Monday, December 13, 2010

Why Do You Visit?

I've been pondering this question for the better part of a month and you might think that this is one of those open ended questions that I ask from time to time, but if you bear with me for a few minutes, I'll try to enlighten you as to why I ask this.

If I can't, then at the very least, I managed to occupy a couple of minutes of your invaluable time that probably could've been better spent trimming your fingernails and/or toenails.

The reason that I've been pondering this question is that after about two and a half years (Holy Father Time Batman!) I've seem to be getting my second wind with my blog. To the best of my knowledge, I haven't consciously changed my writing style or blog content, yet somehow I'm picking up a few more followers for my blog.

Now don't get me wrong, I truly enjoy having those people thinking enough of my writing talent that they want to get a thrice weekly dose of my blog. But its not like I actually go out and search for new blogs to read, because honestly, I haven't done any wholesale blog surfing since 2009.

I'm quite content to hang ten at the forty or so blogs that I frequently comment on, having a grand old time sharing my pearls of wisdom with my blogger friends. And when I'm not sharing my pearls of wisdom with everyone in the comment forms, I've been the basic house-husband at my blog.

Just maintaining, cleaning, dusting, and doing the various chores that keeps my blog running the way I want it to run and thus making it the kind of read that keeps you coming back on a daily/weekly basis.

So if I'm not off gallivanting to all parts of the universe and I'm not wandering out of my immediate neighborhood, how am I picking up all of these new readers?

This my friends is what I've been burning a few brain cells thinking about: why do you visit?

I know this could be somewhat of a rhetorical question, because I do sometimes think out loud on my blog and during those times I never really expect an answer to whatever rhetorical question I'm asking.

I suppose I could switch it from a rhetorical question to a real question and make it the focus of me and my blog, but honestly, doesn't that sound a little self-centered and egotistical? Not to mention overly paranoid?

Instead, I'll leave you with this thought, which considering this post was Seinfeldian in its execution almost makes perfect sense.

If the world does indeed revolve around you, what kind of blog would you ultimately write?


  1. Like you, I have not blog surfed in quite some time. occasionally I'll hear of a new one or check out a new commenters blog but for the most part I gave up searching for new blogs.

    And I suppsoe I'd write a blog pretty much like the one I already do since it is already all about me.

  2. I kind of like this blog community thing and each of us have our own unique group, with some overlap. In my case, you visited my blog after Jannie Funster showcased it one day. I appreciate that you stuck around, G. :)

    Thankfully the world doesn't revolve around me, or I would feel compelled to make Life suggestions for everyone. No thanks.

  3. Well, at least partly because I consider you a friend.

  4. I would keep writing the one I'm writing, because I'm pretty sure the world does revolve around me.

  5. My blog is just the way I like I wouldn't change a thing.

    The best part of blogging is making new friends. It's amazing, when I review my blogroll, the diversity of the blogs I enjoy...but that's what makes it such a great neighborhood to hang out in.

  6. Why do I read your blog? No longer get the morning paper, heck they don't even produce a morning paper anymore. You are as entertaining as the paper was. I like to read something when I'm drinking my morning coffee. Ok, well, I enjoy reading about what is going on in your life or what story you are working on, well most of the time.
    I like it when you take us on a picture tour.
    I need a break from whatever it is I am doing and my favorite blogs just do the trick, for me.
    That's the best you are going to get from me today, Georgie. :)Bea

  7. Travis: I will sometimes do the same thing as well. From time to time, I tweak the amount of blogs I read/follow, so I'll check out a commentator's blog or a friend's recommendation too.

    Consistancy is always a good thing.

    Lynn: life suggestions? Darn it all to h-e-double toothpicks. :D

    I enjoy the overlap because without it, my cyber life would incredibly dull.

    And I'm glad I stuck around as well. You've shown me things about the South that I probably wouldn't have learned had I not discovered blogging.

    And for that, I thank you.

    Charles: Gracias. And I consider you a friend as well.

    They aren't too many that I've met in the cyber world that I can say that about, and I'm glad I could say that about you.

    Extra O: It is the only way to live nowadays, for I'm sure that deep down, we all have interesting lives, and I'm glad that you've chosen to share a small portion of that with everyone else.

    Talon: Absolutely.

    I've found that blogging is about the closest way I've been able to experience a normal life, talking and making friends with normal people.

    And I wouldn't have it any other way.

  8. Bea: Thanks.

    I do enjoy visiting yours as well. It shows me that there's another facet to the arts & craft industry than what I see at my job (mostly handcrafted jewelery and what not.

    But, I also enjoy learning about other parts of the country, or rather, the real hometown parts of the country that you very rarely see in the papers, magazines or the electronic media.

  9. I visit because 1) you make me laugh and 2) it's always interesting.

    If the world really revolved around me, however, everyone would be bringing me cheese enchiladas...

  10. 13&13: It's a gift. :D

    Cheese enchiladas? Sounds pretty plain unless you tack on some old arsenic sauce to spicy up the taste.

  11. I visit to see what you've been up to

  12. Nurse Myra: Good morning young lady!

    I thank you for stopping by, and I would like to say that I do the same to yours as well.

  13. Honestly, G? You always make me think.

  14. Mama Z: Thanks for the compliment. There really is no greater satisfaction for me as a blogger if one of my posts can make you stop and think for a moment.

    I'm glad I can get those brain cells of yours to move around every once in a while when you stop by to visit.

  15. I visit because 1) I never know what I'm going to read, and I love the surprise... 2) I haven't tackled a piece of fiction in FOREVER, and I love reading what other people are writing... 3) Beyond the fiction, you've got a great, common sense, logical grasp of reality and what's going on in this crazy world... and 4) It's nice to make new friends, cyber or otherwise! :)

  16. Lisa:

    1} I sometimes never know what I'm gonna write until I sit down at the computer, so its surprises all the way around.

    2} I thank you for the compliment about my fiction.

    3} Sad isn't it? Sometimes its downright spooky to be able to have that kind of detachment and yet have a passionate opinion about something.

    4} It's always great to make new friends, no matter where they may be.


  17. I find readership always picks up as the weather gets colder, since people stay indoors more and therefore spend more time online. The question is - will they stick around through the summer? (I will!) :-)

  18. S.R.: I definitely agree with that sentiment. I'm starting to get a good spike in readership/visits, which will probably last until the spring.

    Spring and summer definitely gets to be downer because if you think about it, who wants to spend their time indoors when the weather is good?

  19. David: Thanks.

    And I consider you one as well.

  20. I come here because you put a different twist on normality.

    I try to keep a balance on my blog, so if it goes heavily in one direction I apply the breaks and try and write something different, which is why you'll see me go from Wardrobe Wednesday to something at bit deeper on the next post.

    If I didn't have an audience I would write much, much more about music, and things connected with it.

  21. Joe: Thanks for the compliment.

    My viewpoint has always been a little skewed but for the past several years it has been more pronounced. Whether it's been due to growing older (or wiser), or simply becoming mellower is hard to say, but I do enjoy making people think, even if its only for a minute or so, no matter what the venue.

    I enjoy going to your blog as well, mostly because I always enjoy learning about how the average person lives in another country (but who's to say that you're average).

    Personally, I would enjoy listening to your viewpoint about all things connected to music. Compared to what I listen to/learn about now, it would be a refreshing change of pace. Especially since there almost isn't anything that I'm not willing to listen to at least once.

  22. I love the surprise of your posts. Even if some time has passed since I blogged, I will always make time to come and catch up on your posts. I appreciate your wit, honesty and good humor. I love the ease of conversation that seems to flow here between you and your followers.

  23. Kelly: Thanks.

    Somehow, I feel a lot more at ease chatting this way (or e-mail) as opposed to chatting face to face.

    And its the matter of respecting the other person's viewpoint. While I may not agree from time to time on a person's particular point of view, I try to treat them like I want to be treated.


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