Sunday, February 20, 2011


Over at Shooting Suburbia we have part 4 of Newington's Annual Waterfall Festival. Over here, we have a post of consisting of random nouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives and every other single part of speech that you can think of that often makes it to a blog post but never to a properly written story.

Please fasten your safety belts.

A little explanation is order as to why I gave such a truncated title to this post.

Quite often I go about my day-to-day activities in a relative state of abnormalcy. I try to roll with whatever happens to be thrown my way and for the most part I wind up acting like my usual abnormal self. However, there are times where the events of the week, be it at home or at work or a combination of the two, finally catches up with me.

When it does, I usually pause in whatever I'm doing, let rip a ginormously aggravated sigh, and utter with absolutely no inflection whatsoever, the word, "yay".

Now, I first picked up on the word "yay" back when I used to have a social life (in other words, single) when an ex-friend of mine would describe an empty net goal in hockey as a "yayer". He explained to me that a "yayer" was simply a goal that added insult to injury to the losing team (I think, gotta remember that I'm going back to the early 80's, which is when I was single).

Fast forward a couple of decades and I started using a shortened version of the word to describe the inanities of a particular moment of time when all the shit that was associated with said inanities being dumped on me finally became too much to deal with.

Thus, the word "yay" can aptly describe how my week went. How was my week? There were only two hightlights to my week and neither of them directly involved me.

Highlight number one was this post.

Highlight number two was the announcement by a good friend of this fantastic event.

The rest of the week was essentially one very long, very big and very juicy "yay". From dealing with stupid co-workers (not my immediate co-workers, of which I would run through a brick wall for) to dealing with a cantankerous car that I must eventually invest about $700 worth of emissions work so that I can have a permanent two year registration instead of the two month extension I'm currently saddled with (in Connecticut, in order to have your car properly registered, it must pass emissions) to dealing with submoronic numbnuts that I come across in the real world that make me want to sucker punch them into oblivion.

Ya know, it ain't easy staying on an even keel throughout the week. Sometimes, you just need to run around the yard flailing your arms and go off on a trip to everywhere in your tiny little mind. Have you been to everywhere in your mind? Come join me on my trip, 'cause ya know, I've been everywhere man.


  1. I've definitely had weeks like that, and they're no fun -- hope this one is better!

  2. Jury duty has been an on and off "yay" week for me. Thanks for Johnny Cash this morning!

  3. Lisa: Certainly can't get no worse...although we're supposed to be sandwiched with two more snowstorms this week.

  4. Kelly: You're more than welcome.

    That is one of my favorite Johnny Cash songs and it took quite a while to find a video that did the song justice.

  5. I like the word "yay" but I don't usually use it to describe weeks like that. For those, I usually prefer the word "fuck."

    Hope this one is better, my friend.

  6. "When it does, I usually pause in whatever I'm doing, let rip a ginormously aggravated..." Sigh was not the next word I was thinking of.

  7. M: Gotta remember where I work and who I work for.

    The guv'ment is office politics at its absolute worst, and especially when the "L" word is being bandied about as a way to help balance the budget, you have a tendency to watch what select adjectives you happen to utter on an open floor.

    Honestly, I wish I could tell you its gonna get btter, but that would be a fib. For the time being, there is the equivalent of the Sword of Damocles hanging over my tiny little family that will probably color my outlook for the next few months.

    Bearman: I've done that on occasion as well, although I make sure that no collateral damage is inflicted in the process of doing it.

    Darth: ?

  8. yay...

    it has been a very yay week for me. i can use whatever words i want but i kinda like the way you described yay.

    i am still struggling, but it could be far worse...


  9. Bruce: Thanks.

    I think that we all those kind of days/weeks from time to time. I just wish that the time to time intervals were a bit longer.

    It seems like they're hitting with a frequency that is now becoming a bit uncomfortable for me.

  10. When I wrote it, it made sense to me...trying to commiserate with you and it sounded funny.

    Upon re-reading was NOT, in fact, fact, it said the opposite. Sorry about that.

    Fell for you, hope next week is better

  11. Darth: Thanks for the clarification and the good wishes.

  12. Last week was more frustrating at the work load than anything else. Didn't have any coworker issues or extra complaints. Hope this week will be easier for both of us.

  13. This was just a festival of links! :) And I like that you spell Yay like that. Some people put Yea or Yeah - which I don't think is right.

    I hope this is a better week!

  14. Extra O: I feel the same way about Johnny Cash as well. The ultimate outlaw singer who garners respect across the various genres of music.

    Charles: I would love to have the extra workload and no coworker issues or complaints for a change.

    And yes, let's hope the week gets easier for the both of us.

    Lynn: Sometimes I do get a little cutesy with the links, but I try like hell to make them relevant to the current frame of mind I'm in.

    I usually leave the "yea" and "yeah" for when I'm just annoyed in general with things.


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