Monday, February 14, 2011

60% Of A Key

A spring day with the orange yellow sun shining brightly in the luscious deep blue sky and gently raining down the golden electric rays on a solitary flower, with its dark green stem, its purple edged blue petals and orange red center stretching mightily to catch those nourishing rays.

In another corner of the valley, a dark hazel green stemmed flower is stretching its dark electric pink petals to receive the orange striped sun's rays in all of its nourishing glory.

A dark brown hair girl wearing a dark ocean blue dress and a warm engaging smile skips happily through the valley until she comes across a field of blue and orange and red and purple wildflowers.

Letting loose with a scream, she runs madly into the field for a few seconds before she takes flight and executes a perfect belly flop.

As she covers herself in a wonderfully scented bouquet of wildflowers, a small electric yellow duck glides in and belly flops onto the little girl.

Startled, the little girl sits up and turns this way and that trying to find out what landed on her. As she's looking that way and this, the duck gives a loud quack! to get her attention.

Startled yet again, the little girl looks down to see the electric yellow little duck holding a tiny little daffodil.

The little girl takes the daffodil and watches the duck take flight until he disappears from view.

Sighing happily, the little girl falls back into her pile of wildflowers and dreams about laughing ducks, pretty flowers and spring.

(c) 2011 by GBMjr. All rights reserved.

This short piece of prose was inspired by four pictures that adorn my cubicle at work, drawn by my almost ten year old daughter and the little duck that is really on vacation in the Bahamas.

And in case you couldn't quite figure out the hidden meaning of today's strangely titled post, this is Cedar's Mountain's 600th blog post.

Happy Valentine's Day.

May your Monday be filled with nothing but luscious and sensuous thoughts about loving the one you're with.


  1. What a nice post! Happy 600th, G. Many more!

  2. Lynn: Thanks! I'm hoping to add 35% to that total by the end of the year.

  3. Your post made me smile. Happy V-Day to you, too!

  4. Jewel: Thanks, I'm glad I was able to bring a brief smile to your good day.

    Mama Z: Thank you, thank you!

  5. Snaggle: It was. Thanks. :D


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