Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Did I Miss The Memo About Election Day Being A Holiday?

You know I have to be mighty pissed off if I'm writing an unscheduled post.

Back when I was but a lad from my daughter's age to my son's age (9-18), when it was time for my parents to vote, I didn't have gym that day.


Because my local elementary school was where everyone who lived in my particular section of the 100 Acre Woods voted at, and the gym is where the voting booths were set up.

Simple, right? Election day, no gym, still went to school.

Fast forward to the idiocy that is now.

Today we vote on whether to kick the bums out or install new bums to kick out later, or for a select minority, exercising their right to sit on their fat ass to bitch, moan, groan and complain and do NOTHING.

And both my kids have today off from school.

What. The. Phuc?

My wife has to be inconvenienced and my kids have to be inconvenienced because my stupid state declared today to be a HOLIDAY AND THUS NO SCHOOL TODAY.

Let me see if I understand this: At my daughter's school, the gym is being used as a polling station, which means the rest of the school is available for staff and children to use; my son's high school isn't being used as a polling station; and yet, there is NO SCHOOL TODAY.


This PSA has been brought to you by the letter I, which incidentally can be found on your hand when you're voicing your opinion about the ability of those who govern your town, state and country with the absolute minimal amount of brain cells and the emptiest wallet.

We return you now to regularly scheduled program that will be consistently interrupted with election updates every 90 seconds until you throw your t.v. out the window, in which case you'll discover the beauty of having an actual conversation with your significant other.


  1. So you didn't get the day off? I thought you worked for the state.

  2. Wow. That's amazing. We still have school today.

  3. I know, it irritates me as well. Here it will mean no mail, as well as various other inconveniences. But I don't get off

  4. Lynn: No day off for me, but my commute was noticably stress free since I didn't have to dodge school busses and such.

    Extra O: Overall, 99 towns (out of 162) cancelled school today for elections. Another waste of a snow day I guess. I'm sure everyone still got paid for the day, so it really bit all the way around.

    Charles: No mail? Now that really bites. Fortunately there weren't a lot of children at work today since only half the state cancelled school.

    Still sucked just the same.

  5. I did work today but my grandchildren were out all day in the cool sunshine. Hang in there. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Sewart

  6. The city we used to live in was like that. When my daughter was in school we ran into the same thing. I agree with you but I think they're thinking of all the people trapsing through the school who might wander down a hallway and accost some little tyke. That's the only reason that would make any sense to me.

  7. most of our voting locations are in churches, early voting was mostly done in the public libraries..I'm pretty sure Florida had school today.
    There are more than enough places they could have voting that doesn't interfere with everything else...

  8. Mary: Thanks for stopping by. I'm sure that the kids didn't mind a day off from school but for the parents, I'm sure it was an inconvenience to those who had to either take the day off or bring their child to work with them.

    Jeanne: The reasoning you give is valid and I agree with you on that aspect, but it doesn't make it any easier to accept.

    Kim: Not so sure about that. We are a small town (pop about 20K) and really the only places that can be used for voting are the schools, the library (which its not) and the town hall.

  9. Our school district also makes it a parent/teacher conference day. All of the schools are closed, even the ones without polling or conferences (high school).

  10. Kelly: Which in my opinion really stinks. If your school isn't being used for polling, there isn't any reason why classes shouldn't be held. Even if they do half days, at least they're getting some kind of education out of it.


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