Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I Want To Be Your Genetic Jackhammer!

Pound! Drill! Saw! Hammer! Pull it out! Push it in! Way in!

Metaphorically speaking, you know where this is heading, right?

Just like violence in the hands of a good writer can often leave a reader thinking about what might lie ahead in a story, sex in the hands of a good writer can often leave you wanting to be on the receiving end in a story.

Sex in the hands of a bad writer becomes Debbie Does Dallas, Behind the Green Door and The Adventures of Johnny Wadd. In other words, filth and grade C porn.

I'm sure you're asking the screen, "G, what does porn have to do with this post?"

Well, its like this. Just like my previous post, in which I threw in scenes of gratuitous violence because I had no clue in what I was doing, the same reasoning applied for when I threw in sex scenes.

Because I was writing a "romance", I figured it needed a lot of sex in it, and I figured the more graphic it was the better off the story would be.

So I started writing all kinds of sex scenes in it. Scenes of tenderness, scenes of violence and straight up scenes of unmitigated debauchery, the likes of which probably wouldn't be seen in a normal romance novel, but quite at home in a porn novel. I even wrote a lengthy scene that involved our hero fucking the daylights out of his girlfriend while writing his novel.

Yeah, I was clueless in Connecticut alright.


I mentioned in my previous post that the worst was yet to come with my lack of writing skills and sure enough it did.

As writers, we all want to become well known for something, be it for a particular character, a particular book or even a particular genre. Well, I became well known in the chat rooms for a particular two page scene in Shades of Love.

The background to the scene was nothing special to brag about. The lead male character in the secondary story (the one that was being written by the MC in the main plot) wanted to extract his pound of flesh by getting his revenge on the girl. However, it was the scene itself for which I became so well known for.

I would love to tell you what the scene contained and I would even love to post the excerpt, but to be honest, it would probably get my other blog flagged (in spite of the adult warning) because the actual content could be misconstrued as violating the standards of this website.

Yeah, its actually that bad.

Now let me tell you what I went through with that little two page scene (btw, if you're curious as to what the hubbub is all about, the book is still for sale through me. pick up a copy, not only to find out what that scene was all about, but for use as a warning guide in how not to write). In 2009, I was trolled unmercifully in the chat rooms over this particular scene. A few acquaintances that I happen to make in the chat rooms all up and vanished after they'd read the passage that an ex-friend of mine decided to post all over the place.

The attacks got to be so bad (in addition to this book, the same person was mercilessly pounding me with info gleaned from this blog, from Facebook and from private conversations) that I started taking longer and longer breaks from the chat rooms until finally, I wound up leaving for good in the summer of 2010.

The point I'm trying to make is to be careful on what you write and how you write. Bad writing is bad writing and sometimes it becomes downright impossible to recover from.

I'm making a lot of headway with my writing, simply because I learned a greart deal since I wrote that book in 2006. I guarantee if I wrote that book today, it certainly wouldn't contain all the garbage that's in there now, and it certainly wouldn't contain that particular scene.


If you're not careful, it can be that two ton gorilla that you will never get rid of.


  1. It's good that you have learned what works best for you, G.

  2. Now I've got to dig through my copy of Shades of love for that 2 page scene man. What pages?

  3. It's a real revelation when you step back and look at something you created...and realize how far you've come. The evolution of creation is really interesting...

  4. Lynn: Most definitely. I've come quite a long ways from when I wrote that book to what I've written now. But it really was a very harrowing experience that hopefully I won't ever have to go through again.;

    Charles: Starts on page 80.

    FYI, even some of friends/co-workers know about this particular scene.

    Talon: I agree, it is definitely interesting, and to a certain degree, a little scary as well.

  5. Somehow you worry that bad written sex would be like porn ala Debbie Does Dallas. That thing boasted alot of porn money and many sequels so it didnt' do that bad.

  6. Bearman: Well, there's good written sex and bad written sex. I was simply using those as an example. I probably will agree with you on the Debbie Does Dallas thing, because even though I've never seen the movie, I did see some ads for it growing up and the phrase has some kind of regional following I would imagine.

    In any event, this book had badly written sex in it. The one that I wrote which I'm currently polishing up has good written sex in it, since its based on the adventures of a woman who takes a job in the adult movie industry.

  7. G, I can totally relate to this. I was always told I was a good writer, so last year I quit my job to see if I could make a go of it. Since then my ego has been bruised more times than I can count. It wasn't until recently that I started to realize that every writer I've ever admired has had the same thing happen to them.

    Nobody comes out of the womb a gifted writer, it's only the ones who get knocked down but then learn from their mistakes and keep going that end up being successful.

    The fact you're even blogging about your experience shows that you have the potential for success. (Ugh...I totally sound like a life coach right now, don't I?)

  8. B: No, you don't sound like a life coach, but I do understand your point.

    It took me about three years or so of writing to find my comfort zone and be open to criticism, both good and bad. And as you know, for about a year I used to post short stories, mostly to practice my writing and to garner critique and advice on how to improve.

    I can look on back on this now with a wry smile on my face because I now know that I wasn't that good of a writer back then, so I just want to share a little bit of my experiences on how not to write and how to perservere in spite of what obstacles are thrown in your way.

  9. That's really sick that people acted that way. What happened to the First Amendment? It's so easy for people sans balls to attack others venomously online with nary a consequence.

    Like all other writing or art - if you don't like it, don't read/watch it.

  10. Learning n perservering are the important part! A shame you had to go thru public chat bashing tho- Not a great way to learn!

    Seems whatever makes you famous will follow you- no matter if you concider it a weigh Station to where you want to go...

  11. 1313: 1st admendant also protects an assholes right to act like an asshole.

    I guess what really bothered me the most in the chat rooms were the people who bought my book, told me they liked it to my face (in public), then later on when they chose to believe the lies that were being spread about me, decided to say in that same public arena that I was crappy writer and my book sucked (among other things).

    Snaggle: Going through a public bashing like that is a horrible way to learn. I probably would've paid attention to the criticisms coming from that arena had they not been so infantile and nasty. But the vitriol was so bad that I simply dug in my heels and returned it the best way I knew how.

  12. Every time that you write about the chat rooms, you make me even happier that I never got involved with them!

  13. Mama Z: I actually do have some good memories of the chat rooms. about one dozen of my Facebook friends are from the chat rooms and a fellow blogger who goes by the name Gumby The Cat was someone who I first met and made friends with in the chat rooms as well.

    But just like any online community you participate in, it's only as strong or as weak as the moderators/owners allow it to be.

    There are a few online communities that do have a strong moderator/owner system in place, but this particular owner is not one of them.

    I can tell you all kinds of horror stories but that would only get me upset again and I really don't want to exert any more energy than I would to kill a misquito over this website.

  14. Don't fret. Einstein sucked at math in grade school ;)

    The very fact that you can look at your previous efforts objectively says by itself that you have grown as a writer.

    When we first tackle any kind of endeavor, creative or otherwise, we are as protective of our early achievements as we would be our children. We don't like to be told that what we hold so dear ain't really all that.

    But as Confucious say, journey of thousand mile begin with single step. After you've taked a few steps forward, you can turn, look behind you, and see more clearly. Although you were disgracefully trolled by so-called friends, it might have been an overall positive experience in the long run.

  15. Gumby: Thanks.

    It is true about the value of hindsight, but man, it certainly was a brutal lesson to learn in the process.

    And I did learn something in the long run, in spite of the major trolling by my so-called friends, which was that you really can't let other people have the final word in what you write or how you write.

  16. Page 80. Got it. Let me just pull this down off the shelf...

  17. David: Yeah, it starts on page 80 and carries over to page 82.

    Not one of my brighter pieces of prose, but it is something that I'll forever be known for.

  18. Sorry to hear that you had to take that kind of ridicule and judgment in the chat rooms. I'm glad that I don't visit those.

  19. Kelly: It was pretty intense at that. But we live, learn and move on.

  20. The important thing is that you have learnt and can recognise that - some people never possess or develop that self awareness. I believe people can have a natural talent for writing but there is also a good deal of craftmanship that can be learnt. It's said it takes 10,000 hours to become a true professional in whatever area you're studying... I haven't done 10,000 yet. But I'm working on it:)

  21. Jane: The sad part was that I was pretty obstinate about wanting to improve my craft for quite a few years because I felt I didn't need any improvement.

    That all changed once I started blogging in 2008 and started reading other writing related blogs.

    Reading those got me to thinking and it really force me to reexamine my writing in a harsher light and what I saw certainly wasn't pretty.

    It's still a battle but what I write now is a thousand times better than what I wrote four yeas ago.


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