Friday, November 5, 2010

But It Was Here A Minute Ago!

I found over the course of the past couple of years that people are non-conformists when it comes to the disposing of their personal property.

Take blogs for example.

I read a thoughtful post from a fellow blogger a few weeks ago in which she described the reasoning as to why she was cutting down on the amount of blogs she was reading, so a few days later, I decided to do the same thing.

So I started sifting through my bookmarks and my profile to see if they were any blogs I could pull the plug on, so to speak. Well, after checking about ten and after becoming a follower to a couple, I found about four out of what was left that I could pull the plug on. Unfortunately, those people did it for me.

I say "unfortunately" because even though those particular blogs weren't active for anywhere between a year to a year and a half, all but one of those bloggers were at one time active readers of my blog, so you know the old saying of tit for tat.

However, I did discover some unusual things about the way these bloggers decided to dispose of their blogs which I would like to share with you.

I had one blogger that used to follow me (and I her) in 2008, who managed to do what I thought was the most unique blog purge that I've ever seen.

What she did to her blog was to leave the addy up and the pictures on it, but completely purge the written content out of it. If you go to her now defunct blog, you'll see a little floating box that says all of the content has been removed. I did manage to explore a few of her remaining personal links and it looks like she also removed herself from the Etsy website as well. Her photography business is still going strong though, which I was able to find through an adieu post on another defunct blog of hers. So I guess this was more of a relocation that an outright disposal. So it now becomes one of the best relocation jobs I've seen in quite sometime.

Another blogger who moved from WordPress to Blogger, apparently got rid of his and sort of purged out his profile as well, so all that's left of him is his avatar and a few links to some dead blogs, which after doing a little poking around, found one that arose from the ashes and has a new home. So now I have yet another blog to my collection (makes about what, 90 I think).

Another blogger who happened to find me about this time last year via the BlogCatalog directory/website (see, that button was useful to me after all) went on hiatus sometime in early December '09. Then sometime this year, she purged her blog and made the addy available for use. Too bad because it was a pretty decent newbie writing blog.

Finally, there was one very strange political blog I found that was based in California. The blogger was involved with the public relations aspect of media communications and I guess his job was taking up all of his free time, so blogging was probably one of the first things to go. Even though the blog is still there, the content is not. Apparently he simply deleted each and every single post from his blog.

It's always sad when a blog that you enjoy reading goes to that big Cyber graveyard in the sky, because for just a little while, you were able to connect on a particular level with that blogger and with that blogger gone, it seems like a tiny little piece of you goes to that Cyber graveyard as well.

However, there is a silver lining here, as while I was writing this post and doing a little research in the process, I picked up a couple more blogs to read.

Life goes on and about all I can add is that I sincerely hope that those bloggers who needed to leave are still doing okay with themselves.


  1. I checked to make sure my blog was still on your list. :)

    Yes - I have that happen with blogs, too. I made two blog rolls - the ones that post regularly are at the top. I move blogs down to "links" at the bottom if they don't post often and just check now and then.

  2. I've noticed a trend in the past six months or so that the blogs in general seem to be quieting down. Less posts, less activity, some dropping off, that sort of thing. Have you noticed this too?

  3. It's interesting to me how many just go missing and we never hear from the person again. No final post or explanation. Just missing.

  4. I always wish that the blogs I love to read that suddenly decide to stop would actually just post a simple message. I end up worrying about blogs that have been left...abandoned on the cyber highway...did the blogger die? Get too busy? It would be great if they'd just give a head's up.

  5. How long do you think we can blog, G? Another year? Five? Ten? I wonder.

  6. So many of the blogs I used to read have come to a virtual stand-still for various reasons - although apparently most blogs only last a year anyway. I haven't really found any to replace those and then when I do they fade quickly. Maybe those that stay the course are actually more genuine writers than bloggers - I now find most of my readers are indeed "readers" and not "bloggers" which perhaps is not so much fun if you like comments and feedback. However, I started writing for my own amusement and I guess till that stops I'll keep on doing it:)

  7. I've had some blogging buddies just pull the plug on their blogs too. One told me, in an email that she just ran out of things to talk about. I'm still scratching my head about that. Run out? Is that even possible? Oh well, she will be missed. Some move on to other blogging services. I might too, one day if Blogger keeps acting up on me. Glad you are still here, though. :)Bea

  8. Lynn: Yours will always be on my profile list and my link list, no matter what. :D

    I do have a separate folder for blogs on hiatus and blogs that I read on the average about once a week, but for the most part, all save for one blog (about 110+) still are active and I still read.

    Joanne: Most of the blogs I read are quite active, although the few that have quieted down were thoughtful enough to give their readers a heads up as to why, (i.e. the economy or a new child in the family).

    I haven't found too many blogs that have faded away like you describe, simply because I don't go surfing as much anymore. Used to when I did surf, but not now.

    Charles: It can be incredibly irritating when that happens. I know I've touched on that in a previous post I think last year, and the blog that I mentioned in great detail in this post was a perfect example of not giving a explanation as to why.

    David: To be perfectly honest, I feel like I'm running on borrowed time myself. When I started in '08 never in my wildest dreams would I be looking at a 3rd year of blogging, but if I make to Memorial day, it will mark 3 years of blogging for me.

    So any time I can complete another week of blogging, I take that as a significant victory, because it means I still got something left in the old noggin here.

    Jane: I'm a little of the same way. A few of the blogs that had faded away my reading list, I haven't found an adequate replacement for. And like you, I started blogging for my own amusement, and also to avoid censorship issues. So long as I have at least one other ready besides myself, I'll keep on truckin'.

    Bea: Believe me, it's very natural to think about running out of things to talk about. Especially if you make a lot of posts. I know I'm about half a century behind you in posting, and over the course of this year, the very real thought of running out things to talk about and thus riding off into the sunset has entered this noggin of mine with a greater degree of frequency than I comfortable with.

  9. Bearman: Yup. I have a list. Multiple lists. Kind of anal about making lists and what not, but yup, I gots a list.

    And you're on two of them. :D

  10. I recall one of the first blog buddies I ever had, who encouraged me and gave me my first ever "award", at which I was over the moon with joy. He had a lot of commenters, and then one day he just clean disappeared. His last post collected desperate comments for months, from people begging him to post an update telling them that he was OK. I still don't know what happened to him, but the truth is, although I liked him online, I didn't lose any sleep over it.

  11. S.R: I remember one of the early blogs I used to follow. Hers was a fantastic read (even got chatised back in '08 during the presedential campaign for arguing with someone on it) and I originally found her through a humor blog by a now FB friend of mine from the UK. Sometime in 2009, her blog posts became more infrequent and then one day, she upped and closed it without warning.

    Like you, I didn't lose any sleep over it in the long run, but I was deeply disappointed that it closed without any warning.

  12. I actually "get" the one about running out of things to write about.

    Throughout the last 2k posts I have written comedy, politics, humor...while maintaining separate ones for poker, sports, Biblical stuff, song writing, and so forth...

    and at some point, there comes a day when I sit down to write, have a great idea (my forth coming (?) "Star Spangled Banner is secretly a Mafia piece" piece) and start typing but output...nothing.

    Not writers block...just a sense of...blah.

  13. Darth: I get what you're saying about "blah". I go through frequent bouts of "blah" and even though I have four blogs listed in my profile, only three are active and of those three, two need fresh content.

    I've been having a "blah" moment for the past few weeks where I sit down with a blank piece of paper and come up with nada for a blog post, or more words for a story.

    But as they say, you can find inspiration in the most unlikliest of places. This time, inspiration comes from this post and the comments contained within.

  14. Cyber graveyard in the sky - great image!

  15. Talon: Many apologies for missing your comment the first time around yesterday.

    Yes it would be great if they did just that, but for most ex-bloggers, their blog was easy enough to forget about. Sometimes, out of sight equals out of mind.

    R: Yup, I'm just reverse opposite of the Sprite commercial. Image is everything.

  16. Heya G - This turns out to be an appropriate post for my message to you, which is that I moved my blog to its own domain! is the new addy (I'm removing the "GumbyTheCat" cutesy elements, but am still posting as Gumby).

  17. Gumby: Thanks for the heads up. Not sure if I have to change my feeds or not, but I'll be sure to check it out.

  18. A very thoughtful post, G, and nice of you, as is your way, to wish them all well.

    For as many people who blog there is a different blogging story. The reasons for starting and ending blogs as varied as the peeps who write them.

    I am glad yours is still growing strong.

    My only regret with blogging is that there are never enough hours in the day to read all the awesome posts by all the awesome bloggers.

  19. Jannie: Thanks. I could say the same for yours as well.

    I agree the reasons are varied as to why someone starts a blog or ends a blog.

    I just think its sad when people do end a blog for whatever reason, because a piece of you sort of goes with that blog and with that person.

    And yes, there are never enough hours in the day to read all the blogs that you want to read and enjoy.

  20. There does seem to be a Bermuda Triangle for some bloggers. Blogging does feel like knocking on the door and checking in on my fellow cyber friends. It's nice when the door is still open :)

  21. Kelly: That's a very scary thought indeed. A Bermuda Triangle, where blogs go in but never quite come out, if at all.

  22. I did what Lynn said, and checked my blog was on your list too! Ha ha.

    Interesting post G. I have felt very sad when some of the blogs I've followed have closed or just become inactive.

    I always feel a sense of relief when I write a post because I know that gives me a few more days to come up with something new! Sometimes it is hard, but I'd hate to have to give up my blog, so I remain calm and go out and live my life, as dull as it is, knowing that eventually I'll have something to blog about. I do feel pressured sometimes though, but never enough to say goodbye. Never.

  23. Joe: Thanks.

    I think sometimes we put a lot of pressure on ourselves, right or wrong, so that we can come up with something that will resonate or entertain people.

    I'm sort of in that down cycle now, in which it's become a major struggle to write something fresh and interesting (at least to me) for the blog.

    Its my nature to do my best in whatever I'm doing, and especially when I have a lot of people depending on me, it does become a bit stressful.

    So far though, it hasn't reached that point of me saying "Its been real, it's been fun, but it hasn't been real fun" yet.

    And I hope it never gets to that point.


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