October 24, 2010


Yeah, I'm struggling for a title to my weekly Sunday post, so let's get right down to the business at hand, shall we?

We shall.

And I promise not to go off on one of my legendary non-sequitors today.

Unless, of course, you want me to go off on one my legendary non-sequitors today.

But wait, if I do that, I can't promote what I got upcoming this week now can I? Nor can I properly promote the fact that yet another post is available for the select few who have access to Flashing Georgie's Shorts (and no, I'm not trying to be elitist here. If you want to read it, let me know in the comment section and I'll let you in).

I also won't be able to say that a new post is up at Shooting Suburbia either.

So I don't think that I'll go on one of my legendary non-sequitors today, and instead promote what I got upcoming this week. Or at least, try to anyways.

On Monday, I have a post about what kind of music I enjoy listening to in my old age nowadays (handwritten but not actually stuck on the blog yet).

On Wednesday, I'm toying with the idea of throwing up another piece of flash fiction, but I'll probably continue hoisting myself up by my own petard and call on Bob the Dinosaur to give me a turban wedgie as I write another post about my first horribly written self-pubbed book. Or, if anyone is interested, I can switch gears and write about my second self pubbed book, which isn't horribly written and actually makes sense. Or, I can write about something that is completely different yet related to the world of writing (It's Writing Wednesday after all).

As for Friday, I haven't gotten anything written yet, so if anyone wants to suggest something that they haven't seen here in a while, let me know and I'll do my best to write something about it.

In any event, please leave me either your thoughtful suggestions for Friday or your thoughtful choice for Wednesday in the comment section of this blog, because as you know, in spite of the old adage that the world does indeed revolve around me, I do enjoy talking about other things that don't directly involve me, but I'll be damned if I can come up with anything. Oh wait just thought of something.

FB status update posted late Saturday (10/23): Is your destination so important for you to get to that you have to honk your horn at me and attempt to drive around me, just so that you can cut through a funeral procession?


  1. Yikes, man, someone tried to pass you to drive through a funeral procession. People, man.

  2. Charles: It was a bit unreal to say the least. Myself, I waited until the last car went by before making my turn. Once I did, I stayed a respectful distance back and in the other lane (four lane road) until I was able to take an alternate route to go where I needed to go.

    Sad part is that I think that other person didn't want to sit through another light cycle waiting for the procession to go by.

  3. Wow. Talk about impatient. That's just amazing! It reminds me of the shock I felt when I first moved to NYC and cars wouldn't pull over for ambulances.

  4. R: It still amazes me whenever I see it here.

    I give a lot of respect to funeral processions and for the most part, so does everyone else.

    The longest time I ever spent at a traffic light for something like this was about ten minutes back in mid-September of this year. The local funeral home was sponsoring a "Remember our Children" day and they did a walk from the funeral home to the local cemetary. I believe there must have been about two or three hundred people participating in this walk that day.

  5. Write about three good things that happened to you. :) Just kidding.

    I was in a funeral procession on Friday morning (my uncle died) and someone did cut through it because they were in a hurry, I guess. :)

  6. Lynn: I'm lucky if I can come up with one good thing, let alone three. :D

    I think it's the height of crassness to cut through a funeral procession.

    I've never cut through a funeral procession. Not by driving and not by walking. I've even shown funeral processions respect while walking by taking off my hat as they drive on by.

  7. Impatient people are so very annoying! And it shows itself everyday..not just in driving either. But cutting off a funeral procession is just low.

    Umm, re: wednesday & friday...write about whatever you want. we'll read it. :)

  8. regarding the funeral thing...people have developed such a cult of disrespect, many people no longer even know the basic rules like lights on in a procession and not cutting through them. Sad but true.

    Meanwhile...non-sequitors rule and should always be part of the experience.

  9. That is just disgusting - cutting through a funeral procession. Never saw that and hope I never do.

    I'd love a flash fiction to read :)

  10. I like that you show respect for the dead like that. One worker at a construction site removed his hardhat and stopped working while we passed.

  11. Kim: You can get used to impatient people while driving (believe me, I work in our state capitol where rudeness is the norm), but being getting your panties in a bunch becaues you have to sit for a few extra light cycles for a funeral procession only shows just how shallow you really are.

    I know people will read most anything I throw up, but there are topics that I haven't touched in months/years on this blog, so I'm looking for a few good suggestions on what to write.

    Darth: It is a little unbelievable to say the least. The funeral home in our town is very popular due to its proximity to a few others, so quite often we'll get a procession starting there and heading out to another town.

    Not cutting through is something that I learned early on in my younger days, so it seems to be something that is lost among the current generation of flakes.

    Non-sequitors do indeed rule, so long as you keep them where they belong, for to do elsewhere may cause confusion for the masses.

    Talon: It is. It really isn't that hard to show a little respect. I mean, it's only a couple of minutes out your day, and you can spend that time in quiet contemplation of whatever it is that you're to accomplish.

    Flash is always good. Last piece I threw up everyone seemed to like.

    Lynn: Thanks. Its not that hard to do. Walking or driving, its just common courtesy.


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