Sunday, March 20, 2011

My Neighborhood

Over at Shooting Suburbia we have part three of "My Neighborhood" for your enjoyment.

Over here, we have a post trumpeting the fact that we have a new post up at Shooting Suburbia.



  1. Okay, heading over there to check it out.

  2. couldn't find the comment line over there. I like that rocky bluff a lot.

  3. Rick: Thanks for stopping by to say "hi" and thanks for the compliment.

    Charles: Must've been a minor glitch or something with Blogger again. Not sure why that would happen.

    That area does have a few rocky cliffs. Not a lot since most of the area is woods and rolling hills, but what is visible is pretty decent.

  4. I saw, I liked...I would kill for some trees with leaves right about now. I just posted a rant about that, too.

  5. R: Trees with leaves? What a novel concept.

    Almost as novel as the weatherman saying it's supposed to be a wintry mix tomorrow.

  6. Our weatherman on Channel 11 says it will be an 11 on the Wizometer tomorrow. Don't you just love cutesy news things??? :) We are being blessed with great weather this week - I keep expecting it to turn.

  7. Lynn: We used to have a weatherman who was from the Midwest (Nebraska I think) whose favorite expression was "gollywhomper".

    As for Spring weather, we got flurries today along with a steady rain all day.


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