Monday, February 21, 2011

Didja Ever Have One Of Those Days...

...where you couldn't think of anything to write about?

Yeah, this is one of those days.

Normally I would already a week's worth of posts already written and cued up. But as you can see from reading the opening sentence (which by the way, is I what I consider to be a "blog cliche", and yes, I will elaborate on that for Friday's post because for the time being I don't feel like changing directions right now), I have nothing cued up.

I should clarify, I have nothing cued up for the rest of the week, because after a blinding case of the obvious hit me with the force of a 550 lb anvil, I realized that this post is the only thing that is cued up for the week.

This is not going according to plan, is it?

Take Two:

Hi boys and girls!

It's Flashback Monday!

I'll see you right after this wickedly short video clip of one of my favorite t.v. shows when I was a youngster.

Okay, so much for Flashback Monday. I was having a moment watching YouTube while composing this.



Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh HAH!

Today, ten years ago, the baby wot you see resting in my arms (yes that is me, wearing a Loony Tunes tie, which I still have, and yes, I still look like that some ten years later, except with a little more salt in the mustache) was born.

Happy Birthday Jenelle!

Yeah, today it's her birthday and we 'uns is gonna pig out at Chuck E. Cheese this afternoon. Did I mention that today is a holiday and I'm off from work and school is out this week? Did I mention that I'll be in a building with screaming kids?




David, this is what you got to look forward to in about five or six years. Once again, congrabulations!


  1. AAAAAAAHAHAHAHA! I have often thought of going to chuck e cheese, but I don't have any kids. That's why I always make friends with couples that do, then I can borrow them to go to kid places and not look like a complete dork.

  2. Happy happy birthday, to Jenelle!

  3. Carla: I normally avoid Chuck E. Cheese like that plague but since it's one of my daughter's favorite places to go and since it is her b'day today, I go.

    I don't like being around screaming kids, but sometimes you just have to do so in order to make your little one happy on her special day.

    Lynn: Thanks, I will definitely pass on your b'day wishes to her.

  4. Happy birthday to your lovely, very talented daughter! :)

    I don't think I've been to Chuck E. Cheese since *I* was ten... but I do remember it being rather loud and obnoxious. Perhaps earplugs would be a good idea... ;)

  5. Strangely enough that's exactly how I imagined you look.

  6. I guess the big question is what kind of screaming? If it's the "yay, I'm having supercool awesome fun and I just wanna holler woohoo" kind, I can tolerate that. But if it's the "WHAAA, I'M AN INSUFFERABLE BRAT AND NEED MY ASS BEAT ON A DAILY BASIS TO GIVE ME A REALITY CHECK" kind, I'm right there with ya.

  7. Happy birthday to her! Nice picture.

    You must REALLY be a loving dad if you are willing to brave Chuck E. Cheese. I'd be in hell.

  8. Regarding your statement about screaming kids; That's why I have plants. ;) *L*
    As for the writing, I don't write, but I WAS having trouble thinking of what to paint next. Considering the end of the Space Shuttle program (last flight this Thurs.,) I decided it was about time to do a little homage to a program I've admired all these years.

  9. Lisa: Thanks.

    Wow, since you were ten? Kind of dating yourself there, eh? :D

    Earplugs weren't needed because my hearing is 50% shot to begin with, so it just made it hard to carry on a normal conversation.

    ExtraO: I will take that as a compliment, thanks. :D

    Carla: My daughter and her friends were relatively well behaved, so a good time was had by all.

    Usually though, the atomosphere is organized chaos. I give kudos to the people who work there.

    R: We all have our versions of hell. For me, hell is actually staying all through to the very end of a gathering.

    Lana: Sometimes there are days where I wish I had plants. :D

    I can see where that would be a dilemma, especially if you've put to canvas almost every conceivable concept that you could think of.

    Hope it works out for you.

  10. Happy B-day to the chillin.

    And if you have not cut it since then, the 'stache must be truly epic by now!

  11. Darth: Thanks.

    My mustache has always looked like that...well, at least since '92. One day I screwed up shaving and left a little bit on the jawline. Liked it so much that I simply grew up to what you see.

    My kids have never seen without this style of mustache. As for the hairstyle, it became permanent in 2005.

  12. Have a beautiful birthday, Jenelle!

    Don't the years pass too quickly, G? Remember that when you're suffering hearing loss at Chuck E. Cheese ;)

  13. Happy birthday Jenelle.

    These days it's other work that is keeping me from writing.

  14. Talon: What? Eh? Did you say something? :D

    I'll make sure to pass on your birthday wishes to her.

    Charles: Thanks. I'll pass those on to her.

    I can sympathize with that. These days its writing by paralysis that seems to be the norm.

  15. Wonderful! Happy Birthday Jenelle!

    Coincidentally, the last time I was at Chuck E. Cheese's was at my very own 10th birthday party, 28.5 years ago! I remember liking it very much, however, those same memories from an adult perspective have convinced me not to go back again, ever, if I can help it. ;-)

  16. Red: I never thought that Chuck E. Cheese was that old. I don't think that I've ever had a b'day party there. Only participated in ones for the kids (mine and others).

    You sort of get used to the screaming kids (well, not so much screaming this time around) and the organized chaos and the terrible singing by the robot band, etc., etc., etc.

  17. Great family pic! Not having good luck with videos today. I hope the party wasn't too crAzy for you!

    Happy Belated Birthday Jenelle!

    Hope the rest of school vaca goes well!

  18. Snaggle: The party wasn't too bad, simply because I managed to do what I do best, which is stay out of the way. Organized chaos and everyone had fun.

    Thanks for the wishes and I'll be sure to pass them on.

  19. Thanks, G! And belated happy birthday to Janelle. That remains a great family shot.

  20. David: Thank you sir on all accounts.

    Hope the preceeding week has been a little more easier on you and big D.

  21. Chuck E. Cheese is what Dante would have envisioned had he lived in present times.

    Ha ha. Better you than me!

  22. Gumby: It is one of the parental rights of passage that we often have to go through for our little children's.

    Did it for my son and now have to do it for my daughter.

    Sometimes there are advantages to being single. Not going to Chuck E. Cheese is one of them.

  23. I remember this one. Definitely a great pic of the family!

  24. Charles: Thanks.

    I might have a few more up my sleeves in the fuure.


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