Monday, November 8, 2010

Clean Mind?

For as long as I can remember (and considering that I grew up when gas was but 75 cents a gallon), my mind has been refreshingly unclean.

Uncluttered by wholesome thoughts, unfettered by good taste and almost devoid of any kind of sensible rhythm, I have grown up to be something of an anomaly.


Even though I may have those particular frat boy qualities, I also have a set of values that seem to run counter to about 25% of the blog posts and 99% of the stories I've written and shared with everyone.

For instance, I have no qualms in writing or talking about the female form in the most basic of terms and sometimes in the crassest way possible. Clothed, semi-clothed, buck naked, sex object, whatever you can think of, I probably wrote it.

But if I took those exact same elements and applied them to the here and now, the result is something that is completely unexpected.

Let me give you a few examples to show you what I mean.

1} In a few stories I wrote about women performing in the nude and semi-nude. Whereas I have no problem watching on the boob tube (pun intended) women perform in the semi-nude (like stripping or nude dancing), I have yet to set foot in a strip bar. Other than it not being my bag, I actually don't have anything against it. I understand the nature of the business and what not, but it's just something I don't prefer to do.

2} I often write about the size of a woman and the type of clothing (or lack of) that they wear, often in semi-excruciating detail, but in actuality, I often look at women like that with either a critical eye or a hard stare. Double standard at times, but I am really trying to work at being neutral about stuff like that.

3} In my latest story, I write about one of my characters going commando (both upper and lower) and yet, I made a comment on someone's blog post about a "wardrobe malfunction" that was rather off base and somewhat irreconcilable to what I write.

4} I frequently write into my stories same-sex romances/affairs/encounters (female) and yet....well, I don't know if I have anything in my set of values that runs counter to that issue, but I thought I would throw it out there anyways.

5} And the all time irreconcilable moment that I will forever judge all future melding of values and writings: Breastfeeding.

I think its safe to say that I will always have problems with breastfeeding (real or otherwise) but since I do consider it a fact of life, I tried to write about it as unbiased as I possibly could, and I think I managed to accomplish just that. Please judge for yourself by reading this excerpt.

Overall, I have made a concentrated effort not to turn my stories into one big non-stop orgy punctuated by a fluffy plot (aka porn), but instead to use a particular scene of sex (of any type) to advance the plot.

For the most part, I will always have an unclean mind and will always have problems reconciling my personal beliefs and hangups to what I actually write.

Was there a point to this post? Not really. I just needed to fill up a blank space on the screen and talking about my set of values and why I seem to suspend them when it comes to writing seemed to be a good topic as any to write about.


  1. I remember gas when it was bit cheaper than that. Oh my. Happy Monday, G. :)

  2. You have problems with breastfeeding? How? What? Why?

  3. I haven't really written a sex scene or gone into the female form that much. Hm... I guess there is no time like the present.

  4. I definitely do not have a clean mind,but my writing is pretty clean I should say.

  5. One time I asked my husband to take me to a strip club, mainly out of curiosity, but he told me that they're depressing places to be, and the girls are never as beautiful as they are on TV or in movies.

  6. It's probably very healthy, for you. sigh...........:)Bea

  7. Lynn: Well....I do remember my mom driving around trying to find gas cheaper than 70 cents a gallon, which was back in the mid to late 70's.

    Happy Monday to you as well.

    Extra O: I did say real or otherwise. I should say that in spite of the various media campaigns and publicity campaigns that people do, I have more than gotten used to it. But just like gay marriage, so long as there are people who are more than willing to blow it out of proportion on both sides of the issue, it will take longer for people to accept it.

    David: Absolutely, there is no time like the present. Just like when I challenged myself a couple of years ago write a clean wholesome story, perhaps its time to challenge yourself and write something that you haven't done in a while.

    Charles: I will agree with you on the point about your writing being remarkably clean (at least compared to my stuff that is). As for the other point, I will have to take your word on it.

    S.R.: He's probably right. I took my wife to Hooters for much of the same reason as well. Haven't been back since.

    Bea: What? The writing of sex or having those type of values? :D

  8. I read your response to my comment. Thank you, now I have officially cleaned my screen, coffee spots on it is not a good thing. Thanks for the unexpected chuckle. :)Bea

  9. Bea: You are more than welcome. Sometimes timing is everything.

    Especially when you don't know that you're making a funny in the first place. :D

  10. If you have problems with breastfeeding...well, G, you just shouldn't do it ;0

  11. R: Well....if you're talking on a personal level...ummm...I'm not sure where to go with this on a personal level.

    However, strictly speaking as a plot device, I think it should work out okay as I'm making a concentrated effort in not making sexual but simply as a necessary part of life, or at least, life in this story.

    World building I guess you can call it.

  12. one of yours always bothers me when it is done in public. Like, I am not trying to be nosy or a perv or whatever, but I am walking through the mall, I catch movement, I turn, look, being slow of mind, it takes a second for it to penetrate my thick skull what I am seeing and then I spend the next several hours embarrassed.

    Time and place, peeps

  13. Darth: If you think you got it bad, try me at my office building. My building is predominately female (social workers), so quite often those who are dressed professionally/business causal look somewhat like those you see cruising about the mall.

    Do you know I have yet in 4 years to ride an elevator without looking up? I'm forever either staring at my shoes or having my eyes close while I going to my floor.

  14. Excellent post, G! I think that if you only write about people and situations that are consistent with your own values and beliefs that you limit your creativity.

  15. Mama Z: Thanks.

    I try to be creative as much as possible and for the most part, my values simply act as a guideline to what I write.

    Still, there are times when my values (such as they are) will put a temporary stop on a particular item until I can find a way to satisfy the value yet still have that creativity pumping on all cylinders.

  16. Should I tell you that I breastfed all of my kids????

  17. Kelly: Ummm....sure.

    Actually, it used to bother me back in the day when women started doing it more and more in public, but now it's become so common place that it doesn't bother me that much.


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