Friday, November 12, 2010

Memories And Elephants In Disguise

Sorry, no music links for this post, as your memory will have to provide the soundtrack today

Sometimes the most mundane memories, either present or past tense, will often provide the weirdest song to break out with.

During my morning commute of 11/4, I got to thinking about a good family friend whose sub-twenty year old daughter would be having a baby by the end of the year. I also got to thinking about how her boyfriend decided to man up and take responsibility for his actions. Now somehow this particular memory cued the song Hush by Deep Purple in my head, which immediately got me to jamming with air drums in the car.

Now while all of this was going on, I started thinking about Flatbush Avenue (yes M&M, I can multi-task while thinking), which is a main thoroughfare on my morning commute. Once I got locked into thinking about that particular street, memory association kicked into overdrive.

To whit: Thinking about Flatbush Avenue quickly got me to thinking about Bug Bunny. Bugs Bunny got me to thinking about Flatbush, which is a nickname for Brooklyn NY. Thinking about Brooklyn got me to thinking about the t.v. show Welcome Back, Kotter, which in turn cued the song Welcome Back by John Sebastian.

To finish off this morning commute of memories (but not this post), while all this was going on, I decided to write a blog post about it, and yeah, you guessed it, I got to thinking about a title. And yeah, that nifty CCR song Looking Out My Back Door cued and played. Thus, the title was born. Bonus points if you can guess the other song that is contained in the title.

And finally to close out this short (for me) post on mundane memories cuing musical tidbits, while I was writing the first sentence of this post, the obscure song Future Tense by the equally obscure rock band April Wine (who had a song in the Billboard Hot 100 called Just Between You and Me in the early 80's) cued up and started playing in my head.


Have you had mundane memories, either past or present, that triggered, cued and played songs in your head, which for the most part put you in a good frame of mind for the day?


  1. Granny Annie posted this on her blog this morning:

    I'll be singing the Hallelujah chorus in my head all day.

    And yes - I always have a tune of some sort running around in my head. I'm glad you had this musical respite that started your day off in a good way, G.

  2. It's fun sometimes to trace down the train of associations that leads from an experience to a song and onward. The song Hush evoked for me 8 track tapes and a Chevy Malibu, and hot summer nights in the Arkansas country.

  3. Flatbush is also a neighborhood in Brooklyn...

    As for mundane memories triggering music triggering happy - yes! I can't think of any specific examples right now...

    Both music and scents take me back to other times/places and memories.

  4. Lynn: Its about the only way I can have a decent morning commute. Memories and songs sometimes are the only things that can keep me sane.

    Charles: It certainly is. I often do this kind of thing throughout the day at work as it helps makes the time pass a little bit smoother.

    R: I don't think that scents do it for me as often as people and places.

    Bearman: Smells don't trigger music for me, but simply great memories of when times were less stressful.

  5. I used to listen to a lot of KISS back when I worked at Woolworth's. Remember that place? When I hear a KISS song, I do have flashbacks of organizing shelves and hanging out in the back with friends.

  6. Kelly: That's pretty cool. I remembe Woolworth's but I didn't have any nearby while I was growing up.

  7. Music and memories - a super strong thread. I liked how you moved through the thoughts with accompanying songs. I got the CCR right away with the elephants, but the only thing I can think of with "Memories" is Barbara Streisand - lol!

    Hope your weekend is a great one, G!

  8. Talon: Thanks.

    Yeah, the title was a bit tricky. The other song that was involved was John Fred's "Judy In Disguise".

    I'm kind of partial to obscure songs/lyrics when I write.

    But memories, either past or present, quite often bring up the strangest songs.

  9. I've always got music running through my head, often more than one song at the same time, and yes there are always memories connected with those songs. Always.

    I dream music too. :D

  10. Joe: Sometimes songs just pop into my head at the strangest times. I'll have a brief visual then, boom! I got a song. Like today. I was doing my morning errands and I saw something that suddenly triggered the song "Lion Sleeps Tonight".

    I don't dream music. :(

  11. More affirmation that music you hear CAN make you who you are!

    My head gets stuck on alot of movie scores- like Star Wars, Star Trek the movie, Enterprize tv, Firefly, Harry Potter, ect (mostly Sci-Fi) Tho I do remember all you mentioned.

    Also I tend to recall original songs of friends which aren't widely known-

    You seem to have a BillBoard Jukebox in your memory banks- Perhaps you should be an oldies DJ!

  12. Snaggle: Glad I could affirm your hypothesis.

    I would agree that my memory is often an eclectic jukebox of sorts. I've listened to so many different types that quite often when one pops up it because a very enjoyable listen to.


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