Sunday, February 27, 2011


Over at Shooting Suburbia today, we have the final part of "Newington's Annual Waterfall Festival" which is not only the official end of the summer in Newington, but the official end of the summer season on the blog itself. Next week will showcase that well known fifth season affectionately called Indian Summer, which should carry us into early April, which by then we will be hip dip in Autumn on the blog and Spring in the real world. Go figure, eh?

Over here, we have a tantalizingly teasing reminder that Spring is allegedly 21 days away:


  1. we've had some really nice springish weather here. Warm and very windy. I need to get outside today.

  2. Charles: We just got socked with another three inches of very wet snow. Great for snowballs and snowmen, but man, I am so sick of this white stuff.

    I want either Spring to arrive three weeks early or your weather.

  3. Looks like a nice day in the plains. Sunny days are here again.

  4. Ryan: I hope so. I've had it up to the top of my 5'5" head with this crappy weather.

    I wish the picture was taken out on the plains. It was actually taken behind a rest stop somewhere in Pennsylvania during my last vacation in 2008.

  5. Don't talk to me about Spring!! It was raining and cold in AZ, and it's raining and even colder here in the UK.

    And I have jet lag.....

  6. Joe: Bummer about the jet lag, but look on the bright side.

    It could be snowing. :D

    However, right now, I'll take the rain over the snow. That way, I can fantasize about being warm in 40 degree weather when I wear my fleece hoody.


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