Friday, March 18, 2011

My Co-Pilot? Why, It's Pooh Bear

Since the warmer weather is now coming into focus here at Cedar's Mountain, I've run into the problem of what exactly should I do with Pooh bear?

To refresh, I've spent the winter months with Pooh bear safely stashed inside the front pocket of my jacket. But since he's come back from his winter home in the Bahamas (or Bermuda, Key West, Hawaii, wherever it's warm where you're not), I have been at a loss as to where he could stay.

Obviously he couldn't stay in my jacket, because unlike some teenagers, I don't wear a wickedly heavy jacket in the warm weather. In the 'tween months (March thru early April), I wear my hoody to keep me protected from the elements. Obviously, I can't really carry Pooh bear in my hoody very well, now can I? I could stash him in one of my pockets, but that would give the appearance that he is napping all the time.

However, when I'm carrying him in my pocket, he isn't napping, but is resting in between photo shoots.

Yes, I said, photo shoots.

Sometime later this year, I will be posting up a picture series featuring Pooh Bear called (what else) "A Day In The Life."

But I blogress.

Anyways, I soon arrived at a solution about what to do with Pooh Bear. I made him my shotgun passenger. I gave him his own little seat in the cup holder net to me, so he gets to ride around and have a good time pretending to drive.

Sometimes, when I'm in a good mood, I'll let him ride shotgun. He's a great passenger, because he never complains and looks at life with a gentle grin, a twinkle in his eye, and Bit O Honey candy bar in his hands.

The one thing that he does very well, for which the surrounding world should be very grateful for, is that he helps reduce the potential need to get nasty with the human race.

Unlike what you see here on my blog and on your blog (or your Facebook wall should we happen to be friends there), in the real world I have a tendency to be wickedly anti-social. I throw out the kind of vibes and body language that says in no uncertain terms that you should not even look in my direction at all.

Pooh Bear though, he acts like a necessary buffer. Yes, I said, buffer. Don't tell me that you don't have some kind of buffer that helps keep you in check when you get the urge to get ugly on someone? We all have a buffer of some kind, and my buffer happens to be Pooh Bear.

Now you may think that's funny, but if you think about it, it really isn't. It's very hard to get angry at people when you're toting around a Pooh bear. I originally started toting around Pooh bear because he was a great conversation starter with children and adults of all ages. But as the months progressed, it became clear that Pooh Bear was not just a good conversation starter, but a necessary break from reality.

Think about it. I'm sure that somewhere tucked away in the deepest darkest corners of your inner self, you have a certain something that gives you that needed break from reality. Something that you would only share with close family members, if you'd shared it at all. Well, Pooh Bear is my certain something that gives me that needed break from reality.

To me, Pooh Bear is more than just a needed break from reality. He's a link to a not-so-distant past where things were a bit easier, a bit mellower, and less stressful.

And maybe just as importantly, he allows me to show a side of myself that I often keep well hidden from my family, my friends and most of my co-workers.

Life is more than just noisy shiny crap.

It contains a few gentle things as well.

Like Pooh.


  1. I love this post, G! So glad Pooh found a good warm-weather home. And yes, we ALL need an escape from reality now and then! :)

  2. I think that is a great point, G - and it is nice that you display that side of yourself to others.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Lisa: Thanks.

    After the crappy week I had, an escape from reality will definitely come in handy this weekend.

    Lynn: Thanks.

    I am, for better or worse, a multi-faceted individual. Just like there's a particular side I show to people who don't know me, there is a side that I show to the family that rarely makes it to public view.

    Bearman: Not even sure how to respond that comment. :D

  4. Those last two lines = very profound.

    I love Pooh Bear. Tigger is my favorite, though.

  5. R: Thanks.

    The only thing I like about Disney's Tigger is Paul Winchell doing the voice.

    However, I do like Piglet as well.

  6. I really need to get a Pooh Bear!

  7. I've just been trying not to talk to folks at work all week.... I must need a ducky buffer or something- We don't even get radio music! I want it-

    Unexpected inuendo in word ver today- "ongesms"
    that cracked up my mug!

  8. Mama Z: Can't go wrong with a pocket version of Pooh Bear. Doesn't sqwack or complain, just sits there in quiet contemplation.

    Snaggle: Any kind of small stuffed animal buffer will do in a pinch. Mine usually prevents me from acting like a jerk from time to time.

  9. I, for one, welcome Spring and the return of Pooh & G. Happy travels, both.

  10. David: Thanks.

    I may have a problem in transporting him during my walks when the weather becomes warm enough to ditch the hoodys.

    But one never knows.

    Especially since the D&D manager likes patting his head for good luck.

  11. gone off your meds again recently? :) Just kidding.

  12. Charles: Meds? What meds? What are these meds that you speak of?

    Ecentricity does have its privileges...:D

  13. Oh bother, even reading about Pooh acted like a real-world buffer. You could actually polish up this post and submit it somewhere, a lifestyle piece maybe, that would make lots of folks smile.

  14. Joanne: Thanks for the compliment, but I wouldn't even have the foggiest idea on where to start looking.

    I'm way out of the loop when it comes to submitting stuff, be it short stories (just about dead in the water) or tweaking a blog post to make it a piece of non-fiction or an essay.

    I've actually tinkered with this post for about two days prior to publication, and if I tweak it to make a lifestyle piece out of it, it will lose something along the way.

    So this will probably have to stay here on the blog. But feel free to link up or recommend it to someone somewhere to give them a smile or a chuckle.

  15. That is awesome! You definitely need some kind of Pooh-caddy. Perhaps a fanny pack?

    I can't wait to see those photos.

  16. S.R.: Thanks. Not sure about the Pooh fanny pak, but I do keep Pooh resting comfortably in my sweater pocket whenever I'm out and about.

  17. Take some pics, G. Take some pics.

  18. David: Been doing that for the past couple of weeks.

    "A day in the life of Pooh Bear".

    Should pop up sometime late summer or early fall.

  19. I think we all need a Pooh Bear. I think my life is full of too much noisy shiny crap.

  20. Joe: Pooh Bear is the way to go. I really haven't found anything else that measures up and has the same qualities of innocence that as adults we sometimes really need in times of stress.

  21. Unlike what you see here on my blog and on your blog (or your Facebook wall should we happen to be friends there), in the real world I have a tendency to be wickedly anti-social. I throw out the kind of vibes and body language that says in no uncertain terms that you should not even look in my direction at all.

    No, say it ain't so... I never would have guessed... ha ha.

    You may be the first (and only) person I have ever encountered whose body language was apparent on a text-based discussion board.

    Great post G. I like Pooh.

  22. Gumby: I'm not sure if that was ever a good thing or a bad thing. :D

    In any event, its a talent that has never gone completely away.


    Pooh has mellowed me out just a little. Still flaky as ever, but with just a hint of frosting.


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