Friday, February 25, 2011

The Power Of Pooh And Ducky


The duck made a semi-successful return over the weekend.

Last Saturday (2/19), even though the temps barely kissed my age (45), I was determined to not wear my Pooh jacket and only go outdoors wearing my Patriots fleece hoody. I was also determined to have Ducky make his triumphant return from the Bahamas (aka my cube) and grace the town of Newington with his sparkling presence.

So after I got myself properly dressed, I stuck Ducky on my shoulders, strapped him in and started off on my morning walk.

When I got to the center, I readjusted his position and stuck him on my head, so that he could better observe his surroundings. After strapping him in, I stopped at D.D. for my morning coffee and the post office for my banking. Suffice to say, no really said anything about Ducky.

However, the Duck had a really great time and is looking forward to his next trip. And before you ask how I know he enjoyed his trip, I know because......he told me.

So nyah!


Pooh bear worked his magical charm this past Monday (2/21). Because it was a semi-pointless state and federal holiday, I decided to take a short walk to the center to get my morning coffee. Unlike Saturday when the temps were warm enough to wear my fleece hoody, Monday's temps were in the 20's, which were perfectly conducive to the three+ inches of snow that fell that morning.

After bundling myself up from the cold, I started off on my walk, and about a half hour later I hit the center of town. After hitting the bank for money to buy Jenelle her b'day present and CVS for her present (a gift card to Gamestop), I stopped once again at D.D. for my coffee and toasted croissant. While I was putting my order in, the manager came up and gave Pooh bear a couple of rubs for good luck. And while I was waiting for my croissant, a little girl noticed my Pooh bear and smiled.

Thus the power of Pooh did its job for the morning.

But wait, there's more!

The afternoon came and I found myself at the dreaded Chuck Your...I mean, Chuck E. Cheese for my daughter's b'day party (note: the more kids you have, the more expensive it can get). I managed to hook up with a close friend who I haven't seen in a couple of years (but maintained contact thru e-mails and Facebook), simply because we invited her lovely daughter to my daughter's b-day party.

We spent the bulk of the party catching up with each other (as good friends often do) and as the party started to wind down, I manged to bring a smile to her face and a chuckle to her spirit. How?

I put on my Pooh jacket.

The sight of Pooh bear sticking out of the jacket pocket with one paw waving and a foot sticking out from the bottom was simply too much for her. She laughed her head off for a minute or so, then took out her cell phone to take a picture of it and send it to a couple of mutual friends.

So thus, not only did Pooh bear bring joy and laughter to a friend who was needing it that day, but quite possible brought a smile and a chuckle to a few other people as well.

Never underestimate the power of Pooh, for Pooh is always in our hearts and in our soul. He just needs a little help every now and then to work his magic.


  1. Sounds like a fun excursion for everyone. :)

  2. So there is little power to the ducky but much power in the pooh. HOpefully no one ever quotes that out of context.

  3. i like it!

    pooh power!

    chuck e cheese = skeeball..

    jus' sayin'

  4. Lynn: This time around it was. My friend and I had a long talk and we managed to get caught up on things that we weren't able to talk frankly about via the e-mail. Plus the added bonus was seeing my friend for the first time in two years and I was pleasantly surprised to see that she changed for the better.

    Bearman: Would you believe that I thought about that particular issue all day at work today? I keep thinking on how the post title would immediately be misconstrued and I would have to the spend the weekend clarifying the post title.

    But yes, power to the Pooh and power to all my friends.

    Bruce: Absolutely! I've gotten better with skeeball over the years, but I didn't play it this time.

    Mama Z: My friend is actually a big fan of Piglet, but Pooh bear did the trick this time around.

    Pooh bear makes everyone smile, no matter what their age may be.

  5. only way to top Pooh is with Joe Cool....or a smurf. Any smurf. Preferably carrying a spork.

  6. Okay, I've seen the picture of Ducky, but is there a picture of this smile-inducing Pooh jacket? Actually, I have to admit, just thinking about what it must look like makes me smile. :) (Although I've always been partial to Eeyore, myself... :))

  7. Darth: Perhaps Joe Cool might top Pooh when Pooh is under the weather. I don't think a Smurf or Smurfette would do, but splork could come in handy to eat the honey.

    Lisa: Not in my possesssion. My friend has it on her cell.

    I've always like Pooh bear, but prefer classic Pooh (thus the link to Pooh corner) to the Disney version. Eyeore tho' is exceptionally cool.

  8. Skeeball app rules!

    Patriots fleece, belichek style, nice

  9. Ryan: A skeeball app?? They made a skeeball app?? That is just so bizarre. And just a little bit funky too.

    Yeah, it's quite nice. Got it as a Christmas present and this past winter it became part and parcel of my winter ensemble with outer jacket.

    Quite comfy because I wore it that entire weekend without the cold really seeping in.

  10. I love Pooh Bear. My dad told me that my kids' book reminded him of the Pooh stories, and I was flattered.

  11. I thought if you put on a Pooh Jacket at Chuckee Cheeses you created a singularity or something. Glad you survived.

  12. R: A high compliment indeed about your book. Reminds me that I should whip it out and start reading it again.

    Charles: I survived 'tween oriented (aka Justin Beiber) music and a animontronic music band.

    Singularity would be great. Lack of hearing would be even better.

  13. My respect for you just skyrocketed, and I'm not being sarcastic at all. You are a brave and wonderful man to wear a duck on your head and a Pooh in your pocket! The world needs more courageous souls like you. Please continue with the whimsical cheerfulness.

  14. S.R.: That is truly a very thoughtful compliment. I don't think I've ever received something that genuine before.

    It is a side of me that for the most part is only for my immediate family and no one else.

    Sometimes though, I do like to give everyone just a small glimpse of what makes me, me.

  15. Pooh is making his rounds here in Maine as well. Most of my daughter's clothers, blankets, toys etc are Pooh.

    (Sidebar: You have to respect a bear that can walk around with just a shirt on and no pants!)

  16. David: I wish I was able to find the Pooh calendar I had for last year.

    It really did give me peace of mind whenever I was feeling down.

    Tell me, have you decided to paint/wallpaper her room with Pooh bear?

  17. We may be moving from this place shortly so we won't decorate this first room. But yes, probably, in the future.

  18. David: Sounds cool.

    So long as you go for the classic Pooh instead of the Disney Pooh. :D


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