Sunday, February 13, 2011

Newington's Waterfall Festival


Gots things to do today (wife's birthday, she be 49) so no time for a super wordy post. Please take a stroll over to Shooting Suburbia for part 3 of Newington's Waterfall Festival. Chances are, that post will contain about quadrupled squared the amount of words as this post.

If you're still looking for that Sunday dose of G-ness, please check out a brief rant post over at Partially Yours.


  1. you must combine birthday and valentines day? no? a happy birthday to the Mrs. G

  2. Ryan: I used to early on while I was dating and during the early years of our marriage.

    I used to alternate years where I would get her something big on her birthday and small on Valentine's day and vice versa.

  3. Thanks. I will pass it on to her.

  4. Happy Birthday to your wife! 49, eh? I hope she's not freaking out about the decade transition coming up. People tend to get really touchy around birthdays ending in 9 and 0.

  5. S.R: Thanks.

    She's already talking about her 50th next year.




  6. Happy 49th Mrs G!!! As my wife says "Happy Wife, Happy Life"

  7. Bearman: Thanks.

    That's a pretty funky saying that your wife has.

  8. Hope Mrs. G had a fantastic birthday!!

  9. Kelly: She did, thank you very muchly. :D


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